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After accomplishing Facebook essentials that I shared in my blog Facebook Marketing Strategy Part I, it’s time now to get down with the nitty-gritty part of the process. Facebook brand pages are your podium to announce promotions, new products, and other relevant content to your followers.
Monthly Editorial Calendar – It’s one of the best practices in community management following an editorial calendar.
Weekly Content Plan – A content plan keeps you align with your editorial calendar to determine the types of content to post daily.
Every product or service isn’t for everyone so it’s a requisite to identify your target market.
Facebook Insights isn’t a stroll in the park nor it is rocket science, it’s a matter of sitting down and carefully analyzing what works and what doesn’t. Cheryl Lynn has extensive experience in all phases of Online Digital Marketing and remains up to date on the latest technology and advances of Mobile, Digital, Social and Local Internet Marketing. If you are looking to market your website on Social Media then Facebook Marketing is one channel that is a must to be taken into account. Advertising on Facebook is a little different then advertising on Google AdWords or Microsoft Bing Ads for the fact that the advertising done right on Facebook can go viral and get you a lot more eyes on your ads than any other media.
If you are wondering that you cannot see any link in your account for the ads section then you need to click the search tab and enter there “Ads Manager” see below. If you have a page already built then you can go to the page and there you can see the links that will say promote your page that will also take you to the Ads Manager App. The names are pretty self-explanatory but I will talk about each in detail in some other post. You can use the images already that you have on your Facebook Page or you can upload them from your computer also.
This is an important part of the Ads and selecting improper options can result in loss of revenue and a low ROI (Return On Investment) on your Ads. People often describe their interest in their profiles on Facebook and also when they join certain groups then Facebook knows what type of interests they have. There are many options here but for this tutorial (Generating Likes) you can select to show e ads to people who are still not connected to the page you are advertising, because if you don’t then the ads will be shown to the people who have already liked your page and they cannot like it again so it’s a waste of budget right.
One good thing about Facebook Ads is the depth of filters that you can use to target to the right audience.
Although it is not comprehensive but still can be used but you have to see that it might reduce the number of impressions very much. You can also choose to enter the amount that you want to spend for the lifetime of the ad campaign.
By default the campaign is set to run till the funds are available in your credit card or the amount that you have in your account and the campaign will start immediately when the ads are approved by Facebook. This is another very important setting that can drastically impact on your campaign outcomes.  First there are 3 types of bidding option. My personal favorite this setting is used when you want to pay only when some has clicked on your ad.
You can select how much you want to pay for a single click and Facebook will always charge that much for the each click that you ad receives.
This is similar to the Bid for Page Likes but you have to manage how much you want to pay per impression. Posted in Mississuaga, Oakville, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Toronto, Vancouver.
Leave your comments here if you need any further advice on how to setup your campaign on Facebook and I will reply soon. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. To get more from your use of social media marketing, use our detailed social media audit, 7 Steps social media guide and practical guides to each of the 5 main social networks listed on this page.
Ideas to improve how your business manages social media Use our free, comprehensive checklist to find the gap between where you are and where you need to be. Our free social media planning checklist will help get you up to speed with the issues you should think about to create a social media plan and manage your social media updates more effectively.
The Smart Insights team are all seasoned, active digital marketers working on projects to define and implement digital strategies for clients.
How to deal with customer complaints on social Social media is finally getting a little respect. New research from the DMA shows that only 48% of marketers agree that social media gives them any return on investment.
That's exactly what happened with a recent Offer from the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida.
For In Store offers, you can add a barcode to make the process easier to handle in your store when people redeem the offer. For Online offers, you enter a redemption code that people will use during checkout to take advantage of the offer. You also have the opportunity to upload a small photo and this is another place to grab people's attention.

You can create terms and conditions to your offer, so you have control on what people can use the offer on. Hi Allison,  Haven't had much experience thus far with creating Facebook offers, so thanks for the informative post.
March 20, 2016 by Martiel 52 Comments Facebook groups are a great way to engage your audience without fussing over the dreaded newsfeed algorithm.
Looking for a great Facebook group to join that’s packed with inspiration, fun and tons of tips to help you live your best creative life? Grab our Newsletter and get monthly goodies, tips, tricks, tutorials, product reviews and more!
I have been in some facebook groups and I love that they have daily activities to boost each other’s web traffic. I love being a part of blogging groups – its so fun to support and find new bloggers! Along with social media services we provide a multiple of tailored solutions to optimize your online presence. Jasmine Bacon is a Social Media Marketer with experience in engaging and promoting online dialogue within a variety of industries that include beauty, politics and gaming.
As a member of the Social Media Club of Atlanta and Social Media Coordinator for the Southeast’s largest digital conference, SouthWiRED, she is continuously staying abreast of new trends within the market. While unwinding you can find Jasmine lounging on the warmest of patios indulging in a glass of wine. Monifa Williams is a Digital Communications professional with experience in social media marketing, content management, advertising, public relations, event planning and customer service. As an Online Content Manager at NCI, Monifa was responsible for the entire social media campaigns for up to 33 accounts at one of the largest national publishers of local printed and online magazines for the multi-family, real estate and home design and home improvement markets, such as The Real Estate Book and Apartment Finder.
From there, she dove into the world of music marketing as a Marketing Rep for the legendary Tree Sound Studios.
Monifa has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications from the Grady College of Journalism at The University of Georgia.
Yours Socially is a boutique digital communications agency that creates tailored solutions for a social experience. For instance, if you have a client that owns a local donut shop, you should highlight Free Donut Day on that date and post photos giving free donuts to patrons. You can start with using the Facebook ad platform in order to find users following pages that are similar to what you’re selling. As an Online Digital Marketing specialist, Cheryl dedicates herself and her work to local business entrepreneurs. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. Through the use of affiliate links contained herein, I may collect fees from purchases made.
But that topic demands a separate tutorial, right now I just want to focus how to set up first campaign on Facebook Ads. Facebook now makes it easy for you to customize the ad features to match your goals with your ad. It is obviously irrelevant to show your ads for something in Asian Countries if your product only ships to United States. For example if you are selling games then it is not recommended to show the ads to the older age group as all the impressions will go to waste.
For example showing an ad for a work from home mom type job to males will just result in loss in advertising revenue. You can use this filter to pin point your Ads to group of people who have shown to have that particular interest.
For example if you are promoting online dating website then this could be a very nice filter. So whenever you come back you can instantly know by the name as to what the campaign was about. The number you put here will the maximum amount of dollars that Facebook will use for advertising per day. Let’s say you just want to spend 100$ for your ad campaign then when the 100$ are used you campaign will stop.
There is one other option here by which you can set the time and date you want to run the campaign you can enter the start date and the end date when you want the campaign to expire.
Basically you are being charged for the number of times the ads are shown but Facebook manages it for you. To help you reviewA ways toA make better use of social networks we have created a new social media benchmark where you can score how you rate on a 5-point scale for each of the 7 key areas we recommend you focus on.
Our regularly updated guides to each of the key social networks will show you the best techniques to use and have loads of examples to inspire you. We’re keen to share our experiences to help others and learn more a€“ the learning never stops in digital marketing. If you haven't seen an Offer before, it's a discount or promotion you can create on your Page to reach customers.

I saw the offer claimed by a few friends of mine and I was intrigued to see what the offer was all about.
This gives you great control and can help you boost one part of your business if you need it. If you've entered a barcode, test it to make sure it works and do the same for your online redemption code.
Be sure that everything is as you want it, because the Offer will be live until it expires.
Perhaps you only want to make the offer valid during your slow season in order to boost sales. I'm kind of curious what feedback others who have used the feature can offer either in your community or on BizSugar about its effectiveness.
Many of my clients have Facebook fans that aren't on their email lists and therefore don't get all of their special offers. Whether you are brand new to creating a group, or you have one in progress these 3 tips to creating engaging Facebook groups are sure to boost your group’s engagement and get your community interested in what you have to say. You have to give them a reason to keep coming back and if you do this correctly the group members will invite their friends to join as well. A few ways to do this is to encourage them to make a gratitude list, host exclusive giveaways, or ask members to share something that they love. Not only do you connect with others who can help you with your personal and business endeavors, but I’ve learned so much from them too. It allows my customers to connect with me more easily and gives them more of a personal feel. The algorithm for the news feed is so frustrating, that groups are almost a meat for keeping up with everyone. She has a passion for creating tangible results through effective digital media campaigns, especially for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. She attained knowledge of social media marketing in the entertainment industry, artist relations, event planning, media relations, and much more.
When she is not cheering her Dawgs on, you can find her at a local Atlanta music concert, festival, or discovering another quirky part of the city. Hold up, before you can begin integrating your Facebook marketing strategy to a broader marketing plan, it’s a must to undertake crucial methods to create a seamless integration.
Researching for similar Facebook pages will also help you in determining what works and what doesn’t on competitor pages. When you’re engaging with customers then you’re a community manager, but when you should be a social media analyst as well. These types are ads are best suited if you have a Facebook page and you want to get the maximum no of likes for it.
If you have created Facebook profile for yourself then you must have come across this setting also while creating your profile.
But you have to keep an eye that you stop the campaign when you do not need this otherwise it will continue to charge your card until it has the funds but the maximum per day would still be the amount you entered. Meaning that you will be charged that much amount so have set up here when your ad have been shown in front of 1000 people. That's very nice if you've seen some of the over the top Groupon deals that really don't make much money for businesses. When you create an offer, it's on your Facebook Page, but every time someone claims the offer, it shows up in the news feed for all of their friends to see.
You should use photos of your product or people using your product or service - not a logo.
This can be a great way to take Facebook fans and have them take advantage of an offer and become a customer. You can give a shout out thanking the most active members and let them know you appreciate them being such an important part of your group.
Around the same time, she was also the Social Network Coordinator for the DeKalb County Board of Health (DCBOH) under the “Communities Putting Prevention to Work” (CPPW) grants from the Department of Health and Human Services.
Your approach should be personal, which will determine the voice of your page when engaging with followers. You can’t be posting memes and hardsell posts everyday, right Prepare an excel spreadsheet so you can map out different types of content on a daily basis. Create consistent content that comes out daily to inspire them, teach them something or support them in some way.
Just using the comments threads isn’t likely to have a longterm impact in traffic, IMO. Keep in mind that if you don’t feed your followers with relevant content then there won’t be anything to measure at all! In addition to serving Yours Socially clients, she manages relations between artists and Atlanta production collective, SMKA, as their Production Manager.

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