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It only takes minutes to gain access to expert knowledge, advice and an extensive network for your entire career. To receive this incentive, nominated referrals cannot already be registered with Gemini People.
Gemini People reserves the right to terminate all or part of this offer at any time without notice.
Gemini People will collect and store personal information under the terms of our Privacy Statement, provided when the candidate comes to our offices to register.
On average we spend over 99,000 hours at work, so this huge chunk of our lives should be spent as happily as possible, right?
A job spec doesn’t show you things like the atmosphere, the style of management, the personality of your team or the culture in and out of the office. Your Gemini partner will be with you through the entire hiring journey, from interview preparation with our unique technique, through to aftercare, via regular check-ins. We have the structure, consistency and broad network of a large corporate, yet the agility, commitment and personal touch of a small boutique. Your like-minded consultant is with you throughout the hiring process, checking in regularly and keeping in close contact, from the initial meeting to the successful placement. We’re interested in building a credible partnership with you, the foundations of which are simple, honest and transparent conversations. Ask any of our staff what they like about working here and they’ll exclaim, ‘fantastic culture!’, ‘awesome incentives!’ and ‘brilliant benefits!’. Our environment is a mixture of what works in a corporate, and what’s great about a boutique. We pair like-minds, and this means the right fit not only for the work, but the agency culture too. We pair like-minds, which is why we have specialist Digital Agency People who are immersed in the digital space, just like you. We pair like-minds: talents, personalities and attitudes that complement agencies and companies.
Complete and submit your timesheets, access invoices, plus find remittance and payroll advice, right here.
Michelle Watson on Happy People, Fundraising for Anthony Nolan and our Best Companies Award!
Insightful thought-pieces and useful articles from our people and other specialists, covering the whole spectrum of the colourful creative industries. Industry-related events, activities, initiatives, parties, hangouts and competitions we put on for your benefit. The symptoms to portray were chosen by Parkinson’s UK who then tested the resultant posters with members of their community, some of whose feedback was incorporated in the final work. Another possibly contentious feature of the campaign is that none of the posters carry the Parkinson’s UK logo.

The posters had a soft launch before Christmas at 100 six-sheet sites in London train stations. We’re a driven, entrepreneurial, work together, play together business that’s always growing.
We meet every leading name, agency, business or organisation we partner with, face to face. They have specialist knowledge in your industry: how it operates, what your role entails and who’s hot right now. You need to find someone who has specific skills, knows a certain industry inside out and fits into a particular environment: right now. We pair you with a like-minded consultant who gets you and your market: an expert in their field with unrivalled industry knowledge supported by an understanding of the latest key trends, and an extensive network of the best talent. There’s a diverse range of clients from big brands and hot boutiques to challenger start-ups and ethical organisations. They’re plugged into its mainframe, knowing their AJAX from their EDGE, their SnapChat from their Yik Yak, and switched onto the latest trends in digital recruitment, whether it’s for creative, media, social, production, client services, data or tech. This shouldn’t be compromised when it comes to the fast-paced fire-fighting world of the freelance market. Dwek explains that in campaigns of this nature, charities have to engage in a lot of complementary communications work to ensure that their various constituents understand the aims of the work. Having listened to countless advertising art directors bemoan the straightjacket of corporate identity guidelines and many more creatives complain of having to work with a logo they find difficult or domineering, I find this an intriguing aspect of this campaign. Will they therefore attract more attention and engagement or will the public be confused by them or assume they are for perhaps a band or a theatre production? Having so many different contributors involved, some of whom have tackled the same symptoms but in different ways has, Dwek says, provided the charity with “a great suite of creative images that we can use in different settings. The charity is now planning further bursts of activity over the coming year and looking at how to use the imagery in other media. This means we take the time to find out how you tick, so we know who’ll tick all your boxes. Plus their extensive network of big names and dynamic challengers gives them invaluable insights on what people are looking for at any given time, so they can be proactive on your behalf. People who have the personality, attitude and talents that complement your vision, connect with your values and power your business. We act as your guide through the challenging landscape of recruitment, not seeking the easiest route, but the more rewarding and fulfilling one.
We make sure they’re listened to, understood and supported, because we know they’re the heart and ambition of our business. What we mean is, we hire the top talent in the business, those who find that helping people make a success of their lives, makes them happy.
We’re structured, yet entrepreneurial, so if you have a brilliant idea for the business, we’ll listen.

You can find your niche in agency sectors from Advertising to Technology, or those in Industry, including Fashion and Not-For-Profit. It starts with pairing you with one of our specialist consultants in Advertising, Integrated, PR, Branding or Events & Experiential. So you’ll be partnered with a consultant who speaks your lingo, and is fluent in all your industry’s specialisms.
That’s why our Freelance People meet every single one of their clients and candidates face to face, so they know what they’re like on paper, and what they’re like as people.
Without the ‘official’ logo, there is obviously a danger that some may miss the connection with the charity.
Perhaps the important thing to bear in mind is that these 20 posters represent just one aspect of the charity’s communications.
And that’s why when we meet you, we’ll know exactly who will bring out the best in your work, and the best in you. That’s why we’re always upfront with you, giving realistic, reliable advice, and keep you informed of your progress throughout the hiring process. We want you to aim high, so the whole process is about inspiring and motivating you to reach your potential. You see, we take the time to find out how you tick, so we know exactly who’ll tick all your boxes. It’s this attitude and commitment that has given us our high level of repeat business for both candidates and clients. We’re driven to build long-lasting relationships with clients, candidates and our colleagues, where we bring out the best in each other. You get comprehensive training programmes to upskill you, as well as Gemini Big Nights In to wind you down after a busy day. They’ll find your perfect fit, whether it’s conceptual thinking, project delivery, selling the impossible, production prowess, softball champions or all-night dancers. This understanding is what has helped us build so many happy long-term partnerships, with both our clients and candidates.
However, as pieces of communication, their power may perhaps be neutered by the presence of the charity’s corporate identity.
Alongside them, the charity engages in all manner of support and awareness-generating activity.
Neville Brody, Jason Kedgley and Dylan Kendle at Tomato, Eddie Opara, Jeremy Kunze, Lucy Groom and Dominic Lippa at Pentagram, Tony Brook at Spin, Ian Anderson, Mark Bonner, Laura Jordan Bambach with Liv Bargman, Flo Heiss, Tom Hingston, Claire Parsons, Peter Crnokrak, Astrid Stavro, Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones.

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