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Charting a digital strategy roadmap was on the syllabus when Dean Hanlon of Razorfish came to campus Feb. He participated in the MBA course “Digital Marketing Strategy:  Search, Social, Mobile, and Beyond” designed and taught by UNC Kenan-Flagler marketing professor Valarie Zeithaml. In the competition for the best visualization of the kaleidescopic marketing technology space — other entries include my marketing technology landscape from last year and the marketing technology LUMAscape from last month — I’d say Gartner has just jumped into the lead with their new digital marketing transit map. Their high-level map is visualized around types of products and services — represented as stations on the map — rather than the individual vendors themselves. There are 12 tracks, such as Marketing Management, Creative, and Analytics, which share common objectives and information. Looking at this map, you cannot help but be awestruck by the breadth and depth of digital marketing. So I can fully empathize with — and have enormous respect for — marketing leaders who are struggling to sort out a cohesive strategy in this landscape.
The art of marketing management is the strategy you use to choose which changes to focus on, and which ones you intentionally let slide, at least for the moment. There is no technology that delivers the seamless interconnectivity between these stations as it’s portrayed here.
There may be some technical plumbing, but most of it is highly informal and custom-built within each organization.
But even in that light, this map from Gartner is extremely helpful because it visually raises the question: how are you bringing these neighborhoods together in your company? I would like to see Gartner’s recommendations on how to build this infrastructure in prioritized phases. For better or worse, my humble opinion is that we’re a long ways away from pat answers. Nice to compare and contrast different visualizations like that to realize that there are many different ways to view this landscape. It highlights the growing scale of Digital Marketing and the processes that at least need evaluating by professionals in a digital marketing role. This leaves me thinking about Einstein when he said things should be made as simple as possible and no simpler. Digital Marketing is an essential part of every organization in the present day scenario, irrespective of the magnitude or the genre of business.
Organized by the Digital Marketing School, the Entrepreneurs Program in Digital Marketing would take place in Hyderabad from August 16, 2014 – September 20, 2014 and would be an ideal course for all the entrepreneurs and all those who aspire to build a career in this genre.
The Digital Marketing Program, spanning over five weeks would offer immense opportunity for the transformation of ideas into revenue generating business ideas. While these would be the few teachings that would be happening at the event, officially, the Entrepreneurs Program in Digital Marketing in Hyderabad would also seek to emphasis on the learning that happens through knowledge sharing.
The workshop is ideal for all the working Professionals, Housewives, Startup owners and Entrepreneurs  or anyone with a business idea. Certification of accomplishment from Digital Marketing School in strategic and technical collaboration with MTM group(Switzerland). 6 Months unlimited access to E-library with massive collection of digital industry E-books, case studies, audio and videos.
So, come and grab this opportunity knocking at your doorstep and join us at the Entrepreneurs Program in Digital Marketing. Newsletter SubscriptionSubscribe to our newsletter for latest updates on events happening in your city.
One of the first messages that the speakers Joyce and Alistair delivered confirmed that a lot of the process has only just started once the content is ready for dissemination. Joyce went on to focus on the use of metrics including from your content distribution, such as email marketing downloads. Email marketing still plays a part in your thought leadership, but in this era of content marketing, how can you make this content work harder for you? This theme of personalisation is critical to driving relevance and effectiveness of your campaign. Joyce and Alistair finished off by referencing the well-managed firm study by the Financial Times – by applying this rigour to your thought leadership you will of course show how well managed your marcomms are! This was an excellent session that provided plenty of practical tips you can apply throughout the lifecycle of your Thought Leadership campaign. VanBee will do an assessment of your SE presence, organic search, and all of your media channels.
Content, Inbound and SharingContent is king and flows with quality SEO as part of your marketing strategy.

Google PartnerYou can be sure you are working with professionals who are up to date on the latest search engine updates and algorithms, in addition to paid strategy management. Measurable GoalsGoogle Analytics is one of the most powerful tools available, and is often under utilized. We use a variety of other web-based tools available to track your goals, competitors, and overall market.
Website design and development We specialize in responsive design websites sites with all of the bells and whistles you are looking for.
Social media has a profound effect on branding and recognition, as well as customer loyalty and even SEO. Market Analysis Prior to implementing any plan, including promotional events, we research your industry specifics, local, and current data. In a later conversation with the school staff, he shared simple, easy-to-implement tips that businesses of all sizes can use to navigate the constantly changing world of social media. A simple distribution of labor is an easy way to deal with the constant pressure to feed the social media beasts. Our mission is to give you a behind-the-scenes look at life at a leading international business school. And they go through 7 neighborhoods, such as Marketing Ops, Web Ops, and Ad Ops, which are typically different practice areas within an organization.
And successfully implementing that strategy is far more about people and processes than it is the technologies themselves. You can’t just hop the Ad Tech red line to get from native ads to attribution, transfer over to the Analytics orange line, and arrive at predictive campaign analytics in an easy 20-minute ride. Sure, there are companies and service providers that are bringing a subset of these pieces together. What does your digital marketing hub look like today, and what are your plans for expanding it to handle the massive influx of population ahead?
I certainly agree that not every company should worry about every station in this gigantor marketechopolis — in fact most are probably best served by ruthlessly focusing on just a few of them and getting them really right. Brian, you make a valid point that perhaps there should be more distilled versions of this that show clear paths of engagement needed to create success. Whilst your company may not use a large percentage, you need a grasp of what each element offers and how this impacts and connects with the others. Although it would help the organization to have a dedicated team or person to look after the everyday efforts of Digital Marketing, it is essential for an Entrepreneur, who stands at the helm of affairs to be acquainted with the best practices for digital media marketing. During this workshop, the participants would get to learn all about Digital Marketing and how a marketing strategy needs to be planned, etc., for the business on various digital channels. The session focused on the thought leadership that professional services firms produce and how digital has opened up opportunities to improve this important, but resource intensive process.
So what are the digital trends that are driving the move away from thinking the campaign is finished once the ink has dried?
However, stronger BD metrics are the responses from interactive tools and surveys (Meridian West had an excellent tool for this) to drive warmer conversations for fee earners. The digital landscape is providing lots of exciting opportunities to connect, inform and engage with clients and prospects at every Professional Services firm. Through research and digital expertise, Vanbee will write content, edit freelance and existing content, while synchronizing a full cycle content development strategy. We are an official Google Partner, certified in Adwords, on top of the newest google stats, regulations and education.
Review ManagementWith a first hand background in hospitality and customer service, we offer insight on best practice review management; including those on customer feedback sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. The breakdown of these reports and the navigation of identifying specific goals gives a business a substantial advantage. This may include RGI for those in hospitality- what’s your index and how can we raise the bar? As experienced grant writers VanBee can apply for specific Local, State, and Federal grants you meet the criteria for.
For example, have a different employee each week take on the responsibility of finding one or two interesting, industry-related articles per day to share online, Hanlon said.
Organizations need to be present and responsive, answering questions and replying to comments within 24 hours. Various social measurement companies can help clients understand what people are saying about their brands on social media, blogs and community sites. And there are offline connections to sales and service, general advertising, business intelligence, IT, and the CMO’s office.

The connections between these disparate stations are made via human collaboration — people and processes. But most of their strategies to date have been implemented as marketing suites rather than marketing platforms — which is like trying to hold back the ocean with a sandcastle (albeit a very elaborate one). The slides are at the end of this post and discuss the importance of partner engagement and KPI setting amongst other key elements of successful Thought Leadership digital campaign. Sector insights from these tools can make fee earners’ client conversation less of a barrier especially if you are able to benchmark and rate your client against the results. One of the key points was to use snippets of information depending on the channel that it is used for. Be it top and tailing content, or sharing it with some signed off messaging in their personal network, a theme we have previously explored here.
Our work – which to us is sacred- involves a deep understanding of who you are, your goals, and your customers.
Our services will help your business reach the next level and stay there- yielding a larger customer base, command of the market, and ROI. From here, a strategic tune up of media outlets is initiated to get them all working together in the same direction.
Relevant content development for websites, photos, blogs, and social media is an essential part of marketing and visibility. These reports are broken down for you, detailing the areas in need of improvement in addition to the success of your marketing campaigns and digital marketing strategies. The majority of the population uses social media to read reviews, get advice, network, find a home or investment, choose a vacation destination, all the way to reading news stories they find interesting.
We’ll create awareness and build an anticipated buzz to get your message out and reach your goals.
Our research is then shared with you to best complement your existing product, and unveil a refreshed presentation. We also specialize in grant management and administration of those which are marketing specific – meaning project management and full scale implementation.
9 on Advertising Age’s A-List, address challenging issues affecting their business models, marketing and digital presence.
Using it in tweets and Facebook posts throughout the month can help the content receive more attention, he said.
While tracking the basics, such as Twitter mentions or site traffic, is critical, recognize that there are multiple levels of metrics and performance benefits, he said. It’s messy and evolutionary and varies tremendously from one organization to another. Pull out critical sections and adapt them so that this content can be shared by the actual fee earners through their own networks, be it email, enterprise apps or social.
Everyone is online, surfing the internet and scrolling social media outlets to find the best products, destinations, and reviews. We implement specific marketing elements to give you the leading advantage, maximize profits and minimize advertising spend. This includes web appearance, branding, organic search, paid ads, social media, SEO, and the production of consistent messages.
This will help identify your market and the who and where promotional opportunities should target. At the highest level, companies need to evaluate how social media platforms help them reach the main goals of the organization, such as raising brand awareness and increasing prestige. Based on the measurable specifics we tweak and adjust your site and content to remedy any areas of bounce or loss and promote customer engagement- all the way teaching you the steps to take to be proactive in your site goals and learn customer behavior. And before adopting the latest social media craze, answer two questions: Does it reach the key audience I’m targeting? Then the email itself becomes more of a summary of what you’re sharing during the week or month.” Many firms might not have enough to create unique updates for all of the social media platforms that are relevant to their target audiences. This can be accomplished by putting one employee who understands the social media rules of engagement – who to respond to and how to create authentic conversations – in charge of responding. One solution, said Hanlon, is to use one of the apps that link social media networks and manage updates simultaneously, such as Buffer and HootSuite. Learn what key audiences’ expectations and behaviors are, and then decide which technologies will optimize the firm’s online presence and get the highest ROI.

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