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As the digital marketing industry matures, columnist John Paul Mains argues that "out-of-the-box" web analytics solutions simply aren't going to cut it anymore. Ever since the origin of web servers that delivered our websites, web analytics has essentially been the same. Of course, we have a lot more information available to look at now, but the majority of what companies use web analytics for has stayed the same for a long time. Out-of-the box web analytics solutions measure the page view, not what actually occurs as people are interacting with a web page. How would this classic web analytics view handle a site such as Pinterest that is perpetually scrolling?
If the page view is less valuable now in this far more interactive world, what do you look at instead? The top engagement analytics tools have been adding event tracking for awhile now, but very few companies actually take advantage of this capability. This is why you often find the most exciting, high-growth companies using tools like Mixpanel, Heap and KISSmetrics to understand how people are really engaging with their apps and content.
Event tracking in Google Analytics has been around for awhile as well, but because it typically requires a little bit of code insertion, very few companies have invested the small amount of time.
Here is an example of a funnel report from Heap that shows a few days of user engagement with a form on a customer website. This is a very simple funnel, but it shows something that old school web analytics can’t show you because it is events occurring within content across multiple pages.
Based on this information, you can start seeing where people are truly having difficulties rather than guessing because a page has a high bounce rate and you have no idea why.
When you dig into your top events, you’ll find the basic information on what is happening with your events.
You can connect TrialFire to your Google Analytics accounts and see these events showing up within GA. For the more advanced users, I’d recommend using Heap or Mixpanel to get to the metrics you want.
Google Analytics can do most of what these products do and record some really neat things like device orientation and window size, but it focuses on event tracking and can provide a great deal more insight, including those basic web analytics measurements we all love. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
John Paul Mains is Click Laboratory's Chief Scientist, where he leads the company's engagement and optimization teams. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
O acompanhamento e mensuracao de acoes ficaram mais faceis desde que o Google Analytics passou a contar com uma nova ferramenta: o criador de URL.
Suponhamos que o gestor deseje criar uma nova campanha de newsletter ou e-mail marketing com anuncios promocionais. Em um painel, serao exibidos dados como: origem de trafego, visitantes e outras informacoes sobre aquisicao, comportamento e conversoes dos usuarios.
De forma pratica, e possivel descobrir acoes falhas e iniciar um engajamento diferenciado para reverte-las rapidamente, tornando-as mais atrativas para o publico-alvo. No criador de URL, o gestor so precisara preencher um formulario com os seguintes parametros da URL: origem, midia e nome da campanha. Useful tips for vidders (fan video makers) for converting your video for YouTube, or for preparing clips for editing. Please note: All these tutorials show you how to convert your clips to a file format that is good for editing. If you wish to, trim down your clip to just the scene you want by picking in and out points. Under a€?Sound,a€? you can pick MPEG-4 AAC and select 128 kbps or above, or can select a€?No Sounda€? (like I have in this screenshot) and eliminate sound from your clip.
Like with the tutorial above, open your file (this time an H.264 MOV file) in MPEG Streamclip.
In most cases you will have no sound, so Select a€?No Sound.a€? Otherwise, go with a€?Uncompresseda€? for sound. Quality can be a 100% but Apple Intermediate Codec only has one quality setting, so it doesna€™t seem to change anything when you fiddle with the quality setting. Then click on a€?Make Moviea€? and wait for MPEG Streamclip to convert your whole video over! You will follow the same process as outlined above, only instead of Apple Intermediate Codec, youa€™ll select some flavor of a€?ProResa€? from the Compression drop-down menu. If you have Final Cut Pro 6, youa€™ll probably only get to choose from ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 (HQ).
Choose the same settings for Frame Size and Sound as are used in the Apple Intermediate Codec tutorial.
Please note again that when you convert your clips over to DV or MJPEG, that the files will be larger in size, and this is GOOD for editing. If you are downsizing a large HD clip to Standard Definition DV, then CHECK the a€?Better Downscalinga€? box.
In most cases, pick a€?Progressivea€? as a€?Scan Modea€? (at least this is what I always do) and pick your Aspect Ratio. If you are converting some other kinds of clips, odds are (that if you are converting clips from a film or recent TV show) that the aspect ratio is still 16:9, but you need to confirm this. Then return to MPEG Streamclipa€™s main window, and click on the a€?Make AVIa€? or a€?Make Moviea€? button (bottom right corner) to have MPEG Streamclip convert the clip over to DV MOV or AVI. If you are converting some other type of clips, consult the aspect ratio tutorial for more help determining what aspect ratio to choose. Click on a€?Better Downscaling,a€? since you are converting HD clips down to a smaller size. If you are converting some kind of non-HD clip and you know that they are fullscreen (4:3) then pick the numbers 640x480. Click on the a€?Make Moviea€? or a€?Make AVIa€? button and wait for MPEG Streamclip to convert your clips over! So, leta€™s say that you have a lot of little clips and you want to convert them all over to some other format. Click on the a€?Add Filesa€? button, then navigate through your computera€™s files for the clips that you want to convert over. Find the folder where the clips are, and then select one from the top of the list, HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY and then select the clip at the bottom of the list. Check on the a€?Join all the filesa€? if you want all your clips to be joined into one long clip. Then youa€™ll be asked to a€?Select a Destination Folder.a€? This is where you want all your converted clips to be placed after MPEG Streamclip has finished making them. Then youa€™ll be asked all the familiar questions that you should know by now if youa€™ve followed the other MPEG Streamclip tutorials: Compression, frame size, and so forth. If this is all you want to convert over, click on the a€?Goa€? button and wait for MPEG Streamclip to do its thing. When you click on the a€?Converta€? button, wait while MPEG Streamclip converts, converts, converts!
Tutorial keywords: MPEG Streamclip, MJPEG AVI, HD, converting video tutorial, fanvideos, fanvids, vidding tutorial, vids, vidders. Once you pick your compression, MPEG Streamclip will automatically select a frame size which corresponds (either DV-NTSC or DV-PAL).
Digital marketing analytics has evolved over nearly two decades, per Gartner, and has beginnings with Web analytics developed to analyze server logs.

SAS was named a Leader in Gartner Inc.'s inaugural Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics (DMA) - one of only three vendors achieving this distinction.
Digital marketing analytics platforms are specialized analytic applications used to understand and improve digital channel user experience, prospect and customer acquisition and behavior, and to optimize marketing and advertising campaigns, with an emphasis on digital channels and techniques. Data Integration: Marketers must be able to analyze data that sits on different systems and in different locations in a wide range of forms and formats, including structured and unstructured datasets.
Exploration: Marketing analytics is the discipline of finding useful patterns in data that can be applied to improve marketing and advertising.
Advanced Models: Moving beyond data exploration, marketing analysts are turning to advanced techniques, many of which are imported from sister disciplines such as business intelligence (BI).
Measurement: Determining the true impact of individual marketing and advertising tactics has long been a goal of marketing leaders, and a class of attribution and marketing-mix modeling tools address this need. What sets SAS apart is that we provide all of the above combined with advanced analytical functionality around predictive analytics, campaign management and campaign optimization embedded within the digital marketing analytics process. Welcome to Customer Intelligence, a blog for anyone who is looking for ways to improve the business of marketing and communicating with customers. The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS.
Is your money better spent per thousand impressions or per click? How many leads per dollars spent does a particular digital campaign produce?
This article guides you in understanding the value of the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model (notice the repeated emphasis on Marketing, not just Measurement), and how to create one for yourself. The root cause of failure in most digital marketing campaigns is not the lack of creativity in the banner ad or TV spot or the sexiness of the website. Step one is to force us to identify the business objectives upfront and set the broadest parameters for the work we are doing. Step four is to set the parameters for success upfront by identifying targets for each KPI.
My sincerest hope is that these questions will seed your discussions as you go through the five steps below. With that macro thought out of the way, let’s get going and look at a real example of the five step process to solidify this concept. This is a difficult question to answer because it requires more thinking that you might anticipate. Based on those discussions, in our case, we’ve identified three objectives: Create awareness, generate leads for the builders and highlight community events.
Pro Tip: One way to ensure success is to forget that you are creating a set of videos or that you are building a site to host downloads of pdfs or that you are trying to mimic a campaign from Europe. These goals provide clarity, but they also contain large chunks of specific marching orders for what the Marketers and Analysts need to get done.
My definition: A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric that helps you understand how you are doing against your objectives.
I am sure your head is buzzing with all the possibilities for custom reports and things to report on, and how much clearer it is what you are supposed to do! My definition: Targets are numerical values you’ve pre-determined as indicators of success or failure.
Seek people who are accountable (client, management, Finance), they will help you identify targets for each KPI. This last part is one that is particularly meaningful to me because of its incredible value. When you log into Google Analytics or any other data source you are deluged by data and you could go in a million different directions. Identify the sources of traffic, types of people desirable, their attributes, their behavior, business outcomes that they care about the most.
This was a lot of work, but I assure you that at this point you will thank God and your Cat that you worked this hard. I hope that the two examples in this blog post will help inspire you to use the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model as the foundation of your web analytics efforts. One effective way is to take a multilayered approach of managing the entire digital asset process, which ranges from creation to distribution and entails using and reusing digital assets such as graphics, advertisements, photos, video and multimedia files. For me, it's very much like making lasagna from scratch - many steps that yield a worthwhile result. The role of digital asset management as a key part of integrated marketing management has been validated by Gartner, which ranks marketing operations management among the top three missions for corporate marketing organizations to accomplish over the next few years. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to that next lasagna, as well as your comments.  And thanks for following me! For companies looking to be successful using this new mindset, standard web analytics programs deliver very little value and could be classified as simply dead. Back then, we had raw log files that systems like WebTrends could parse through to deliver how many hits and visitors we had. People interact with our brands across a wide range of devices with various screen sizes and orientations, not to mention our apps. Simple: You track how people engage with your content as they click, type, move their mouse, scroll and swipe. This shows the number of people who entered the site from the homepage, made it to the form, and took each step to the point of actually clicking on an email link. Out of the box, it can help you track any number of events that happen on your website so that you can gain this type of information without using a new tool. Once you’ve added their JavaScript to your site (just like you do for Google Analytics), you can simply click on different interactions on your website to see how people interact with it.
He has 20 years of experience in web design, online marketing, customer analysis and lead generation.
Com ele, os parametros das URLs podem ser modificados para que voce possa identificar, no Analytics, quais acoes geraram resultados e quais acoes nao. A ferramenta permitira monitorar e mensurar os cliques dessa URL especifica, que leva o usuario a mensagem idealizada para a campanha. Trata-se de um rastreamento completo, com estatisticas organizadas para ajudar na identificacao das acoes mais efetivas de otimizacao e marketing digital, em cada campanha ao longo de um projeto.
Por exemplo, se voce esta trabalhando uma campanha de frete gratis e quer acompanhar os resultados no e-mail marketing e de um banner na pagina inicial do seu site, crie duas URLs diferentes, usando a origem, midia e nome da campanha para definir qual URL refere-se a que. To follow this tutorial, download the free video encoding app MPEG Streamclip (for both Mac and PC).
This tutorial may be useful for some Windows users, particularly those using Sony Vegas and Corel VideoStudio. Expect to use up approximately 1 GB of disk space for every 5 minutes of footage (more or less). If you need audio (and your clip has audioa€”some might not), then choose a€?Uncompresseda€? for Sound. Well, if you are using software that doesna€™t support HD (like Sony Vegas Movie Studio, non-Platinum version) or you have a slower computer that might not deal with HD that well, then this might become necessary.
Smaller clips (like DivX, XviD, H.264, WMV, MPEG) are compressed and do not play well in your video editor, and can eventually cause crashing or other quality issues. It works best if all the clips you want to batch convert are in the same folder (but they can be in various places if that works better for you). Or, if you just want to convert select clips, hold down the Apple (Command) key (Mac) or the Control key (PC) to cherry-pick just the clips you want.
If youa€™ve been following the above tutorials, you will know if you want to convert to MOV, AVI, or whatever.
In this case, Ia€™m going to convert to Quicktime (MOV files) but you can convert to AVI, MP4, iPod, just whatever you need. Select whatever options work best (consult the above instructions on this page if necessary).
Otherwise, click on a€?Add Filesa€? and locate more clips you want to convert over, repeating the process until youa€™ve added as many files as you need to the list.

You can leave your computer to convert overnight, or just be busy with other things as it finishes converting all your files. It shows the quality differences between a€?regulara€? resolution, a clip made from HD (but converted a€?downa€? to DV MOV or DV AVIa€”as instructed on this page) and a real HD clip. Much has changed and a broader digital marketing analytics ecosystem has evolved into its own right, so Gartner saw the need to evaluate providers of digital marketing analytics solutions.
They are stand-alone, end-to-end platforms, performing functions from data collection through analysis and visualization.
These areas represent the crucial ways analytics practitioners and software tools are required to support marketing and advertising efforts to deliver more effective, timely and personalized cross-channel experiences. In addition to the ability to collect data from channels such as websites and mobile apps, and to connect to outside sources via APIs and other methods, marketers need ways to manage and filter data and metadata. As such, analytics platforms increasingly must do more than report results — they must provide ways for users to explore data with visualization and other tools, and to manipulate that information to deliver better insight.
Predictive analytics and machine learning, in particular, are providing a rich mine of methods to improve offers, advertisements and customer experiences, and text and graph analytics are improving insights in areas such as voice-of-customer and social marketing.
In practice, this support requires platforms to be easily connected to systems such as multichannel campaign management, email, Web content management, social marketing and advertising technology. Gartner believes this category is in transition, with many large players adding advanced measurement capabilities, through acquisition (Google and Adometry, AOL and Convertro) or native development; and attribution (bottom-up) and marketing-mix modeling (top-down) approaches converging, often in the same platform.
So if you and your organization are in need of digital marketing analytics solutions, SAS is your one stop shop.
And we hope to inspire the use of analytics for everything from multi-level marketing to social media campaigns. Are you able to compare data from different digital media?Real-Time ResponseIs your marketing department able to respond to digital data in real-time? Winners, well before they think data or tool, have a well structured Digital Marketing & Measurement Model.
If your Digital Marketing & Measurement Model does not cover all three areas of your digital effort, then it is not complete.
By making them happy with delightful events, at the construction site hopefully in model homes for sale, they can be converted into Net Promoters (to others) and Buyers (themselves). If you were responsible for getting 5 million visits in a month would you execute your campaign differently than if that number was 500k? They can come from other efforts (if my one hour long boring video can get 30k views in a week, should your two min peppy video get 1.2 million views?). When you crack open Google Analytics, or other tools you’re using, you'll immediately jump with joy or weep when you see the KPI. Have a discussion with them about what the most important segments to focus on are for each goal.
Get the DMMM signed (preferably in blood!) so that all parties are clear on what everyone is supposed to be solving for. Just the volume of digital assets is mindboggling, without even accounting for how many individuals touch each digital asset before it is complete. This multilayered approach also helps to strike a balance between creative license and upholding corporate standards and approvals, and both need to be kept in mind to make the process work. What if your site has a number of tabs that people click on to see data, but the URL never changes? Quando for realizar a divulgacao da campanha sera necessario utilizar a URL tagueada, somente assim o Google Analytics conseguira identificar a origem x campanha.
Then move the slider bar to your out point, press the a€?Oa€? key to set where you want the clip to end. This is normal and expected and for a more seamless, stable editing experience, you WANT to edit in files of this size.
The differences between the a€?regulara€? clip (from XviD source) and HD should be obvious. They have demonstrated relevance to marketing through their ability to collect and ingest data from common marketing sources, provide tools for standard marketing analytics use cases, and have significant adoption by marketing practitioners. How does this change the meaning of your end-result numbers when analyzing campaign effectiveness?Gleaning Meaning from DataMarketers need multi-platform analytics in order to run integrated digital campaigns. It is quite simply the lack of structured thinking about what the real purpose of the campaign is and a lack of an objective set of measures with which to identify success or failure.
Or if you were supposed to reach 1,000 CMO’s would you remember not to use Social Media as your primary acquisition strategy?
The insights you derive will be of value because they are grounded in what’s important to the business and the leadership. Added complexity comes from organizational factors, such as legal review and standards, other internal departments' needs, multiple locations, subsidiaries, third party consultants and external partners. All this complexity is a fact of life in today's digital world, and fortunately we have best practices emerging for digital asset management. Organizations that can master this complexity seemlessly and in the right portions get the greatest rewards, and their digital asset management process enhances their overall marketing goals.
For an explanation for why this is necessary (and why editing in the smaller-sized XviD AVI, DivX AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4 or other compressed file types is a bad idea), read this tutorial. Smaller, more compressed video files (like DivX AVI, XviD AVI, WMV) will give your software problems (either now or later on down the road). The differences between the a€?reala€? HD clip and the a€?HD converted down to DV MOVa€? may not be quite as obvious, depending on how sharp your eye is and your monitor resolution.
The differences between theA  a€?reala€? HD clip and the a€?HD converted down to DV MOVa€? may not be quite as obvious, depending on how sharp your eye is and your monitor resolution. When you're ready to explore some more, you're always welcome to reach out and contact us, or start with our Customer Intelligence home page.
Go for real world, clear, executable and those that deliver value to the company (short term and long).
What’s important is that you never measure without having some sense of what good or bad performance looks like.
How will changes in the digital playing field, such as the expansion of encrypted search, affect your ability to parse relevent data?While businesses wait for marketing people and IT people to come together and create love children who can surmount all of these analytics obstacles, there may be a couple of tactics that small-and-medium-sized businesses can employ in the meantime to help dodge some of the common pitfalls created by them.
Is it likely that first time visitors to your website type your URL directly into the address bar? Reflect on your own media habits and use a little common sense to determine what kind of customer your data is representing. Then, make sure your marketing tactics across those platforms are tailored to reach them.2. The goals of your digital marketing campaign will help you determine which route to go: Are you trying to create brand awareness or trying to generate new leads? Choose a paid strategy to complement these goals in a cost-efficient manner.When it comes down to it, the only thing digital marketers can really do to keep up in the swamp of often conflicting analytics is to keep learning. Monitor your incoming data so that you’ll have a better idea of when changes in the data are meaningful. A recent report from Econsultancy says that 71% of businesses are planning to spend more on digital marketing in 2013, and of those 46% are investing in analytics. Evaluating marketing data is an important part of any business, but because online marketing is still a relatively new discipline, digital analytics metrics are still being developed to best understand the impact of digital marketing campaigns.In order to maximize the usefulness of digital analytics data, business marketers and IT developers need to bring their ideas together to ensure new technologies can be efficiently used on both ends of a transaction. Is your audience primarily mobile or stationary?Source differentiationWhere are your online visits being sourced from?
Do most people come across your business through organic search, direct traffic, paid elements, or referral? Also not to forget the relevance in the content that SMB has to share.Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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