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Concern about privacy and personal data protection is an increasingly hot topic, whether in the context of accidental exposure (Sony, various Banks) or malicious hacking (China’s government, Newspaper journalists). Historically Google has indirectly held masses of personal information in the form of emails and documents. Matt Liebowitz wrote an article for MSNBC and Security Daily News as part of last Saturday’s Data Privacy Day. Last year there was considerable public outrage at the level of corporation tax Google was paying. But just because they are all avoid paying back to society through taxes doesn’t make it right. The interesting thing about 2011 was how much market dynamics changed and eroded Google’s dominant position. Although Google’s share of the online advertising market lept from 44% in 2010 to 50% in 2011, it now finds itself competing with hundreds of advertising platforms and networks.
Adsense partners (publishers who run Google ads on their sites) are even getting slightly better rates as my analysis of Google’s income statements show. Google has also come slightly down off its high perch and engaged with the webmaster and search engine community. Google Apps has matured and is now a genuine alternative to Microsoft Office and Exchange for businesses. So, if you are a small business, Google still gives you the chance to get going for free, but sooner rather than later you will have to start paying the $5 per user per month. Google in 2012 seems to be a less arrogant beast that has found it needs to cooperate with the users and web community much more than it used to.
This site contains personal observations which do not reflect the views of any organisations that I represent. With more and more Indians using the Internet as a means of communicating, this new field of marketing is on a rise and the opportunities for a Digital Marketing professional are huge in India today. The digital marketing umbrella includes Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Data Analysis, Designing and much more. According to the research, the digital economy is growing faster than the traditional economy therefore the firms that engage in online business are likely to be creating more job opportunities.

Stringhead Technologies is a progressive web, software and application development company. 1 Social Media Executive – a social media enthusiast who is talented and passionate about social media. At the time I was immersed in the internet marketing industry and there was a strong sense of Google not playing fair. The concerns back then (2010 and before) were whether it would accidentally expose those files to third parties, or whether it would mine the data to establish personal profiles. His view was that Google was trying harder than Facebook to get sensible and open privacy policies in place.
The public were particularly sensitive to corporate greed and the squeeze on public finances. In fact, Google’s tax advisers have found more loop holes because in 2011, they managed to reduce its tax bill to just 21% of profits.
Tax authorities around the world should be investigating them and making sure a fair proportion of corporate profits come back to the community. In 2012 Google is actually having to fight quite hard to capture a share of the new markets that have developed. The traditional players (Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL) have crumbled leaving Google utterly dominant in desktop search advertising, but now that the game has moved on to mobile and video, it is once again a challenge to compete. In March 2011 it inflicted a new search algorithm on the world which put many businesses under but was deemed essential in its battle against spam. 4 million businesses worldwide now use Google for their email and some of their office applications.
While this is probably due to competitive pressure rather than a sense of duty, it is welcome. The prospective job seeker should look for job of their interest and strengths in particular segment so that long term objectives remain unchanged. They are looking for with exceptional interpersonal skills and networking experience to join our Accelerite Business Vertical. From taking luxury to new heights of superiority to redefining the quality and technology implemented in every project.

Expertize in Social Media Branding, Reputation Management, Website Management, Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Video Promotion and Online Management.
The ideal candidate must have extensive social media experience on various channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Mining would have required deliberate efforts to piece together disparate information, so most people took the view that this was unlikely. My good friend Tim O’Shea of Blurtit recently quit Facebook in favour of Google + because Google were more accessible on the phone and able to discuss his concerns. Since then, it has opened forums with people who run websites and sent its top people to conferences to discuss what they intend to do and why. At the same time, Google has become more business like in what it offers for free, lowering the thresholds at which payment plans kick in, and removing some services. This is no surprise as the industry is growing at a fast pace and is need of skilled professionals. The Digital Media Manager is expected to build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination. Privacy protection and what we expect of companies like Google therefore changes very quickly, so judging them on an absolute basis is unfair. These changes have eroded the use of third party sites such as yellow pages but enhanced the service for the user.
I think everyone knows that Digital Media will keep on growing, and that it will become more and more dominant in our lives.
Candidate should have a good knowledge of Google AdWords, analytics, social media platforms etc.
They are hiring Digital Marketing Executive, the designated person will be responsible to ensure effective digital campaigns.

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