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You walk into the lobby of IgnitionOne’s midtown Atlanta office and are immediately taken with the stylish modern design. In our early stage research of talking with managers and employees alike, we found that though the technical qualifications vary between departments, the broad skills or unteachable skills are a constant. Our hiring managers divulged that they are fans of candidates who are passionate about a hobby or personal interest outside of work.
And finally, we must keep our process honest.  As the recruitment team, we are the first impression of the company that candidates encounter as they begin to interview for their potential new workplace. With the digital marketing world evolving at such a fast pace, it’s hard to catch up with IgnitionOne’s SVP of Client Services, Dave Ragals.  In my interview with Dave, we explore his professional role and background, discuss his insights on IgnitionOne creating the new frontier in a space where technology and marketing come together and much more.
Dave Ragals: I oversee our client-facing teams, including the Account Managers, Bid Scientists and Media team. DR: My career took me from Broadcast Journalism to Online Journalism (both at CNN) to Online Marketing. DR: The change has been incredible, focusing more and more on the user, which is why I think IgnitionOne is in the right place. MB:  Looking forward, what are your predictions for the digital marketing industry within the next 5 yrs?
DR: As with most enterprise platforms, a big part of the evolution has revolved around usability.

It’s 5PM, and the blender is working overtime.  Margaritas will soon be joining nachos on the bar. It’s not that we go especially crazy for birthdays around here; it’s that we go especially crazy for great talent. Free CV Templates & CV Downloads - Time Recruitment, Sydney's Leading Digital Media Recruitment Agency. Of all the steps you need to take when job seeking, all can prove to be futile without the proper CV. To download the CV of your choice, simply right click on the CV of your choice and select save as. After downloading, make sure you check out Time Recruitment's Candidate Centre for some invaluable advice on getting your CV perfect the first time and avoiding some common CV writing errors. A large marble bar with three beer taps containing craft brews framed between two 50 inch flat screens rests on the far side of an open break area that could easily be a cafe anywhere in the world. All of the managers and employees across departments are looking for similar attributes in their potential teammates. Passion for something or anything reveals the candidates’ curiosity and genuine interest in learning new things. Our goal is to recruit like-minded individuals to IgnitionOne: turning candidates into happy employees.

Time Recruitment has provided some brief sample CV templates for you to download and use, found below under the categories Sales CV, Marketing CV, Producer CV, and IT and Web Development CV. All these CVs are in Word format and can easily be converted to PDF with a readily available PDF creator. Ping Pong and Foosball tables fill out the space in front of our main conference room, Dogwood, with its view of the downtown Atlanta skyline. We found that the more input the teams have on defining the culture, the stronger and more integrated the recruiting process became. IgnitionOne’s hiring managers look for signs of leadership, initiative, and entrepreneurial thinking.
Happy employees are more likely to have longevity with the company.  We keep it fresh, exciting, and real in our journey to sell the company and employee-experience to candidates and in turn recruit awesome talent If you or someone you know is interested in working for IgnitionOne, you can browse our available careers here. It’s Casandra’s, Lee’s, and Yujun’s birthdays at IgnitionOne.  And this is all happening at the office.
Please contact us with any feedback or questions about Digital Marketing Suite or IgnitionOne.

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