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Given the rapid growth in social and digital media, there is a great demand for marketing professionals who can successfully use digital analytics to gain insights into customer decision-making, assess the success of marketing activities, and to strategically act on these analytics to make marketing decisions. 12 credits Three required electives focus on digital marketing as an integral part of a firm’s overall strategy, and aim to provide students with sufficient depth in both strategic aspects of digital marketing and methods of digital analytics, to be able to successfully use this knowledge to meet marketing and firm objectives.
In addition, all students must pursue at least 3 credits of a 5000-level Management course. This course provides a framework for developing marketing strategies in digital environments. This course provides a framework for using website and social media analytics tools to support marketing decisions. This course takes a strategic approach to the design, coordination, integration, and management of marketing communications.
One additional marketing elective aligned with individual objectives, including courses in Strategic Brand Management, Marketing Research and Intelligence, New Product and Service Innovation Management, Pricing and Revenue Management.
6 additional credits This specialty supplements the Digital Marketing Strategy concentration with a deeper focus on marketing analytics methods and their application to marketing decisions. It is extremely important that prospective students make informed choices regarding the selection of an graduate program, and attending an infosession is a valuable way to gather the missing pieces.UConna??s graduate business infosessions are an ideal opportunity to learn first-hand about our highly ranked programs, meet with admissions representatives and hear from some of our faculty members. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. You must have been aware of the buzz that is now around about whether to use social media marketing or digital media marketing for your business.
Digital marketing includes the various elements like your paid search, website, email marketing, online ads, SEO and Social Media Marketing.
While you try to formulate a social media marketing strategy, the biggest challenges you face is to understand the value of it in your business context. B2B Tech Brand websites have been visited by almost 59% of the Twitter users in comparison to the 40% of average population on internet (source: Compete and Twitter).
If you make use of this tool correctly for your business it can build, reinforce and amplifies the image of your brand. You are already making use of numerous marketing strategies for driving lead generation, for opening new opportunities and ways for increasing your sales and converting your target audience into loyal customers.
Social media marketing is one of the most powerful and dominant tool which you have at your disposal for the distribution of your content and presenting it to your target audience. Once you become successful in driving the traffic towards your website, other digital media marketing tool become active. What you are required to do is to keep a track of your digital media marketing objectives through the social media marketing strategy.

The focus of all your social media marketing efforts is on gaining the attention of the visitors, either by using the paid advertising or organic search. Create exclusive offers directly using Facebook which keeps them engaged and interested in your content and brand. Many of the e-commerce organizations are getting advantages from the following mentioned social media marketing tools that are exclusively created for them. By integrating all these social media marketing resources into your digital media marketing strategy you will be able to reach your business goals with much more convenience. Digital Marketing is basically promotion of brands using all forms of digital advertising mediums to reach the target segment.
While the talk of the day is internet marketing, the latter is only a subset of digital marketing. Previously seen as a stand-alone marketing strategy because of its extension on mediums which it covers, it is currently visualized more as a marketing effort that covers most, if not all, of the more traditional marketing areas such as direct marketing by providing the same method of communicating with an audience but in a manner using the development of science and technology and thus optimizing resources.
So how should firms go about planning their marketing strategies for a successful digital marketing program?
As in the second half of the architecture, the business model dimensions need to be evaluated based on the digital marketing capabilities. Also did you read our article on the The 4 P’s of Marketing – The Marketing Mix strategies? Here is an update to our original digital marketing strategy guide published over 2012/13. Students will learn how to develop integrated digital marketing management strategies in pursuit of long term marketing objectives. Students will gain hands-on experience using basic and advanced analytical tools to analyze markets, gain insights from social media and respond in real time to online consumer behavior, forecast sales, profile and target customers, and develop pricing and promotion strategies. Students will develop an integrated marketing communications campaign using traditional, social, and mobile media with an emphasis on the competitive and strategic value of communications in the marketplace. Over the years, you must have tried many different marketing tactics and innovative approaches towards sales to increase your revenue.
Apparently , social media marketing might seem to be a sole strategy but in reality it is one of the most powerful component of your digital media marketing arsenal.
It’s the tool which will help you to gather people around your brand and ultimately convert them to your customers. It offers you a genuine platform for spreading information about your business through a word of mouth which is considered to be the authentic and reliable marketing medium by people. If you formulate a great digital marketing strategy by understanding your business needs, you will be able to drive the leads into your marketing funnel, by making use of the available online tools and it will also cost much lesser than the conventional marketing tools.
You can effectively use social media for driving the traffic to your website landing pages, grow your fan following for amplification of your content and to drive the visitors towards your blogs.

A visitor to your website is asked to submit a form on your landing page which automatically adds their emails to the particular mailing list. It should provide solutions to the problems, valuable information and relevant resources to your potential buyer. Whether you are in B2B or B2C industry, here are some useful tools which you should include in your marketing strategy to achieve your goals. This now includes Radio, mobile, Internet, Television, social media marketing and other less popular forms of digital media. While digital marketing does involve many of the strategies involved in Internet Marketing, it extends beyond this by including other channels with which to reach people that do not require the use of the Internet.
While there is no such common strategy which fits the requirement of all firms like a glove, there are few generic strategic and economic issues that firms need to keep in mind while designing their marketing program. Most important dimension for serious consideration is whether your organization structure is geared to handle the marketing methodologies you are planning to implement.  The dynamics of knowledge distribution also needs to be looked into based on this framework. Our authors are educators from top QS ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises. This course is directed at students preparing for positions in digital marketing, digital analytics, brand and customer management, integrated marketing communications, and consulting.
This course is designed for students preparing for positions in digital analytics, digital marketing, consulting, product and brand management, customer management, and integrated marketing communications. This course is directed at students preparing for positions in integrated marketing communications, digital marketing, product and brand management, and customer management. If we analyze both, social media is a component of the main body that is digital media marketing. We can safely state that social media is the most efficient means of delivering your message to your target audience and to engage with them in a conversational dialogue which boost your business. It means your digital marketing strategy may include your automated emails which you can use to send beneficial and valuable information to your prospective clients. By creating and presenting content having real value to your prospects and offering them information, you are moving towards generating qualified leads for your website. Does the strategy assembling platform match with the knowledge that is within your marketing team? Then comes the question of how you are delivering the value transfer from the production of value, to the assembly of value to the end value consumption in a value chain.

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