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You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. As we enter 2015, the latest stats on use of digital media and technology all point to the growing importance of creating a digital strategy. The need for businesses to compete to reach and engage their audiences as they use digital devices is clear and well-established.
Yet we know from our Managing Digital Marketing research for 2014 and 2015 that many businesses don't have a digital strategy - only around half of all businesses are using digital media and technology strategically. To help businesses create or refine their digital strategy, Dan Bosomworth and I created the RACE planning framework to summarise key activities that need to be measured. This infographic gives a brief explanation of each part of the customer lifecycle and highlights the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help review strategy effectiveness.
For 2015 we have updated our RACE digital strategy infographic to give a stronger focus on strategy development rather than inbound and content marketing which was more the focus of the original from 2012.
We developed our RACE Digital Strategy framework to help businesses scope out their investment in digital technology and media. It's one of 10 infographics which are designed to be useful - to help businesses map, plan and manage their digital strategy. If you're not familiar with RACE, these are the four main stages of the customer lifecycle and how a digital strategy and different forms of technology can support businesses to improve the efficiency of the funnel.
The marketing funnel remains as the most common way to manage customer engagement and to set targets and review performance.
A digital strategy defines a focus for investment in digital technology and media for an organisation to engage audiences as they use digital devices.
The growth in use of digital devices by consumers as they select and buy  products has changed consumer buying behaviour to such a degree that a digital strategy is now seen as essential by many. A digital strategy and digital marketing strategy are very similar, so it's not worth getting too hung up on the terminology or differences, however they can mean different things to different people within an organisation, so it's best to standardise.
So, alternatively, a digital strategy focuses on making the right investments in digital technology rather than digital media.
Hi Dave, would you please explain that satisfaction and loyalt is a KPI for effectiveness or efficiency? From the outset Ikeas paper catalogue has been a core marketing tool and still to this day they produce 20 million copies every year with 59 editions. The company realised the app was just the first step in evolving their catalogue in order to make it more relevant in today’s digital environment. With 400k likes on the Irish Ikea Facebook page, it’s fair to say that the company have a strong presence in social media in this country and they adopt a uniform approach across the globe. One great example from the UK Facebook page is when the company demonstrated the ability to use digital to maximise on earned media creating even greater organic content for the brand. The company’s relatively new marketing strategy, placing digital at the core, is paying dividends with latest sales turnover delivering 29.2 billion. Schedule a presentation, tell us about your marketing goals, find our offices or just to say hello.
Search is the primary research resource during all phases of the purchase funnel, but the landscape of search marketing is changing, making search no longer a strategy that can be considered solely on its own.
Overdrive Interactive has released the eBook version of the agency’s Digital Advertising Guide on the Overdrive website. As an integrated digital marketing firm, part of Overdrive’s mission is to provide educational support for its clients who are actively transforming their marketing departments to become more digital-centric. Harry J Gold, CEO of Overdrive, explained, “The reality is that every marketer needs to know digital marketing in order to be a great marketer. Each section includes an overview that briefly explains its main topic and then provides details, specifications and examples that are easy to understand. Overdrive Interactive is an award-winning digital marketing agency that helps leading companies compete and win in the online space. Native advertising is set to grow exponentially over the next three years, by 2018 native ad spend  will reach $21B, an incredible 347% increase from just 5 years prior. Google Desktop Mirrors Mobile Experience – Now Only Showing 7 Ads Google Advertising has had a major modification to how it will display your ads, with desktop search result pages to begin mirroring the mobile user experience.
Now in its 30th year, SURTEX® is the global B2B marketplace for sourcing original art & design where artists, art agents, licensing agencies and licensors connect with manufacturers and retailers to create the next best-selling products in every category imaginable.

Event DetailsMarketing yourself correctly in Social Media is not just a nice to have any more for Artists. Event DetailsMarketing yourself correctly in Social Media is not just a useful skill for Artists to have, it is a real necessity. Event Detailswhile you relax and rejuvenate, explore a new interest, purchase a great find, connect with inspiring Keynote Speakers and re-ignite your inner you. Event DetailsSearch Marketing Expo Australia is one of the newest concepts which mainly focus on the interactive marketing. There are several ways that this can be done, for example surveys and the ever popular social media channels, which allow you to reach a wide audience while keeping it personal.
Once you are using paid online advertising, don’t go all out and blow a massive budget on all channels – where one business connects with its clients mostly on Facebook, another may do better on LinkedIn. It is incredibly frustrating for clients to visit a website on their mobile device where there is no mobile platform. Mobile sites should offer the same capabilities and features that the desktop version does, while optimising ease of use. There are scores of tools, programs and plugins available that will help you to automate business processes and marketing strategies. Notice how we’re not simply shouting “more content!” but rather qualifying it by saying that the content should be quality. The online market is flooded with those who can produce a great deal of content that is unexciting and repetitive, and few who create read-worthy articles.
RACE is structured around the classic stages of customer lifecycle marketing from generating initial awareness in a brand as part of customer acquisition through nurturing relationships with prospects to sale and ongoing customer engagement.
Although most would agree that prospects don't pass through the funnel in a linear way and it's more of iterative process as shown in this infographic summarising the customer buying decision, it's essential that a funnel-based conversion model is use to set targets and review the effectiveness and efficiency of online marketing. Otentimes, I find they are simply different labels with digital strategy a short-hand contraction for the longer digital marketing strategy. As the world’s largest home furnishing retailer, they are in the best position possible to do so. In recent times, Ikea have managed to incorporate digital in to this traditional format by introducing an app which in 2013, achieved close to 10 million downloads. High interaction rates and quirky consumer interaction helps maintain strong consumer relations on the platform.
Responding to a consumer comment wishing for a sleepover in one of their stores, Ikea gave 100 consumers an opportunity to do just that. Whilst the self assembly furniture industry may not be the most glamorous of markets, Ikea have demonstrated that through a carefully assembled digital marketing strategy they can be the benchmark for many retailers and in turn can ensure their stores will be (flat) packed with customers for generations to come! Search engine optimization (SEO) is still a very valuable tactic, but it is becoming ever more intertwined with social media marketing, with the two working together to create the brand experiences that define the Critical Moments of a branded search.
This free guide includes over 85 pages of descriptions, explanations, examples and images from the world of digital and online advertising. So in addition to developing curricula around topics that include digital strategy, search, social and online advertising, Overdrive has produced a quick guide to help its clients become more conversant and proficient in the language of digital marketing. Readers will learn about, and develop a fundamental understanding of, a number of different options available in today’s digital advertising landscape. Founded in 2001, the agency has developed into an integrated digital shop that delivers brand building, customer acquisition and lead generation programs utilizing search marketing, social media marketing, online media buying, analytics and world class creative services. Native has the potential to change the face of advertising as we have grown accustomed to, but just WHAT exactly is native advertising? Wall coverings, fabric prints, decorative accessories, bed linens, stationery, giftware, apparel and so much more. As an Artist, you can post all of your work on Pinterest, Blog yourself ‘blue’, tweet and re-tweet your portfolio, use all manner of social media and beyond but without a method to your madness your attempts to let the world know you are out there will fall flat.
As the demand for online shopping is increasing, this expo is gaining its overwhelming popularity among the visitors.Search Marketing Expo Australia is organized by Third Door Media, a leading organization popular for its effort to provide quality products through a virtual environment and also by community engagement. It is important to develop an online marketing strategy that is specifically designed for B2B businesses. By reaching out to your consumers, you’ll not only be able to create a better relationship with them, but just as important is that you can understand the specific and niche services and goods they’re after.

If you want your message to reach your clients, whether through search engines or social media channels, you’ll need to shell out the cash, otherwise you may find yourself sending your brilliant message to the deep abyss of the Internet, never seeing the light of another computer screen. This will likely be a matter of trial and error at first, but will need constant monitoring as the nature of social media is so fluid. While several years ago this didn’t matter, mobile technology has moved into our lives in almost every sphere – think of how many people take their phones even into the bathroom with them!
These will streamline output and provide valuable data and metrics on what is working and what needs work. This is not simply about adding in more words, but rather about making the content more interactive, engaging, informative and entertaining.
From an internal point-of-view, digital strategy considers the range of digital technology deployed inside a company to manage digital marketing and digital business such as marketing automation, content and commerce management and CRM systems as catalogued so well by Scott Brinkler in his Marketing Technology Landscape  From an external perspective, a digital strategy focuses more on digital technology used by audiences and considers how to engage audiences when using different types of digital devices from the obvious smartphone, tablets and desktop devices to the less obvious games consoles and in-store devices.
This huge goal of giving everyone the possibility to improve their life at home by providing good furniture at a low price may not immediately point to a requirement for a strong digital marketing strategy but IKEA have demonstrated in recent years that by embracing digital marketing they can expand their business.
First insight was that consumers buy incorrect sized furniture and the second one was that most consumers don’t really know the size or space available in their house. In order to achieve the strategy of furnishing the world, online retail will open the possibilities to increase the market. Consumer interest was logged through a dedicated Facebook page resulting in over 100k entries and the event itself lead to massive social kudos and a wealth of both video and image content for the retailer.
The guide covers ad formats including banners, rich media, video, mobile, search and social, as well as targeting and pricing models, ad serving, tracking and attribution modeling and more! This guide is not only a vital asset for beginners who are trying to become more conversant with their digital counterparts and vendors, but also a valuable resource for experts who are trying to fill in any lingering gaps in their knowledge of the digital advertising world.
Indulge yourself with the very best Atlanta has to offer in shopping, fashion, food, entertainment, cosmetics and travel. As an artist, you can post all of your work on Pinterest, Blog yourself ‘blue’, tweet and re-tweet your portfolio, use all manner of social media and beyond but without a method to your madness your attempts to let the world know you are out there will fall flat. Join Jasmine Sandler, a globally known expert, author, consultant and trainer on the subject of Social, as she shares the realities of marketing yourself and best practices of standing out online.
Here not only regional but also overseas visitors will gather to witness the future strategy of marketing.
With the ever-changing online environment, it is becoming more and more necessary to constantly tailor these strategies to capitalise on consumer behaviour as much as possible. This will take time and effort but it is well worth it when you get down to delivering what your customers need, particularly when your competitors aren’t doing that.
An online site that doesn’t cater to mobile users is, for one, unacceptable, and two, is missing out on so many potential clients. From capturing of client details, to search engine optimisation, to analytics, all of this can be automated to a large degree. In government, or some not-for-profit organisations, developing a "digital marketing strategy" is less appropriate, so a digital strategy gives a more appropriate label for managing digital technologies.
With this information Ikea developed an augmented reality application that worked with the catalogue to allow consumers to check out what the couch, tv cabinet etc would look like in their houses. Join Jasmine Sandler, a globally known expert, author, consultant and trainer on the subject of Social Branding as well as the CEO of a 12 year old Social Media Agency, as she shares the realities of marketing yourself and best practices of standing out online. New and existing big brands from different corners of the world will come to showcase their products and get a global exposure. Many of these are also free or are inexpensive to purchase and implement, so a little research and investment in them will go a long way for any B2B business. You make use of all media at your disposal – images, videos, gifs, writing – there really is no limit. For example, the UK government defines its Digital Strategy in this useful way - here there is a clear focus on technology to deliver services rather than marketing.
This simple piece of technology enabled Ikea consumers to make better more informed choices whilst simultaneously evolving their traditional catalogue format.

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