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How should your company participate in the ever growing number of social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc? Social Media Marketing is an amazing way to leverage your content creation efforts and distribute this material to prospective customers, existing clients and your employees. Maziermedia will develop a customized social media plan to provide your business maximum visibility to your target customers, while helping with best practices on building an engaged following for your small business.
The availability of the Internet on numerous devices has broadened the potential reach of digital media advertising. Search engine optimization is the preparation and tweaking of a web page so that it is both highly visible to and highly ranked in search engines. One of the primary devices for digital media advertising is the Internet, which offers advertising options such as search engine marketing (SEM), content ads, display ads, search engine optimization (SEO), social marketing and email marketing. Content ads are digital ads, which may be text or banners, that are on the same page as relevant content. Search engine optimization is digital media advertising that focuses on using relevant keywords in the content that a business shares.
With more and more consumers carrying and using cell phones, especially smartphones, companies are also turning to mobile marketing as a form of digital media advertising. In today's high-tech world, it is almost impossible to run a successful small business without using at least one form of digital advertising. We will work with you to create a special Custom Digital Advertising Display for your company or organization at competitive prices.
Another widely utilized type digital media advertising is with the use of a cell phone device, for text message ads or mobile marketing.

These are the text ads that run along the top, side and bottom of the page when someone conducts a search using their favorite search engine. For example, if the Internet searcher is reading an article on how to start a business website, a content ad may include a web host company and a website designer text ad. The keywords should be words, terms and phrases that an Internet searcher would use to find the product or service that the company is selling. When someone subscribes to receive email communications from a company, the company has the right to send emails to the subscribers. This type of advertising sends text messages as advertisements and promotions to the person’s cell phone. Fortunately, this type of advertising is readily available, and digital advertising agencies are in almost every part of the country and world. Engaging with your customers is a great way for your customers to continue to learn about other services you provide, as well and build trust in your brand. This table top Advertiser is perfect for: Reception Areas, Dealerships, Medical Offices, Sales, Kiosks, Hospitals, Hotels Travel Agencies, Restaurants, and Corporate Lobbies.
When an Internet surfer clicks on the text ad, the company placing the ad is charged a fee, which is why it is referred to as pay-per-click. Since the reader of the ad is interested in the topic that the content contains, the ads correlate with the topic because the items complement the content. Banners or display ads tend to be relevant to the content on the web page on which they sit as well.
Companies can use SEO efforts in the text on the business website, in pay-per-click ads, articles the company publishes online, online press releases the company publishes and any other content the company publishes online.

Companies have the option of placing text or display ads on social media networks, or businesses can use the update and sharing features on social media networks to help promote their products and services. The emails may share content or relevant information, or the emails may promote a product or service. Some mobile ads even appear alongside the phone applications the users of the phone are using.
I think this article does a great job in explaining digital advertising options and the benefits of using them.
For example, a marketing consultant website may include a banner or display ad that promotes a contact management system to manage email campaigns and online marketing efforts. SEO helps the business website to rank higher in the search engines, which also tends to increase traffic to the business website.
Companies can even enlist their fans and followers to help them promote the business and spread the word — turning word-of-mouth advertising into digital media advertising.
For example, if a consumer is playing a game on their cell phone, a digital ad may appear at the top or bottom of the game board or on the screen in between game turns.

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