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Using VLSub is very easy and it actually doesn’t need any installation, you just have to copy and paste the correct file in correct folder. Thing that I liked about UMPlayer is the ability to search and download subtitles of movies, TV shows from the software itself. A New window will open and show two options to search subtitles either by name or by hash value. It saves a lot of time in searching subtitles all over the internet, with one click you can easily search, download and use subtitles in VLC.

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It is not true that subtitles are useful for person who has weak English, it is a fact that due to different ascent in countries it is sometime hard to understand the audio. Most of the movies comes with bundled subtitles but some of them are out of sync and that irritates a lot.
In that case you have to open your browser type movie name and search of subtitles which needs to be downloaded and tested separately to find the best one.

To free from such situation, a little extension known as “VLSub” comes handy allowing you to search and download subtitles from player itself.

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