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Rich Media Player is a lightweight application that helps users play video and audio files, download videos from YouTube and other sites, and convert clips in a clean working environment.
The GUI is intuitive and gives users the possibility to drag and drop the items directly into the primary panel.
The program offers support for a wide range of file formats, namely 3GP, AVI, ASF, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, AAC, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, and others. Rich Media Player enables you to play the clips and songs directly from the main window, while offering the possibility to play, stop, or pause the current selection, adjust the volume, go to the previous or next item, and enable the shuffle or loop mode. Furthermore, you can create multiple playlists, sort items by name or duration, open the folder where the files are stored, and perform searches throughout the entire database. Rich Media Player lets users convert audio files to the following file formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, OGG, AMR, or MP2, as well as prepare the items for formats which can be copied on mobile phones or other devices.
Plus, you can listen to the songs before converting them and trim them by picking a start and end selection in the audio streams. Last but not least, the application provides quick access to a multitude of online clips and songs which are organized in different categories (e.g.
A separate section lists the downloaded videos and lets you upload them on different websites (e.g. All things considered, Rich Media Player comes packed with many useful features for helping you manage your audio and video collections with ease.

Since I discovered that so many people have difficulty in dealing with Rich Media Player, I have decided to work out a comprehensive tutorial for users to read, and here it is. It happens a lot that you think you have finished the whole removal, but rebooted your PC only to find out it still appeared on the system tray. If you directly drag its folder to Recycle Bin and empty it just because you can’t find an uninstall option in Start menu, problems will occur, for example: you’re not able to re-install or uninstall it again due to missing files, errors messages pop up right after Windows loads, system crashes if you double-click the program’s icon on the desktop, or you can’t free up the hard drive space it’s taking for other purpose. Well, no matter what your case is, to successfully remove Rich Media Player, please read the following tutorials, and you may get the answer.
This is advertising supported software per the Terms: “There may be times when you will be directly presented with offers for additional content, services, software, or a combination of any of these things when downloading, installing, using, or updating the software.
To get started with Rich Media Player, you only need to download an installation on your computer.
Now you can browse the list of currently installed programs, locate Rich Media Player, double-click it to activate its uninstall wizard. Moreover, it’s dangerous to delete anything in the Registry Editor without creating a back-up before, since what’s deleted can’t return. Plus, it features a scanning option which allows users to search for audio and video files in the specified folders. As you may know, the uninstall process could be different depending on your PC’s operating system.

The application which you use may automatically download and install updates from time to time from Radiocom CJSC, the application manufacturer.
Go to Registry Editor, where many users forget to take care of (To fully remove Rich Media Player, better not skip this part). This is the efficient third-party tool I recommended, with which you can remove any potentially unwanted programs (PUP) within minutes.
Double-click the desktop icon to open it, you will know what programs are currently installed on your PC. In the list presented, tick all the items displayed belonging to the toolbar, and hit the Complete Uninstall button.
These updates are designed to enhance, improve, and further develop the Software and may take the form of bug fixes, enhanced functions, new software modules and completely new versions. Find and select the Your target icon, and press Run Analysis to scan all the related files.

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