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Online note-taking specialist Evernote has acquired Skitch, a Mac app for annotating photos and otherwise editing images, and plans to dramatically expand the software's availability.
That expansion begins with Skitch's first mobile app, a free download for Android, Evernote said. Evernote's service is available over the Web and as a native app for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and other operating systems.
The Mac App Store is full of useful little gems for designers, and one area where the marketplace isn’t lacking is in pretty, lightweight alternatives to the Adobe Creative Suite. From the makers of the popular font organization tool Fontcase, Bohemian Coding brings you Sketch. For casual users of Illustrator, this could be a great lightweight alternative for you to consider, it also has good (but not perfect) support for the SVG vector format. This is the Mac version of iDraw for iPad, and when you start using it on a desktop or laptop, it really highlights how powerful both versions of this app actually are. In it’s own words, Intaglio retains the feel of MacDraw while harnessing the full capabilities of Quartz and CoreImage.
It’s safe to say that this app operates differently to most modern vector drawing apps, but it provides incredible control of the vector elements, can potentially create complex, photorealistic images, and has good import and export support. Keynote doesn’t need to be limited to creating snazzy slideshows and opening Power Point files. Hype is a tool for creating animated and interactive HTML5 web content, so although at it’s heart this isn’t a vector drawing app, the way it operates is very similar.
From this roundup, Acorn has the highest overall rating on the Mac App Store, and it’s easy to see why. Acorn is similar to Adobe Fireworks in that it combines vector drawing with bitmap editing. While you may only have recently started to hear people talk about SVG, or “scalable vector graphics”, the technology has been around since 1999.

Putting pen to paper, or pen to screen, is an incredible talent that I hold in high regard.
I owned a few of the packages previous to writing the post and tried out demos of the others to get a feel for them.
I use Freehand every day on a professional basis – it is so easy and natural to use – I just cannot grasp Ai and wish Adobe would free Freehand up for some one else to update and continue with. I have been using Adobe Illustrator since version 3 but with the recent changes in their licensing, I was looking for a different future. On recommendation I just tried out iDraw - opening a number of .eps vector graphics I have devised and been working on recently - including last week. Attribution for free resources must be provided in conjunction any time the freebie is used, on the same page where the resource appears on your design.
In addition, "We are committed, not only to making the Skitch Mac app more awesome, but also to bringing Skitch to every desktop and mobile platform under the sun," Evernote's Andrew Sinkov said in a blog post today.
It can handle text, audio, Web links, and other data, but Evernote wanted to improve how its technology deals with graphics, Sinkov said.
Of course none of these apps are as powerful as Adobe’s offerings, but they can be a lot friendlier sometimes, and some of them have surprising potential for their rock-bottom prices. Notable features include SVG import and export, shape and styles libraries, multiple layers, and boolean path combinations.
From a professional designer’s point of view, this app may be lacking in some key areas, and it doesn’t have the same “Mac” feel that some of the other comparable apps in this roundup do.
You may be surprised to find that Apple’s slideshow presentation software has a great set of vector drawing tools, and when you couple that with it’s ability to make clickable prototypes, Keynote becomes a very valuable tool. And unlike some other apps, Hype uses HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 to render it’s content, making it an ideal tool for web designers. Upon first launching Acorn, it appears deceptively simple (only 12 tools), but then you start digging further into it, and it becomes apparent that this app has a lot going for it.

There is no Photoshop filter or Illustrator action that can match the true craftsmanship of an artist. If you want to move editable vector objects between programs, use an appropriate file type. Pixelmator is one of very few apps today that can really compete with the power of Photoshop. Pieter Omvlee (the creator) is very attentive to his customers’ requests and comments, and I can see a lot of potential for this app.
But at the end of the day if you want a simple, vector drawing app with lots of presets and editable vector clip art, this does the job. Not just layer styles either, but the ability to stack multiple instances, save presets and an impressive list of effects to choose from too (although some seem less practical than others). This is a common hurdle that many complete beginners like myself find more intimidating than coding itself. Because Illustrator writes a very specifically formatted EPS file, which (big surprise) PhotoShop knows how to interpret.
Last year the Pixelmator Team also added vector drawing support to the app, and although it still has a long way to go (no gradients on vector shapes, or exporting to vector fomats yet) this is definitely one to keep your eye on in the future.
This small, affordable drawing program is now a true alternative to Illustrator for the majority of my work. The major software publishers will continue and someday these new guys will become contenders for a large part of their market share. The result, I’ve found, are EPS files that, when opened in other aps that can interpret them (Corel and Freehand), show what a crappy mess those files really are.

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