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This resource is designed for those unfamiliar with Digital Marketer (DM for short) — and for those salty DM veterans that want a refresher course on the foundational principles of digital marketing. Print this PDF version and tack it to the wall next to your workstation.  If you plan to execute this plan, you’ll need to reference it often. When you’re learning new tactics like Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics or SEO you’ll need to constantly remind yourself of the CVO process. Needless to say — getting clear on the desired outcome your offer delivers is fundamental to the success of your business.
For example, we’ve done some consulting for a company that offers a product to parents of babies. From having an AVERAGE DAY with a terrible bath time experience to making bath time a breeze. Average marketers only articulate what a customer will HAVE if they purchase their product or service. Do you see how this copy clearly articulates how the product will move mom from a “Before” state of stress and unhappiness to to an “After” state of joy and happiness with baby? When rolling out a new offer, starting a new company or moving into a new market — keep it simple.
We can teach you to drive traffic through tactics like blogging, Facebook Ads or email marketing but first you need to understand the system. The goal, no matter which traffic source you choose, is to drive prospects into the CVO Funnel.
Your traffic strategy (if the goal is acquiring new leads and customers) begins and ends with driving visitors into the CVO funnel. The next two sections (Offer a Lead Magnet and Offer a Tripwire) show you how to grow your business through the first of Jay Abraham’s methods, increase the number of customers.
The Lead Magnet is an irresistible bribe that gives a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. Make no mistake, although no money changes hands, this is a transaction.  And, it is often the first transaction you will have with a prospect.
The Lead Magnet is usually offered on a web page called a landing or squeeze page that is optimized to convert even cold traffic into leads. The Tripwire is an irresistible, super low-ticket offer (usually between $1 and $20 that exists for one reason and one reason only… to convert prospects into buyers. The goal of the Tripwire is to fundamentally change the relationship from prospect to customer.  The conversion of a prospect to a customer, even for $1, is magical.
The most common way to make the Tripwire irresistible is by selling it at cost and, in some cases, at a loss to you. When you understand the rest of the Customer Value Optimization process you will understand how the Tripwire Offer is the single most powerful addition you can make to your business — even though you make no direct profit from it. Columbia House took over the music market by making an absolutely irresistible offer (13 records or tapes for $1) because they understood that acquiring a list of buyers is the name of the game.
Ok, now that you understand how to increase the number of customers, let’s talk about increasing the average transaction value per customer. Most businesses get nowhere by making Core Offers to cold prospects.  You’ll see your Core Offer sales explode with the addition of the Lead Magnet and Tripwire Offer. Your competitors are making a Core Offer and trying to make a living from it.  You don’t need to make a dime from your Core Offer. Remember, as Jeff Bezos says, your competitor’s margin is an opportunity.  It is your opportunity to, for example, spend more on traffic acquisition, conversion rate optimization or increase the value of your offers. It might stun you to find out that many of the most successful businesses in the world make no profit until they reach the next two stages, Profit Maximizers and Return Path. The second of Jay Abraham’s business growth methods is to increase the average transaction value per customer.  The Profit Maximizer does just that. Most businesses don’t have Tripwire Offers and they don’t have Profit Maximizers.  They live and die selling cold prospects on their Core Offer.
Best Buy sells laptops and plasma TV’s (Core Offers) on wafer thin margins you can’t resist and makes it up on warranties, installation and Geek Squad support (Profit Maximizers).
Amazon makes a Cross-Sell Profit Maximizer offer when they show you, “People that bought this product, also bought that product” to increase the Average Basket Value, also known as maximizing profit.
What could you be offering as an upsell or cross-sell?  What could you bundle with your Core Offer?  How can you incorporate a subscription or membership site into your business model?
The goal of the Return Path is to have frequent, strategic communication with your buyers and prospects that cause them to buy again and again.
Because you have received their contact information through the Lead Magnet you have the ability to continue marketing. You can offer new Lead Magnets, Tripwires, Core Offers and Profit Maximizers because you have permission to market to them or bring them back to the Tripwire, Core Offer or Profit Maximizer that they didn’t buy the first time around. The single most impactful action you can take right now is to set up what I call The Machine.
Lesson 5 – Doubling Your Profit – Do you know the 3-word phrase that can DOUBLE your average profit per customer? This course is ABSOLUTELY FREE and, if you’ve read this far, I know you will be absolutely stunned by the value you will receive from these lessons.
Ryan is also a highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted over 200,000 businesses in 68 different countries. The funnel makes sense, but I am trying to figure out how this applies to pure service businesses (e.g.
Thanks Ryan, this really helped me think about setting up a clear business model to follow in my business plans.
The post 18 Signs You’re A Conversion Rate Optimization Expert appeared first on The Daily Egg. I’d sneak it out and take photos of the dog, the sky and even take photos of photos — this was in the days of film, when every photo was precious. I continued taking photos all the way through university and later, ended up being a paid photographer for Airbnb. The giddy feeling I remember feeling while stealing my mom’s camera came back to me when I heard Instagram was available to marketers. With 400 million active users spending over 21 minutes a day on the platform, Instagram is an opportunity that performance marketers can’t ignore. The key to figuring out how to market on Instagram effectively is to understand that Instagram is a mobile tool and that people have different behaviors, expectations and needs when they’re in the mobile environment.
We combed through hundreds of Instagram ad examples and examined what works and what doesn’t so you can begin your next Instagram campaign on the right track. People have short attention spans — and there’s nothing more distracting than a mobile phone.
Your ad is competing for attention against other Instagram accounts as well as every other app on your prospect’s phone. If you’re looking to generate leads from your ad, provide an opt-in form that’s easy to read and simple to fill out. An added bonus is that the entire landing page fills my screen, which means there’s no need to scroll and I can keep multitasking while sharing my information. By supplying your email address, you authorize Unbounce to update you with sweet content from the Unbounce Landing Page and Conversion Optimization Blog.
Foundr magazine is a digital publication for entrepreneurs that curates insightful interviews, case studies and ebooks.
Using a responsive landing page goes beyond having a page that scales to fit the device; it’s about creating a truly frictionless experience.
Photoshelter is a marketplace that provides cloud storage, website templates, business guides and more for photographers. After bumping into a few people on the street, I finally landed on the “Start Free Trial” section at the bottom of the page. This landing page scales to fit the screen, but it creates friction when it assumes the prospect will sign up using the first CTA button presented.
Making them scroll to the bottom of your page feels like an unusual form of punishment for a someone that liked your product enough to click, doesn’t it? Using GIFs is a cool way to attract attention but it was a poor way to communicate the value proposition of the ad. Besides the lack of clarity from ad to landing page, this page was so long and robust that my phone couldn’t handle it.
I loved this experience so much that I shared this ad with friends that are in the process of moving.
Images and videos are what Instagram is all about, so make sure they not only stand on their own, but that they stand out from the crowd, too.
But when I click through, my excitement vanishes – and is replaced with insurance forms. I get that insurance is a highly regulated industry, but some sense of continuity would be great here. As a prospect I was compelled to click because of the image of cars and the associated monthly ticket price was attractive, but now I find myself on a lead gen form for car loans. Thinking about clarity is important when designing a campaign; without it, you may end up with leads that aren’t worth the cost. The core elements that make up an Instagram campaign are the same as any other social ad campaign — the main difference is that the entire experience, from start to finish, is mobile. A great Instagram campaign needs to provide a great mobile experience by using mobile forms, responsive landing pages, unique creative and above all, clarity. When you’re designing an Instagram ad campaign, make sure your landing page is responsive. Imagine you’re tapping out a telegraph the next time you write your landing page copy. BLUF is originally a military communications technique, in which the conclusion — the most vital information and actions — is placed right at the start. When the folks at Starbucks released their Italian-Style Ham & Spicy Salami sandwich in January, they knew that all they really needed to do was show the sandwich and tell you what’s in it.
Now that you know what BLUF is and have some idea of how it works, let’s look at some more examples, and then how to put BLUF into practice on your own landing pages. By supplying your email address, you authorize Unbounce to update you with content from the Unbound Landing Page and Conversion Optimization Blog. Gumroad’s landing page is a strong example of BLUF, giving visitors the pertinent info they need right up front. There’s more information in the page section below if you’re in need of a bit more convincing, but essentially everything you need to know to make a decision is right there up front. Human’s BLUF is even simpler than Gumroad’s; its app will encourage you to do 30 minutes or more of exercise every day. Like Gumroad, the copy on Human’s landing page passes the Blank Sheet of Paper test, giving visitors only the bare necessities in order to make a decision. Again, the call to action mentions that the app is free to download, making it harder to refuse. This unique 360 vision system uses complex mathematics, probability theory, geometry and trigonometry to map and navigate a room. Dyson effectively blends simplicity using the BLUF tactic with the complexity of it’s high-tech product. Nobody who’s just looking for a bog-standard vacuum cleaner is going to be interested in the ins and outs of the 360 Eye — or its $1,200 price tag. If I want to know more, I can scroll, but if you can fulfill my need convincingly right there in your opening, I’m less likely to visit somebody else’s landing page, right? Consider this: How often do you stare at an article or landing page and have no idea what you’re reading? Visualizing your thoughts and features like this starts to give you an idea of what your conclusion, key points and actions might be.
The essence of BLUF is about giving your reader the information they need right away, and allowing them to make an informed decision about a follow-up.
While being so scant in your introduction may sound scary, just like in dating, confidence pays off big time.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a great way to get more out of your online marketing campaigns.
After all, traffic takes a lot of time and expense to generate, so getting more out of your existing traffic is an easy win, right? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a simple matter of setting up a test or two and waiting for the conversions to roll in.
To answer that question, you have to look at one of the basic assumptions behind CRO — you are testing relevant, interested traffic. Fortunately, with a little research and a few well-planned tests, you can usually see marked improvements in your conversion rate — by making sure you have the right traffic. Simply putting together a great ad and reasonable targeting does not guarantee you’ll drive the right traffic to your site. The post was a humorous exploration of a unique way to use IP address exclusions in AdWords — an article I expected would be well received by my audience.
I’d run quite a few sponsored posts on Facebook before, so I had a pretty good feel for my target audience (typical CTR, conversion rate, etc.). To figure out what was going on, I took a closer look at my Audience data and discovered something interesting.
Apparently, a lot of postmenopausal women were connecting with the “Spice Up Your Love Life” angle. Now, most Baby Boomers aren’t looking for the services of a digital marketing agency, which explained the low conversion rate. There wasn’t anything wrong with the blog post — we were simply driving the wrong sort of traffic to our site. The online marketing focus of our previous sponsored posts had served as a natural filter for the 55+ year-old crowd.
After changing my targeting to exclude people over 50, my CTR dropped and my conversion rate improved by 57% overnight.
Now, one of the big advantages of PPC advertising is the fact that you can limit who sees your ads to the audience of highest intent. The problem with pushing the wrong type of traffic to a page is the fact that the wrong type of traffic never converts. The post is clearly about pay-per-click advertising, and the search term “ppc” gets 110,000 searches per month. I don’t know what all those thousands of searchers thought they were going to get when they clicked “6 Killer PPC Branding Tactics Even Freddy Krueger Loves,” but they definitely weren’t searching for an online advertising agency. True, you could create a page that anyone would convert on, but even if you create an offer that convinces the wrong traffic to convert, they won’t turn into sales — which is what ultimately matters the most to your business. So, before you spend weeks running page optimization tests, take a good look at your traffic.
If you want to achieve show-stopping conversion rates, you need an awesome website experience and the right sort of traffic.
When you think of crowdsourcing, you likely either think of big focus groups conducted behind closed doors or enormous funding initiatives like Kickstarter and GoFundMe.
The post How To Use Crowdsourcing to Increase Conversion Rates appeared first on The Daily Egg.
The marketer attempts to appeal to the prospect with a touch of personalization but accidentally reveals the secret to his magic trick. If you’re not careful, your generic PPC ads could be creating jarring experiences for prospects. The good news is that personalizing your PPC campaigns is easier than it’s ever been, thanks to a slew of recently released AdWords features.
As Larry explained in the webinar, we’re living in the golden era of personalized PPC marketing.
A little AdWords feature called Customer Match, which lets you upload a list of customer email addresses that you grab from from your email automation platform Then, when prospects are signed into Google Search, YouTube or Gmail (which according to Larry is about 50% of the time), you can serve them up an ad that relates to the list they were in. Upload that list into AdWords and serve them up an ad about a related offering, already knowing that they’re into learning about PPC. Customer Match works so well because you’re not blanket messaging strangers — you’re targeting people who are already familiar with your brand. But Larry explained that the real magic happens when you couple Customer Match with more advanced email marketing segmentation. Larry suggested taking those same email segmentations and uploading them into Google Adwords as separate audiences. From there, he explained, you can leverage existing segmentations and offers by sending complementary, hyper-targeted paid advertisements. The Customer Match campaign (“Email” in the first column) is generating a $9.43 ROI — significantly higher ROI than any other of the targeting mechanisms.
Larry explained that your conversion volume is going to be low — you are cherry-picking your leads, after all. So to be clear, Larry isn’t advocating that you shut off your primary drivers of conversion volume in favor of this type of cherry-picking.
Google has this other really snazzy feature called Similar Audiences which can help you expand your reach by leveraging the success of Customer Match. In a nutshell, Google looks at the behavior, demographics and search patterns of your Customer Match audiences and finds similar people for you to reach out to. Customer Match is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to personalizing your PPC campaigns. There’s so much more you can be doing to make your prospects feel like you get where they’re coming from and that you’ve got a custom-tailored solution for their problems. If you want to get real up-close-and-personal with prospects, you’ll want to hear the rest of what Larry had to say on the webinar. In order to make a productive lead for your business, using an effective landing page that calls your visitors to make an action is an effective way to convert each visitor to become your customer. This Twitter bootstrap optimized HTML landing page is highly responsive and comes with a working contact form, flex slider, jaquery Pretty photo, and a working subscription form optimized for your business.
You can select from the template’s three different themes namely generic, realistic and festive to add variation on your landing page design.
If you run a business for event management and promotion then this is the ideal template that you can use.
It comes with 4 colored skins and layouts, jQuery slider, carousel and fancy box image gallery. If you are looking for a free template that will best convert your landing page with better productivity, this template is a good option. Socialeers created this free template designed to encourage your website visitors to take action and sign up for your products or services. This is a landing page template created to increase the sign up rate to build a social community where people can date, meet new people and collaborate with others.
This 5 page layout template supports video and images with 9 great color themes to choose from.
This template is designed with a lot of call to action features especially built for the marketers. This template for your landing page is optimized for selling and promoting your products, brands or services. This template is best whenever you are promoting or selling applications or any product to download. This template supports Bootstrap framework and comes in 3 sub-pages more to market your services and products that could enhance your conversion rate. If you want to market both Android and Apple apps, this template will be good for business conversion rate. AboutArtAtm, as a design blog, has a great passion for delivering stylish and creative designs for designers and web-developers on all subjects of designs, ranging from; HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, web design, graphics, typography, advertising & much more.
I’ve spent some time perusing the most interesting WordPress premium themes for new company launches. ListingPress is a WordPress premium theme geared towards real estate agents & companies. Inceptio is a responsive multi-purpose theme which is designed to be used for an Internet media company. Now Webbie is a little different in that this theme is geared towards marketing your Internet company online. Fusion is an interesting WP premium choice which has a fullscreen background image in most of the page layouts. The MyApp theme is very similar to MyProduct, except this time it is based around mobile applications.
Great marketers speak to how a customer will FEEL, how their AVERAGE DAY will change and how their STATUS will elevate.
But as time passed, many marketers—myself included—realized the focus of marketing campaigns should be on conversions. Of course, she’d get mad when odd photos would pop up between shots of birthdays and family outings.
In some ways Instagram has replaced that old Kodak, except the stakes are much higher than a spoiled roll of film. The title of the ebook, “How to Convert Your Followers Into Dollars,” is included on both the ad and the landing page copy. They’re hard to navigate, they usually don’t render, and they make me want to tear my hair out.
So, I kept scrolling because I wanted to know more about the features and benefits offered. Their CTA said learn more but there were no other places on their landing page that invited me to actually learn more.
A responsive landing page makes sure the elements on the page support the CTA and don’t distract from it. With this Instagram ad campaign they are introducing Canadians to their new Canvas Lighting Collection.
Canadian Tire used carousel ads to showcase their new collection of lamps in different settings.
The page loaded fast, was fully responsive and it also expanded on the story introduced in the ads.
Amazingly, Canadian Tire, an old retail store my mother used to bring me to, gave me a reason to want to shop more. Make sure to test things like video length, sound and format, and whether landscape or square video works best.
Andy Boy has dedicated an entire account to it, and created an eye-catching and mouth-watering Instagram campaign around broccoli rabe (also known as rapini). I never thought I’d say this, but this was the most action-packed broccoli ad I’ve ever seen. Not only did I learn about the health benefits of broccoli rabe, but the landing page was filled with recipes, each of them enticing me to learn more. Simplicity and clarity are key elements in the Instagram environment that should be defining principles when you’re building your next Instagram ad campaign. Your landing page needs to deliver on what your ad promised, by matching the design and copy in your ad and giving the people what they came for in a clear, frictionless way. It’s what will ensure that prospects don’t become anxious and leave your landing page.
There may be a wee bit of design match with some of the colors of the typeface on the ads and the CTAs on the landing page, but there is very little message match from the ad to the landing page. Matching the text over the images with the headline on the landing page would be a great start. Giving up my name and email address seems like a lot of commitment with little explanation.
The lack of design match makes me question what I’m signing up to and reduces the sense of clarity I had before I clicked the ad. Starbucks has given you everything you need to know about whether this sandwich is for you, all in about 30 words.

That might be enough for some people, but the landing page includes some key features of the service, like lower fees and the possibility of higher conversions. Further, what if you want to highlight the fact that it’s complex, but still have people understand it? They also want you and the competition to know that there is absolutely nothing else like a Dyson.
The people who are interested in this cleaner are gadget geeks and tech brains with money to burn. Thinking about the examples above, pick a product or service (your own or someone else’s) and have a crack at this. It’s something that copywriter Alastaire Allday talks about in his ebook, Think Like a Copywriter. It’s much easier for people to buy into your idea when you’re completely behind it yourself. What was surprising, though, was how few of those clicks filled out my lead gen form — my conversion rate fell through the floor.
My CTR was up, but the extra clicks were coming from a very specific demographic: 55+ year-old women. This time, however, the idea of improving your love life was even more appealing to the 55+ demographic than it was to our normal demographic!
Yes, I was driving less traffic to my post, but I wasn’t paying for worthless clicks anymore, either. After all, you are bidding based on intent, so you should be able to tightly control your traffic. As we dug in further, we discovered that the 88% of keywords that aren’t producing conversions account for 61% of ad spend. However, even in PPC marketing, the average company wastes 61% of their budget on the wrong traffic! They simply aren’t interested in what you have to offer and no amount of optimization will make them interested. The post was ranked on the first page of Google and sent thousands and thousands of visitors to our website.
The article was relevant, insightful and talked about points that were relevant to our brand and company. The more you understand your audience, the more effective your ads will be at bringing the right sort of traffic to your page. The tighter you can tie your ads and landing page to each other and to your audience’s pain point, the better your traffic quality will be.
Furthermore, it will also improve the effectiveness of your CRO tests, because you’ll actually be optimizing your page for the right traffic! If you don’t have both, creating a profitable marketing campaign will always be an uphill battle. And in our latest webinar, Larry Kim of WordStream shared five of his favorite PPC personalization tactics — magic tricks that won’t make you pull your hare out.
It’s an easy way to go after a larger audience of people without having to say goodbye to those sweet CPCs and conversion rates. The kind of template that you use for your website landing page can significantly affect the way you can enhance its conversion for better productivity to your business.
It is optimized to adapt to smaller screens like Smartphones or tablets in order to accommodate your landing page visitor with ease of navigation feel when using your site. It comes in a clean and professional template designs that could work both as a reference and transactional landing page. It is responsive for mobile or tablet viewing, built in 960 grids, retina ready design with valid HTML5 and CSS3. It has a contact form in PHP file, photo and video light box, Photoshop files, valid XHTML and CSS and compatible with different web browsers. It is responsive, with contact page, social icons to share and promote your events with, SEO ready template and Google Map API. In every color you can enjoy 16 possible layout combinations where you can enjoy a total of 64 total layout combination. It comes with customizable options and flexible layouts, perfect for promoting products, affiliate marketing, corporate promotion and software marketing.
It comes in a simple green and white color theme that is optimized for video and image posts. It has 8 color variations and you can select from its 3 HTML pages to use as your landing page. Its features are professionally designed with a 3 column pricing table, tabs and toggle features.
Its features allow the user to display their products and services professionally using a clean interface and easy to use by its visitors to view what you have to offer them. It offers newsletter SignUp, contact form, display tweets on your site, social media links and fully customizable PSD. There are always a million other things to be handling related to accounting, marketing, project management, and other various tasks. It provides an exceptional template for getting started when you just need to get something online. The colors are easy to blend and they really stand out when skimming through content on the site. You can use this for practically any company, but the design features and homepage slider often favor portfolio entries. This is a great template for setting up your own eBook shop, or selling website templates or WP plugins.
But in some cases your business really just needs a simple, bland interface for visitors to gather information. You can setup a custom logo right at the top next to the heading navigation which blends perfectly into the image slideshow.
This is practically a showcase website layout built using WordPress to offer sales of your latest application. Often times developers will launch a new mobile app and create its own homepage website too. This may not be very common among other business websites, but it does advance the user experience to a whole new level. Sometimes there are other more pressing issues to deal with, or you may be using an alternative website to handle contacts.
Well timed pop-ups, landing page best practices and appealing lead magnets have been the talk of the marketing town for years now. Content marketers aplenty, coders everywhere, SEOs in abundance, and social media gurus on every corner, but conversion rate optimizers? It’s likely that they are juggling many things at once: groceries, a dog and a flurry of Facetime calls from their mom. Make sure to have multiple CTA buttons that reinforce your campaign goals throughout your landing page. As I scrolled through the landing page I was reminded why I clicked on the ad in the first place.
Once you understand the platform, the mobile environment and what your prospects are expecting from you, you’ll be taking shots just like the pros.
If you really want to “Learn More”, you can  (it has 480 calories and little pickled peppers, if you’re interested). If you’re a musician, Gumroad is sounding pretty good by now, so the next logical step is to attempt to seal the deal by inviting you to sign up for free. If they aren’t converting, there must be something about your website or landing page that is hindering the conversion process. As a marketer, your job is to convince your target audience that you can solve their problem, which means your ads should use your target audience’s pain point to filter and prep potential traffic for your website. You can use these 22 + awesome landing page templates that could enhance your conversion rate. It is also customizable that allows you to design your landing page to suit your product or brand. You can also use the PSD ebook creator to customize your ebook cover in just a few easy steps. You can choose to use either a single or multiple landing pages for your promotion schemes. Getting your new website up online can be one of the slowest processes if you aren’t prepared. Plus it can save you over a week of time from handling the website design, coding the theme, and then checking for bug fixes. There are also plenty of great shortcodes which relate to buttons, inputs, and image slideshows. I particularly enjoy the featured icons listings where the background changes color as you hover. The blog itself also has variations which you can update to blend nicely for your business needs.
The footer section has 3 different block areas which are great for publishing your company ideologies. This responsive theme is designed to focus around your new book launch, and hopefully draw in paying customers from the landing page. The Webbie theme favors creative professionals who are building their own products to sell online. I really like the simplicity of this layout because it forces visitors to focus on your content. The price is very reasonable to get up your own website online quickly without very many customizations. This WordPress theme is perfect for developers who need a quick solution to getting their app website online. This corporate theme is sleek, easy to use, and provides lots of extra space for offbeat content. But you could have hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site, but it won’t matter if none of them are making a purchase, signing up for your newsletter, registering as a member, or whatever conversion goals you have set. That’s why I’ve chosen to treat the topic again, this time from the perspective of the basics.
The overall response to the blog post was very positive, so the article seemed to be working for my audience.
But thankfully if you do not want to craft an entire layout from scratch there are dozens of WordPress themes to choose from instead! This can be useful if your company has a lot of pages which all need to be linked from the same nav menu. This is a truly brilliant company website if you have a bit of time for customizing the page elements.
I would certainly recommend Blandit as an easy to use, easy to customize WordPress theme which fits any company niche. It is just another choice you may find useful instead of building your own theme from scratch.
Although this is a wonderful collection, continue to browse some other templates and see if you can pick out the perfect choice for your business. Landing pages need to be ranking well on Google or have large amounts of targeted referrals.
Because I realize that a lot of marketers who read Crazy Egg might not be familiar with all the principles of landing page optimization.

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