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Landing pages are the important pages where you will try your user to push towards the specific page, before they go the end page. Unbounce landing pages are designed to solve the problem, where the marketers can make the specific landing pages for their marketing tactics without taking any help from the developers. You might be thinking, how we will use this Unbounce platform to create landing pages for our campaign? Please note that all these Unbounce templates are easy to use and customize.You can easily use these landing pages templates for your project. Approach is an amazing lead gen landing page designed to collect more detailed prospect information and showcase product or service features.
Fork is a conversion landing page template, good for both lead generation & click-through. Remote is a stylish lead gen Unbounce Landing Page Template designed to quickly attract, collect and convert. It is a startup landing page for unbounce, include a lots of features, clean & modern design. Realizer is a great real estate landing page for Unbounce which also provides property listing. Now promote your real estate project with Condo and collect information from your visitors. If you selling web apps or mobile apps and want to generate some leads then this landing page is perfect for you. Appster unbounce landing page is the best choice for launching and showcasing mobile games and apps. Are you any legal consultancy business, then this law online unbounce template will perfect for you to collection your visitors information. Mycourse is an eCourse Landing page template for unbounce, include a lots of features, clean & modern design.
In the landing page editor, you can upload your files to Wishpond, and keep a library for use on future pages. Wishpond’s selection of mobile-responsive templates will make your pages look as good as they perform. Add an unlimited number of fields to your pop-up form, including checkboxes, multiple choice, dropdown menus & more. Wishpond templates work on all tablet and mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia devices.
Our landing page builder includes a built-in form builder that makes it easy to add and modify fields with a few clicks. Our developers write and optimize every line of our code by hand to ensure you get the best speed possible. With a click you can modify the post-signup view of any template to include a button or text link that sends signups to any URL. Our visual analytics dashboard allows you to view and compare conversion rates (and more) of all of your landing pages in a table and graphical timelines. Wishpond Landing Pages are directly integrated with our Google Adwords and Facebook Ads tools.
Wishpond’s multi-client account allow you to access separate client accounts from a single master dashboard. This is a classic technique used to hijack your visitors eyes and create a tunnel vision effect. Call attention to the most important page elements by using strangely placed and angled arrows.
Give your page elements breathing room to produce a calming effect and allow your CTA to stand out from the rest of your design. Common psychological motivators are the use of urgency (limited time) and scarcity (limited supply). To demonstrate how you can apply the CCD concepts to a landing page, I’ll show a before and after template design example. Note: This template is available for use within the Unbounce landing page platform suite of landing page templates. Nicely encapsulated form area: CCD principle #1 talks about the use of encapsulation to bring attention to your form areas. Crowded page could use some whitespace: CCD principle #4 talks about the use of white space to improve the clarity and reading experience of your page. By enhancing the messaging of the form area to explain, and focus on, the purpose of the page, the clarity of communication will improve and encourage more people to complete a form they know will benefit them.
Add a FAQ: You can remove the need for so many questions by opening a FAQ page in a lightbox that addresses all of the questions you are currently answering via external links. The form area is nicely separated from the content, and there is a lot of breathing room all around the main image.
This would be *really* good if the bottom blue area was a different color – perhaps just a dark grey. There’s a ton of social proof logos on display here, although I think the lower set of logos is overkill.
By being more explicit in the headline about what TAVR is, more people will be able to relate, staying on the page and completing the form as a result. Another thing to mention here is that the copy doesn’t really say anything about what you are downloading! By focusing on the local business aspect in the CTA, there will be a better understanding of the local brick and mortar business relevance and more targeted downloads (creating better qualified leads). By including a strong value proposition that illustrates why they are unique, people will be more willing to click through to the next step. Tagline: There could be a tagline right next to the logo (to use some of the wasted space up there) that helps define the company right away.
The page talks about small business, and then features giant companies as the supporting proof of success.
By changing the page title to directly describe the purpose of the page, the bounce rate will be lowered, and conversions lifted. Replacing the infographic with key facts in written form will improve the clarity and time spent reading, resulting in more people completing the form, as they will have a better idea of what the benefits of using FWCanada are. Replace the infographic: Take the key points out of the infographic to inform readers who can apply, who can be a sponsor, and how to apply.
This page is actually a microsite, so I would first suggest ripping out the header and footer navigation to increase the on-page engagement and turn it into a promotion specific landing page. What Falcon Social does really well is something that I’ve been preaching for a long time, namely the use of lightboxes to show extended content without leaving the page. However, the page lacks explanation of what the solution provides prior to asking someone to start a free trial.
By changing the CTA copy to a benefit driven statement and telling the customer what they would be when they sign up, more people will start a trial. CTA copy: To test different CTA’s, I’d run the original against a core benefit CTA such as “Grow Your Brand Socially” and a 3rd CTA that says “Grow Your Brand Socially” with a smaller supporting “x-day free trial” directly beneath the button. Having the space surrounding the main content area (on both sides), it gives the page a less cramped feeling. Validation: They jump right into showing off the famous publications that have featured their company. Removal of doubt: The subtext below the CTA lowers the perceived risk, which can improve the click-through-rate (CTR). The example below shows an alternate page they created, presumably to speak to a different segment or create a different emotional trigger.
This is the best and funniest example of a testimonial I’ve ever seen, and fits the fun brand perfectly.

There are quite a lot of orange elements on the page, by choosing a button color that’s not within the orange range you will make it stand out more. The video poster frame should be more enticing: A poster frame is the image that is visible on your video before the play button is clicked. As I mentioned above, if you shifted the form down to sit half in and half out of the main header area, you could encapsulate it nicely in a design element that really separates it from the surrounding elements, by virtue of how it would break existing lines. The color choice for the 2 CTAs (just one please, tsk tsk) does have contrast with it’s surroundings, but something about the design is just awfully flat. There is some generous white space in the main content area which lets your eyes flow down the page through the content. Video product demos are always a good window into what you are offering, and can simplify the subsequent content consumption as you can easily scan to seek out any remaining holes in your buying process. The subheader of the page is actually a testimonial which clarify the purpose of the product at the same time as adding social proof.
Clear value proposition: The headline is very simple and leaves no doubt about the purpose of the page and the product. Highlighted testimonial: The brushed highlight of the testimonial gives it a bit of extra design zing and prevents the page from feeling too text heavy. Context of use: Their choice of imagery lets you know that the product can produce mobile-ready polls. Validation: Like the example above, they provide a strong sense of trust by including a set of logos.
Remove the footer navigation: Any extraneous navigation on a landing page can lead your visitors down the wrong path. Just a little touch of design behind the testimonial helps to make it stand out as different from the content section above it, helping to set a visual barrier that keeps your eyes in place when you are reading the three chunks above. Price: Travel is very much about price, and they get that out of the way right off the bat, so you can move on to the finder details after unerstanding if you can afford it or not. The use of opacity for the form container is a good example of drawing just enough attention to the form, while still following the soft design esthetic of the page. The use of darker areas on both sides of the content, helps to drive you through the content in the middle of the page, like a funnel.
Honesty: It tells you the cost, so you can weigh up the potential value associated with extending your brand reach. Clear contact method: The big phone number increases the trust factors by letting you know there are real people to deal with. Re-architecting the page to focus on one element alone with two columns of visually related content would greatly simplify the reading process. The Facebook following number lends some credibility to their appeal, as it’s what they are selling as a service. Landing pages are considered as standalone pages, that sets your predefined goal and help them to accomplish that goal.
You can make the beautiful and campaign specific landing page templates without any help of the developer. Every startup need a high quality, lead generating, opt-ins landing page for their website.
You can easily use this template to promote web services, launching start-ups or converted for use in any lead generation or click through campaign. You can easily promote your real estate developer project with this template and collect the information from your visitors. You can easily use these information to promote and notify about new changes in your project. The header background can easily change with your custom image to change the look & feel. This travel landing page helps you sell all kinds of offers – resort deals, cruise specials, hotel and flight offer.
With the help of template, you can easily offer free version of your ebook and generate email leads.
For example, you can add a dropdown menu with multiple options and register them for a certain ebooks based on which option they choose.
Built to offer complete flexibility, you can easily customize them to suit your brand and campaign. This means that page elements will get smaller and stack into a single column when displayed on mobile devices. And we run on industry-best AWS servers, so we can accommodate even your largest marketing campaigns without a second’s delay. Added up over time, even one-second delays like this can seriously damage your sales and conversions. Or copy & paste a simple code into the HTML of any page in your site’s content management system (CMS). This template uses the power of Html and Bootstrap to bring you everything that you would need to promote and to sell your books and with the help of this template, you can give the opportunity to your potential buyers to look into the preview and table of context, before they purchase it.
You can think of it like creating a window on your landing page where your CTA is the view.
Tie a sequence of arrows together to define a path for the visitor to follow, ending at your CTA.
The purpose of this particular template is to facilitate the download of an ebook in exchange for the standard name and email. It would essentially mean that someone converting at 10% would have a conversion rate of 100% which isn’t attainable. Your CTA button should always explain explicitly what will happen when it’s clicked, for two reasons. Mobile commons again do a nice job here, making sure the conversion area stands out from the rest of the page and making it clear where you need to go to complete your interaction with the page. By making the page a little longer, they could make each part of the message more clearly chunked into digestible blocks.
Removing all links on the page so there is only one action, will increase the engagement with the page’s conversion goal, increasing form completions and reducing the bounce rate. If you really need to link to something, do it in a lightbox to keep prospective students on the page. This will reduce your total points of interaction to three: The CTA, privacy policy and the FAQ. The form is nicely contained in it’s own box, which helps it stand out from the image behind it. Knowing this right off the bat relaxes the mind so that it can explore the content on the page, knowing that you know where to go if you decide to continue on. The two testimonials could use a different treatment to make them stand out as quotes rather than the current design that makes them look like a block of text like the rest of the page. Although I don’t get a clear sense of what TAVR is right away (the tiny description of the acronym is hard to see).
This would increase the Quality Score and the test would compare the change in Quality Score by making the header bot-readable. Which really opens the way for the use of color and contrast to make your form area stand out. Something we learned this very CCD week, was that having a short Slideshare presentation on your page to showcase part of your content, you really can bump your conversion rate. These could use more consistency, and represent what the next step will reveal (I’m assuming the homepage). I don’t know how the company differentiates from the 100 other email service providers out there.
There seems to be a mismatch of company size that could make people perceive their offering is targeted toward the enterprise market.

I think the best thing that could be done for this page would be to add some white space to let it breathe. By shuffling the page elements around, to offer up the required information before the call to action, and creating a better hierarchy of information, the page wouldn’t make you jump around wondering which order you should be consuming it in. This could include having an introductory paragraph beside the video that mentions how long the trial is along and include a benefit statement. It starts with a customer list, then moves on to hear what some of them are saying.In general the information hierarchy is nicely done on this page. From a design perspective, the grey monotone prevents a mishmash of colour creating any visual distraction from the call to action (CTA). They’ve gone with B here, presumably in an attempt to catch your attention and increase curiosity (or to push a particular button).
Adding the blue container separates the main content area nicely, making the reading experience much simpler.
I’m not sure what membership services are, so this could use a more descriptive image and supporting statement. A phone number to contact the company to discuss business, or to download a marketing guide. However, it could be communicated more effectively if it was written out, rather than trying to play with an image. It’s good to be above the fold for the most part, but when you are asking someone to engage in communication with you, you might want to expose them to more information about your product offering first. It would be enhanced further by using a larger type size, with an appropriate line height to give the copy room to breathe also.
In this example, you could easily skip the 1, 2, 3 content below the video as it’s covered in the video.
And it’s nicely backed up by a well written explanation of some of the core benefits directly below. Let you eye wander around the page and you’ll see how easy it is to identify each block of information.
The Trip Advisor certificate of excellence let’s you know that a recognized authority has validated the company. The white stands out nicely from the solid background (to steal a comment away from Miss Contrast). Everything is in the same three colors, making it super hard to distinguish what the intended conversion goal (interaction point) of the page is. Suppose, the marketer is trying to sell the ebook, then before taking their users to the price page the marketer will try to take them to the education page. So, it is clear that Unbounce pages are for the non-developers, so the landing page builder should have the easy to use interface. The main purpose of building Unbounce is that your marketing should concentrate more on marketing stuff rather than talking IT department on how to create a good conversion design, After using Unbounce, your marketing can focus on creating, publishing and measuring your content without an IT guy. It’s perfect for attracting new trial accounts for your SaaS service or generating leads.
You will also get marketing related items like banner and social template for a successful marketing campaign. If you have created a video for your product, then you can easily show off with this help of this template. We also designed our platform to load your landing pages as fast as possible, which pushes your pages higher in search engines.
After purchase, users would come back with their feedback, ebook has a room for the words for readers. A green CTA may well outperform red in some circumstances, but if the page is dominantly green, that green button is going to get hidden among other page elements. Most are from Unbounce customers, but I’ve thrown in some scary ones too, just to mix it up, and scare you into making your own pages better. It would be more effective to have a customer testimonial talking about the conversion improvement they achieved. Firstly, so people will know what they are going to get, and secondly, so there is another element on the page backing up its purpose. It could also draw more attention to the testimonial, by shifting the left column away from the form. Yet, having skimmed (that’s all people will do) the page copy, I see no mention of an event. If you have highly targeted ads, then you need to make sure the headline is a clear match with them. In this instance I’d try going for a red button to make it stand out from the main color palette.
As the form action is to get the guide, I wouldn’t muddy the waters by having the phone number in there. The form container could also use a little something to make it stand out from an otherwise flat page. It can be more effective to have a descriptive and enticing benefit statement as the starting point – to make people want to watch. It could be as simple as putting a few bullet points in place of the form and nudging it down a bit.
Which allows you to visually break the information into three pieces, speeding the reading process.
The testimonials shown are anonymous which reduces their impact (as they could have been made up). I would try to knock everything back to be within the same basic color hue, so the pricing grid can stand out. Here, you will be given some information about the book to the user before they purchase it. Marketers are not aware of the robust design controls, so the page builder should have a WYSIWYG drag and drop interface, so they can make the unbounce landing page templates easily. If you focus on contrasting colors you will be much more successful at making it stand out. If you stood back and looked at this page you’d be hard pressed to really differentiate the most important element.
Here, the page is so simple that there’s no real visual complexity to compensate for, but you should still get in the habit of practicing separation. This could mean that you need to move the 3rd feature block somewhere else, and switch it to 2 or 4. Always ask permission to use a testimonial and include the name of the person providing it for extra trust points. That’s the equivalent of walking into a clothes store and being told to buy these clothes before you even try them on. I’d also make the two pricing tiers on the outside, the same muted color, to make the recommended (center) tier the most dominant.
Some of this could be resolved by moving the customer logos to the bottom of the page, potentially in greyscale to prevent them from conflicting with the rest of the page. Or you could extend the header area to be longer, and balance the design by putting a relevant statement beneath the video, talking about a benefit of the service. Even if you manage to work your way down to it, it’s so bland and nondescript, with no real purpose attributed to it.
So my test advice is to say exactly what you will receive in the header, and reinforce that in the CTA.

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