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Next to List View, Images View and Cover Flow, we have added a Card View, a multi-column view with little info cards for each movie, showing the main movie details and a small cover thumbnail. Google provides a new paid version of the Search API, but it is limited to max 10K searches per day.
Covers and Images sort order was not immediately updated after closing the "Choose Sort Fields" screen. Shelf mode, 2 Panels, Detail View: sometimes the wrong movie was displayed after filtering with Alphabet Bar. At the same time, all these 8 fields are now editable in the CLZ Movies mobile apps and Movie Connect! We strongly recommend to update all your programs and apps at the same time, at least before you sync with the CLZ Cloud again! ALSO NOTE: after updating your Movie Collector desktop software, all movie entries that have data in one of the 8 new sync fields will be marked as "Modified", making sure they are synced UP TO the CLZ Cloud next time you sync. Easier selection of fields: just drag from left to right to select, from right to left to remove. Manage your Field Presets using the dropdown list and buttons top right (PRO edition only). When syncing new movies down *from* Core, it always use Core values for the Format field, not your own Cloud format data. The letter buttons are automatically greyed out if there are no movie titles starting with that letter. The built-in CLZ Barry support has been changed to always keep your Barry connection "alive". An easier way to report errors or to submit extra data to us, is the Submit to Core feature (available from the Main and Edit screens). The Reporting Missing Movie feature lets you report movies that are missing from our Core for Movies online movie database. Where previously an IMDB ID or IMDb URL was required, you can now also point us to any other website (e.g. However: when your missing movie is actually listed on IMDb, please keep submitting an IMDb ID or IMDb URL. CLZ Cloud Sync: Fixed a crash which happened in the Sync screen while it was scrolling down. Cloud Sync: Items modified by “Re-assign Index Fields" were not seen as changes for the Cloud upload. Manage User Defined Fields screen: Removing a User Defined field resulted in a program crash. CLZ Barry Scanner: if a movie was edited before scanning, the scanned barcode was wrongly added to the previously edited movie. Main List: dates with unspecified day and “January" as month were displaying an incorrect year. No more "invalid XML" when uploading large collections, no more changes that keep recurring every sync.
No more starting from scratch in case of connection problems, just continue where you left off. Fully adaptive to the width of the details panel, to always make best use of the available space.
Sometimes “Manage Pick List” screen was crashing and it was not possible to open it anymore.
Upload Cover to CLZ Cloud: Replaced "Invalid Action" error with something more understandable. Instead, REMOVE the actor (bin icon), then ADD the other actor using the "Search box" at the top of the actor table.
Add new entries using a new search box above the table, that auto-filters the pick lists as you type.Then select one of your existing Actors, or click "Add Actor" to add the actor to your actor list. Directly edit First and Last Names in the table, without opening the Manage Pick Lists screen.
Or click the Edit (pencil) button in front of a name to directly edit the item inside the Manage Pick Lists screen.

The Manage Pick Lists screen will automatically select the entry that was selected in the Edit screen.
The layouts of all tabs in the Edit Movie screens are now adapting to fit the size of the screen. Checkbox list and multi-value grids get higher (and wider) when increasing the size of your Edit screen.
Use the blue folder button and choose "Title First Letter" to group your movies on the first letter of their title.
Synchronise with CLZ Cloud: “Upload new fields first” message was displaying even with a new empty database.
After scanning a barcode, add automatically screen was not displaying the barcodes tab view. Makes the Edit Movie screen open automatically after adding a new movie using the Add Movie Automatically screen.
Templates: User Defined date fields were not displaying in your configured System Date Format. Some changes to prepare for the upcoming 2.0 versions of Connect, the public CLZ Cloud pages and the Core site.
User Defined Fields: Fields without field name would crash the app when opening the “Manage User Defined Fields” screen or the edit screen. CLZ Cloud syncing: When down syncing, the CLZ MediaID was sometimes incorrectly displayed as a change. Edit item names and other properties directly in the item list screen, no need to open the Edit screen. Exit Edit Mode by clicking the same button again and the screen will refresh to reflect your changes. Main List: When using Cmd + R to select a random movie, the same sequences of movies would be selected each time.
Use the new Manage User Defined Field screen (Tools menu) to create your own data fields, of any type, in any order and as many as you want. Define your own "Header" name, which is used as the tab name in the Edit screens and as the header in the template. Any existing User Defined fields from the old version will automatically be converted into the new version (only fields that actually contain data). Person entries with ID zero could occur in the database, causing problems when Exporting to CLZ Movies. On top of that, it avoids having to load the long list of names, making the Edit screen much faster. Edit Movie screen now opens much faster, especially on large databases with many actors and crew members. Edit Movie: Possible data corruption problems when clicking “Next” and “Previous” buttons extremely quickly.
Edit Movie: 'Storage Device’ field was not saving new values when immediately clicking OK afterwards. Templates: Trailer videos now play with using the YouTube HTML5 player instead of the Adobe Flash player. Clearly showing the identifying movie information near the top (Title, Year, IMDb link, Director, Cast). Toggle between Front and Back with the "flip" icon that appears when hovering over the cover image.
Responsive design makes the template usable and good looking, whatever the width of your Preview panel is.
The Edition tab holds the new multi-value Format box, plus other package and release related fields. Starting with this build, Movie Collector is NOT COMPATIBLE with OS X 10.5 (Leopard) anymore.
When "Get Title From Filename" was selected, items were not sorted alphabetically but grouped by folders.
The popup "Item is already existing in the database" was incorrectly showing up when linking to an existing item.

When switching the "Get Title From:" radio buttons, the "Select All" selection was not preserved. The Preview for the first item wasn't automatically loaded when opening the window for the first time.
Or, link the found movie files to existing movie or episode entries in your movie database.
Choose the File Type on the top right, and the screen will automatically show the missing files.
Select the file links you want to repair, then choose the Automatic or Manual method of setting the new file path. The Format value "Blu-ray Disc" was locally hard-coded with lowercase "r", consequently a new "Blu-Ray Disc" lookup-item was added when using Add Auto for new movies.
Preferences: after switching between hours and minutes format, not all main table rows were updated (on Snow Leopard).
Directly edit text fields (like Title), choose from a dropdown for picklist fields (like Format), use a checklist for multi-value fields (like Genre) or pick a date from a calendar for date fields.
Previously, unlocking the trial edition into the licensed Standard or Pro edition was done by entering a License Name and License Key into the software. Starting with the Cobalt versions, the only thing you need to do is login to the software with your CLZ Account (if you haven't done so already for cloud syncing). We have improved the look of the Images View in the main screen, you know, the one that shows the cover image thumbnails. For each field, choose from: "Leave as is", "Update empty fields" or "Replace current data". Blockz comes in three styles: Collectorz Colors, Backdrop and the easy-on-the-eye Dark style. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Meanwhile, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 3, and rejoins the battle, but can still barely keep up with Broly. Broly attempts to attack him, but is stopped by Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, who attempts to distract him but is defeated. Submit to Core lets your upload your local data for a movie to the "Report to Core" form on the website and use that to fix or enhance our central Core data.
Both the Upload to CLZ Cloud and Submit to Core features now automatically resize images to within 750x750 pixels when uploading.
Goku (in his child form), fights desperately against Broly, but is quickly knocked across the city. While Broly is surprised by their fusion, he still easily outmaneuvers them, claiming he is even stronger than Goku.
Broly smashes him through several buildings, then flies over, only to be met with a Double Kamehameha. As Broly gloats, he looks up as the Spirit Bomb strikes him, destroying him completely, and presumably destroying the city and Z-Fighters as well.
The new "any website" option should mainly be used for DVDs or Blu-rays that are not "movies", e.g. Meanwhile, Vegeta appears and transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, wishing to defeat Broly himself.
After knocking Broly around for a bit, Gogeta decides that he needs to get rid of Broly for good.

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