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Adobe has announced the release of new photo editing software in the form of their latest Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 and Premiere Elements 14, that now include 4K Ultra HD support and editing tools to help make your video and image footage even better.
For more information on the new Adobe software jump over to the official website for details. ScreenFlow's advanced algorithms only encode areas of change on your screen, so you can capture your entire screen with the highest quality and keep your file sizes low. ScreenFlow actions make it very quick and easy to modify parameters of your screencast over time.
Add professional touches to your videos with built in transitions, annotations, text, audio & video filters, chroma key, screen recording highlights, callouts (mouse, window, freehand) and much, much more.
ScreenFlow’s intuitive interface allows even those with no video editing experience to start creating epic content in minutes.
For anyone creating multiple videos, batch export saves time by letting you export multiple files to the same settings simultaneously. Developed and backed by more than 15 years of transcoding experience, Telestream ScreenFlow offers superior technology, with ongoing development and professional support. Try screencasting with a free trial of ScreenFlow, or buy now and start creating your own perfect screencasts today. Some tips simply involve holding the device in a different manner, some call for adding a bit of gear to the mix, and some involve taking a more professional type approach to shooting altogether. One of the iPhone’s strengths can also prove to be a bit of a drawback when trying to capture high quality video. Physically move into a position to get the shot you’re looking for without having to zoom at all.
Make quick photo edits, create movies in a snap, add artistic touches like a pro or transform your photos and videos to wow friends and family.

Make scrapbook pages and cards to share lasting memories. Bring style to your movies with cool effects, transitions, themes, titles and more. For example, adding a video action lets you put zoom & pan effects to your clips, while the audio action lets you adjust volume at different points in your screencast. Add mouse click effects, adjust the mouse pointer size, and display any keys pressed during your screen recordings.
Recent iPhone cameras have even put a dent in the point-and-shoot market, taking the decision of “what camera should I bring?” right out of the mix. The iPhone camera includes a powerful digital zoom feature, which allows a shooter to zoom right in on the action. Caption tracks can be created in multiple languages and can also be exported separately as an SRT file. ScreenFlow will publish directly to your destination and save a local copy on your computer. Most often, the best camera is right there in our pocket.While grabbing a quick clip on the fly is a great way to capture a moment, it’s possible to get better video results out of an iPhone camera. This is a great feature and one to be used here and there, but when the goal is the highest quality video possible the digital zoom will decrease image quality the further zoomed in it gets. So, why do most of us still default to shooting portrait format video on our iPhones with the phone upright? Dylan Postl plays the iconic title leprechaun character, co-starring with Stephanie Bennett, Melissa Roxburgh, Andrew Dunbar, and Brendan Fletcher.Leprechaun Origins hits theaters soon on August 26th. This is because the zoom isn’t optical - digital zoom simply enlarges the image being captured. Well, it’s easy.Luckily, it’s just as easy to turn that phone on it’s side and capture video in landscape format!

Keep focusing on the memories — Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements will make them look great. Stick with CraveOnline for more interviews on Leprechaun Origins and other upcoming films from Comic-Con 2014!
Therefore, the best possible image quality is when the zoom isn’t used at all.This is a great opportunity to practice using some technique in getting the best shot possible. It will look better, offer more options to frame a shot better, and will be infinitely more watchable after shooting. If you’re planning on editing your video and playing it back on a computer or television, you’ll be glad you took that extra second to turn the phone on it’s side.Step 3. Get Stable!While handheld shooting can lead to some very cool shots, stable shots - handheld and otherwise - make for far more watchable video.
Luckily, there are many tools out there to make an iPhone tripod-mountable, or stabilized when shooting handheld. Some even allow for additional accessories to be mounted to the iPhone, such as lights, lenses, microphones and more.Our favorite is the iOgrapher. We just haven’t found one that can do everything the iOgrapher can.Some of these tips might seem like common sense, or like we’re missing a tip or two.

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