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If you haven’t seen the other episodes on how to get started with YouTube marketing, click the tabs below to get started. YouTube is a video sharing platform that is also one of the biggest search engines – second only to Google. In this YouTube Marketing Mini Series, I want to show you exactly, how you can tap into YouTube marketing from A to Z, even if you haven’t shot a single video in your life. The biggest concern most people (especially complete newbies) have, when it comes to YouTube marketing, is that they don’t feel confident and comfortable standing in front of the camera. Well, the good news is that you can tap into YouTube traffic without having to be in the limelight and you’ll discover exactly how by the end of this mini series. Like I said, YouTube is an extremely powerful platform that receives on average over 15 billion visitors per month.
There are many ways you can go about making money on YouTube, such as through product reviews, video ads, launch jacking, branding and so on.
Once you follow each step that I’m about to share with you to a T and get your videos ranking correctly in the search engines, traffic will pour in on complete autopilot. I have broken down this YouTube Marketing mini-series into 4 parts to show you step by step how to get started with YouTube marketing. In the first part, I want to take you through how to actually get started with YouTube marketing and do your market research properly.
For example, you’ll need to know whether there are products to promote in your chosen niche and also what sort of videos your target audience likes to watch.
In the second part, I’ll show you the different types of videos you can create and what to do if you are camera shy. This part is all about setting up your videos to be ranked on YouTube and we will also talk about how to monetize your YouTube videos. In the last part, I want to share with you strategies that can directly affect your conversions, like how to build up your channel presence and also how to rank your YouTube videos on Google.
First, you need to set up a Google Account, before you’re able to create a YouTube account. Next, you need to click on the little man figure on the top right hand corner and then hit ‘YouTube Setting’. On the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter a name for your channel and choose a category. When it comes to building YouTube channels, you can either create one giant channel and upload all your videos on there to really boost your channel authority, or you can create multiple Google Accounts and create many different channels, so that you don’t keep all your eggs in one basket in case one of your channels gets banned. Once you have set up your account, there’ll be a pop up on the right hand corner to take a tour around your YouTube channel, if you like.
From the underlying impression to a complete perspective, we've saw that each snippet of video drives esteem. Every video promotion was assessed twice on distinctive inquiries assembled inside four inventive measurements: early introductions, marking, informing and video highlights. To better see how imaginative components sway brand performance, The model consolidated the innovative components labeled by raters and could represent 82% of the variety in Ad Recall scores.
As portable develops the ways individuals draw in with video, advertisers ought to consider the extraordinary open doors nourish based situations like Facebook give. Plan on account of the screen, Video permits advertisers to recount a story, inspire feelings and interface with individuals regardless of the screen size.

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Smart City solution providers will face challenges in increasing network load due to the huge amounts of video data flowing through their networks. To meet the challenges of server-based analytics we can have distributed architecture for video analytics. The server would be configurable to set the conditions in the recorder for the alarm system. A major challenge in the solution would be concerning the accuracy of the algorithms and the reduction of false alarms.
Every year, a number of employees get injured or lose their lives due to accidents at workplaces. As we look at this data, workplace safety training is a must and it also makes solid business sense as it reduces accident-related absenteeism, loss of productivity, medical costs and huge legal penalties.
We can show the causes for accidents, prone situations and the precautionary measures to be taken in videos.
Info-graphics projects the dos and don’ts of safety in a precise, clear and visually appealing manner to learners.
Infographics are also helpful for learners to use safety equipment like fire extinguishers. In safety training, scenario based learning is used to introduce risk-based circumstances and support them to find the possible threats and make them to think best suitable solutions. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says, employers that implement effective safety and health management systems may expect to significantly reduce injuries and illnesses and minimize the costs associated with them. Whether you want to apply free or paid traffic methods, YouTube is a powerful platform to leverage both for beginners and advanced marketers.
It is no surprise that YouTube is the third most popular site worldwide (after Facebook and Google).
Let’s briefly break down the content of the next episodes, so you have an overview of what to expect. This is not the most exciting topic on Earth; however, it is easily the most important aspect, when it comes to doing any sort of marketing online. On top of that, I’ll walk you through some awesome strategies to convert visitors into repeat customers and loyal fans. I’ll show you how to beef it up really soon in the next episodes and you’ll discover more on how to get started with YouTube marketing!
What's more, with more than 100 million hours of video being expended on Facebook each day, advertisers have a chance to create their portable messages through video in ways that better meet to goals. To impersonate the versatile News Feed encounter, the raters initially viewed the initial 10 seconds of the video advertisement with sound killed.
Innovative outline because of the screen requires seeing how individuals cooperate with substance on whatever screen it might be and the extraordinary imaginative changes that must take after. Be that as it may, video content improvement should be drawn nearer in light of the screen. For cost-effective analytics, distributed architecture with user control is just the right solution required.
According to the press release dated Sept 17, 2015 of the US Department of Labor, fatal work injuries gone up by 2 per cent in 2014, when it compared to previous year.

To make these things true, choosing right instructional design techniques for safety training is crucial. This strategy reduced accidents and claim counts by 45 per cent at Pep Boys, a full-service automotive aftermarket retail chain in Philadelphia, PA. Digital characters can be used to introduce the causes or hazards and guide the learners throughout the training. This type of presentation eliminates the complexity of large amounts of data and simplifies them in to useful insights. Framing these scenarios can be based on real incidents happened in the past are helpful for learners to appropriate their prior knowledge. Safe culture at work can be promoted through skillfully-designed training courses that eliminate risks, protect lives, and improve efficiency.
An efficient Facebook promotion can have an immense effect on a conceivably gigantic gathering of people. Next, for a more inside and out assessment of the video promotions, the raters viewed the initial 30 seconds of the video with sound turned on. Individuals have an exceptional collaboration with portable food, and advertisers ought to remember the sound environment and briskness of versatile food when creating inventive. In Smart Cities with varying applications of video analytics solutions in fields such as security systems, utilities operators, and emergency response systems, it gives users a simple way to pick the feed they would like, instrument the analysis they want, and report the way they require in a simple-configurable manner. I believe that sustainable business outcomes are driven by relationships nurtured through values like trust, transparency and flexibility. On an average, 13 workers die every day on the job, and this is almost 90 a week and 4,679 a year. These avatars, vector images or characters help overcome the absence of physical instructor in a virtual environment and get the attention of learners. Shooting the real videos relevant to the set context will imprint the learning, so that they can never forget while they work. Lengthy videos can distract the learners attention and turns to be boring some times, so keeping the videos as short as possible to convey the key take away in a bite-sized manner maximizes the impact. Thus, video promotions on News Feed need to convey the brand to the front to catch individuals' consideration rapidly and be justifiable paying little mind to sound by utilizing subtitles or other visual procedures. Gamified training programs engage uninterested learners too, because of the game elements in the online course. The most grounded Ad Recall scores happened when video promotion innovative showcased the items or administrations, included discussions and brand interfaces and got the message crosswise over briefly with the appropriate measure of data.
This approach allows the learner to involve and succeeds to impart the competitive spirit and slowly imbibe relevant learning. For example, showing right and wrong postures at workplace with multiple vector images in ergonomics training can increase the productivity of employees at workplace.

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