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We are a global web design and development company based in Milton Keynes with over 6 years experience, with a key focus on delivering affordable technological solutions.
At BSS Web Solutions, we offer end-to-end web design and development that aim to be dynamic, innovative and creative products to support your business.
Our technical capabilities enable us to deliver development of every complexity: from straight-forward scripts to complex business applications. Every time you sit at your PC to write an email, put a picture in your mind of your ideal customer in your head.
When you look at every piece of written email from their point of view, it will be that much more relevant. Think of  a MINIMUM of one thing your readers will walk away with after reading your emails. It can be a practical, actionable tip they can use right away, or it can be a complete guide – an in-depth article – they can bookmark and use whenever they need it. If you develop the habit of rewarding your people, with every email, they then come to trust you. Everyones email inboxes are very crowded spaces and it’s very hard to get peoples attention. Depending on what your audience wants, and by experimenting, you’ll discover what format works best for you.
These are like a drama scene in the movies, the scene just before the break that has you sitting on the edge of your freaking seat. When writing your emails, you can create open loops by referring to something you’ll talk about in the next follow up email. When you send out an email, just keep in mind not everyone will see it, or read it because people are just busy. Every time someone subscribes to your list, they’re doing this because they feel you can soften their fears or help them fulfill their desires. Spend time on online forums, create surveys, read book reviews on Amazon, and read industry trade magazines. Studies show that a large number of your audience is checking their emails on their cell phones.
If somebody signs up to your email list, means they are very interested in hearing from you. By not contacting them immediately with a thank you email, or don’t email them again for a long time, they will simply lose interest and excitement hearing from you.
So create a series of autoresponder emails that start sending messages when someone signs up to your list.
People subscribe to so many email lists that if you don’t email them consistently, they will forget who you are, and how you got their address at all.
Pay strict attention to your readers behaviour If you send too early in the morning, it might get lost amongst a flood of emails coming in. Let people know that you’re a real person behind your PC, and that you genuinely want to hear from them , and that their input matters and is very important. Give them a proper address to respond to and not a rubbish looking thing that bounces off every message when they try to get back to you.

If your email subscribers are not feeling valued, they won’t be inclined to open your emails. An example of one of the emails I personally use (and have had great success with) is the walkaway email. Essentially, you’re sending a final email which suggests you will close their email acct and delete them off your list if you do not hear back from them.
Our email marketing solution is integrated to Zoho CRM, allowing you to manage and segment your contacts in Zoho CRM and import them to the email marketing solution in a few clicks. CRM Asia Solutions provide a number of email templates as part of their email marketing services and can help adjust your email template to strategically focus your audiences' attention on what matters to your business. Use your email to draw your target audience to your website to further advertise your products and services. For each of your email lists, all users who have unsubscribed are added to the unsubscribed list. BSS Web Solutions technical expertise will power your online business by taking advantage of multiple languages, databases and advanced programming.
If it did, anybody could go out, buy a list of a few thousand people and become a millionaire. When you think about writing your content through their eyes, it will have more impact and resonate more with people fitting your ideal customer profile. Your readers will know that there is a real person writing these emails rather than business entity that they can’t connect with.
If you follow all the tips in this post, you lay the right foundation to build yourself a very successful Email marketing campaign. You goal is to have a conversation with them and are honestly interested in what they have to say. The reason, what makes it unmissable is that it comes on the exact same day, and the exact same time. This trick is sometimes  called a tension loop for the tension and anticipation it creates. You can also create a weekly digest and send links to your best content to encourage people to click open.
You spend so much time creating that content that it’s a shame if people don’t get to see it just because the timing is not right. People report that sometimes one subject line greatly outperforms the other one – Sometimes more than double the first time.
The way to do this is to constantly keep working on understanding your audience at a deeper level – even more than they know themselves. If you attract people who don’t fit your ideal reader and then try to email them on a topic they don’t really find interesting, no matter how much effort you put into your process, it won’t work. Create the right sign-up freebie and install a double opt-in to make sure people don’t subscribe others without their permission and you’ll get higher quality subscribers from the start. These people are high maintenance, even more unforgiving then the people who are opening them on desktop. This will ensure that people remember you and get used to receiving and opening emails from you.
If you send emails to people in the early evening, and they are working professionals, this might be something that only gets in their way of getting home.

I appreciate that you are busy and I don’t want to waste your time, but if you could let me know if this is something you are open to discussing, I would appreciate it as i would love to have the opportunity to understand your requirements. Some of them are strategies which will give you instant results while others work towards building a solid foundation and will give you results over time. This lists all bad email addresses along with the bounce code which will help you identify the error.
Although alot of people think each email could potentially appeal to every type of customer, this is not the case.
What I mean is that you have to become proactive and be on the lookout for anything that will be of value,and beneficial to your reader. Something that makes them feel heard and that they truly feel that you understand them and really care about them. They won’t feel like you only email for your own selfish reasons (to make a sale) and it keeps them front and center while creating good content. Ask yourself if what you say in your emails, is really how you talk,and does it sound like you? You get so used to seeing them that your mind expects to see those cast of the show again and again, on the same day, at the same time. Don’t use something because everybody else in your industry is doing it or it will become same ol’ same ol’ and this won’t work for you very well.
However, make sure to always deliver on your promise or this tactic will just come across as a joke,and gimmick. By getting them to click and open your emails regularly, you are creating a habit in their brain. You can insert a blog text which tells,and shows them which company this email is coming from and when they subscribed.
Just let people know that in a relationship with you, not only will you be sending pure information but they should expect to receive promotional emails.
They get on their seats anticipating hearing from you, and that really helps in reaching alot more of your audience. When you are more upfront from the get go, you will attract the right kind of people, and you will gain immediate interest in your emails. If you continue to email regularly, there’s a huge chance, that they will stick with the habit of opening your messages on a consistent basis.
This means that when you launch something new or start promoting a product, people still find value in all your emails. We use the most efficient and cost-effective methods to save you money and get your message out there. High Rate of Response: Email generates high rates of response compared to other marketing methods.

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