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Employer brandingEmployer branding: definitieEmployer branding is het sturen van je bedrijfsimago tot een geweldige plek om te werken.
We’ve been talking a lot in recent weeks about how to improve your employer branding. Thankfully, the wonderful folks over at Officevibe created the below infographic with 12 mind-blowing stats that will really drive the message home. For instance, did you know that employee turnover can be reduced by almost one-third just by investing in employer branding? Or that you have less than 10 days to attract and close the best candidates before they are off the market?
Or that 2 out of every 3 candidates think interacting with existing employees is the best way to find out what a company is really like?
Check out the infographic for more eye-opening statistics that show why an employer branding strategy is critical. This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee engagement survey software to help companies improve morale. The Employer Brand Experience, the educational course by Reinventa Dee Oceans, is Learning by doing! Davide Scialpi will be holding a Master Class on the Employer Brand Management at Tiblisi, Georgia, The Marketing House! This post is to simply tell you that in a couple of weeks I will be in Georgia, at Tiblisi. After interviewing Diego Marini from BNL BNP Paribas, We decided to involve another trainer taking part of our event course. D: What are the must-know do's and don'ts to succeed when interviewing for open jobs at The Boston Consulting Group? D: How important is the touch points management with job seekers for BCG and how do you manage that during the candidate experience?
Dopo il successo del Workshop Internazionale Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR, Il 7 e 8 Maggio 2013 a Milano va in scena la seconda iniziativa targata Employer Branding Revolution ( Il network community piu autorevole nel campo dell'employer branding a livello mondiale) .
La sessione formativa si intitola THE EMPLOYER BRAND EXPERIENCE - HOW TO BUILD A WINNING EMPLOYER BRAND STRATEGY e in occasione del DAY2 prevede per tutti i partecipanti che vi si iscrivono un paio di ore di formazione esperenziale pratica per migliorare anche le proprie capacita di public speaking. Il 7 e 8 Maggio 2013 a Milano presso Blend Tower, Piazza 4 Novembre, SIMONE MAGGIO sara uno dei nostri special trainer.

DS: Diego, as we know, you will be special trainer for Empoyer Branding Revolution next 8th of May in Milan, Could you please reveal us and share with us some points of your presentation in occasion of DAY2? DS: What does it mean being Talent Acquisition Strategy Manager in BNL BNP PARIBAS and what does it mean working at BNL BNP PARIBAS from your personal point of view ?
You might need it laid out in black and white (or pink and turquoise!) to really see how employer branding makes a difference to your business and bottom line.
I will be holding a 7 hours Master Class on how to manage the enterprise employer brand strategies in the digital era from a glocal perspective. A 7 hours presentation on how to set, plan and implement an employer branding strategy today in such turbolent times. The interview is the time where we could understand the fit between the candidate and the firm, and vice versa. Polish guys are very direct in asking questions about salaries, working hours, lifestyle – Italians seem more interested in the Firm's values, work environment and growth opportunities. Questa volta trattasi di un Corso di Formazione Professionale di 2 giorni sui temi dell'employer branding e che vede coinvolte come eccellenze nel campo aziende di prim'ordine come THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP, Societa di Consulenza Strategica tra le piu quotate al mondo, BANCA NAZIONALE DEL LAVORO - BNP PARIBAS, tra le banche piu prestigiose al mondo, LINKEDIN, Il social network professionale n1 al mondo nonche specialisti della comunicazione e della formazione come SERENELLA PANARO, business and career coach presso l'Universita di Trento, DAVIDE SCIALPI, Esperto e leader di pensiero internazionale sui temi del marketing e la comunicazione digitale per il branding e dell'employer branding. In altre parole, esercizi e pratiche per migliorare le proprie capacita di comunicazione verbali e non verbali, alquanto essenziali e indispensabili per un manager che oggi piu che mai si trova ad interfacciarsi quotidianamente con attuali e potenziali dipendenti che rappresentano nel contempo anche potenziali clienti nonche stakeholder dell'azienda di cui si fa parte. That’s a pleasure to us. To start, In just a few words, could you please tell us more about which strenghts of your professionalism have permitted to you to reach the goal of being Talent Acquisition Strategy Manager at BNL BNP PARIBAS Group ?
Answering your question, you know I have a background in Management Consulting (about 7 years of experience there), where I faced several and various subjects, with a focus on HR&Organization ones. We are facing with a dynamic and changing market and it is important that people are ready to approach with new methods, new subjects, new ways of work in order to positively answer to the organization needs. For a successful Total Employer Branding Strategy all these components should be accurately managed.
To have an opportunity to develop deep Talent Management & Acquisition skills and HR ones in general, to feel free to propose my own innovative projects and to be sponsored by the top management, considering BNL as a pure innovator in the Financial Services industry.
During our recruiting process we try to find "well rounded profiles": you should be strong in problem solving, analytics and logic, but also a team player with excellent listening skills, very curious and creative.
Don't be shy and ask questions, enjoy this moment with BCGers and try to imagine your future with us! It will nearly be a 2 DAYS Educational Course about How to build a winning employer brand strategy!.

This experience helped me to become really flexible and able to face with everyday different tasks with creativity and passion, trying to develop new competencies in the faster possible way.
It means also to be part of a solid international banking group where mobility is considered as one of the main steps for the professional growth of an employee. Niet enkel het aantal maar ook de kwaliteit van spontane sollicitaties kan zienderogen groeien.
It's named The Employer Brand Experience, it will take place in Milan at Blend Tower on May 7th and 8th and it will involve successful trainers and specialists as well as well-known companies and organizations: LINKEDIN, BNL BNP PARIBAS, THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP, UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO, SERENELLA PANARO, REINVENTA DEE OCEANS, SIMONE MAGGIO. So, my journey in Management Consulting surely supported me and my professional profile to be “attracted” by a great international Group as BNP Paribas, specifically in BNL, an excellent environment where innovation is a strategic “must”. As Talent Acquisition Strategy Manager I really feel I have a mission: to find and attract the best talents in the market, talents for a changing world, using method and a "project" approach for each open position to be covered. In addition, by myself, I think I am energetic, pro active, reliable and love changes and challenges, I think these attitudes helped me too.
To succeed you should try to be always yourself, considering your attitudes as a treasure and applying them to the environment you are working in, of course adapting as needed. Dreams have to be a goal for you and you should hardly work to obtain what you want, think that everything is possible. Het gewenste imago en de EVP (Employee Value Proposition) spelen hierbij een cruciale rol.
When you are yourself and you are following your dreams you will surely deliver excellent results. Het is belangrijk je employer branding op te bouwen rond thema's die mee de gewenste perceptie van je merk vorm geven. Klanten vroegen de voorbije jaren meer en meer om de werknemers als doelgroep duidelijk apart te bekijken en ervoor te zorgen dat de merkstrategie ook hierop van toepassing kon zijn.

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