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In case you missed it, there seems to be a large progress on the upcoming 3DS emulator for PC. This 3DS emulator seems to be progressing at a rapid pace considering the fact that development on it started recently.
The 3DS emulator still has a long way to go but it is nice to see that it is progressing at a rapid pace. Any estimated date when it would be able to Run Pokemon X Y Perfectly i already got Pokemon Y .3DS Rom no emulator yet but. I mentioned something similar to someone else and what I think it is; is just getting more money. Also i’d like to add that gaming in Nintendo is a completely different experience, no PC at that time would give those features(motion sensing, 3d etc) found on a Nintendo Console at the same time.
I believe that it’s VERY possible for all gaming to go more PC hybrid, very easily- they just want the extra money. I like a lot of Microsoft’s moves on this front- they are starting to get into the position where they can port most of their gaming to the PC easily enough and even cross play it. With these features, the Vrvana Totem VR Headset defines itself as a true player in the industry. And in any case, not wanting to buy a Nintendo system to play Nintendo games, does not excuse Piracy.
And some people don’t want to pay 300$ extra for a console to play the game they want.
I own many PSP games and I have to say that playing them years later on PPSSPP emulator that ACTUALLY RENDERS IN HD (or 4K with Nvidia DSR, etc), on a big screen with a nice big controller with remappable buttons is a MUCH more enjoyable experience. Hell, I bought MHFU AGAIN on my PSVita (owned it originally on PSP) because THAT was a better experience than the PSP due to the beautiful OLED screen and dual analogues. This emulator will be ready to play commercial games without problems in like what…a year? At this point Nintendo will already lose no money anymore if people start using a functional emulator.
Go back to mommy, and cry and complain long enough to get a 3DS and all the games you want, because you are one HELL of an ignorant little shit.
You must have missed the fact that Splatoon recently turned the third person arena shooter genre on its head.

It’s the kind of game that only immature little retards who identify their maturity by the games they play would prop up as some sort of genre-changing experience.
So, you think I’m supposed to be impressed that Splatoon has turned a non-existant genre on it’s head?
The sheer amount of things to do that aren’t repetetive nonsense makes Witcher 3 a genuine progressive game. Also, no, go fuck YOURSELF, because I wouldn’t swing your way no matter what my orientation. You lost the battle and the war the instant you started trying to claim there have been shooters exactly like Splatoon, by calling it plagiarized.
I never claimed there was shooters like Splatoon, they took the design and gameplay off of a game that was cancelled named Color wars. The emulator which is called Citra Emulator is now finally able to boot its first commercial game and it seems to be fully playable as can be seen in the video below. The developers have confirmed that the game that is shown in the video (Cave Story 3D) is fully playable + completable on the emulator, although there is no sound emulation yet. While it’s still slow (Citra is running a software renderer and CPU interpreter) the game appears to be fully playable and even completable!
What I don’t want to buy, however, is a separate machine to play portable video games, when there I already own technological devices that are powerful enough to play such games. They may be weak but the extra features on it is what makes Nintendo Stay in the race with the much more powerful PS and Xboxes and sometimes even outsell them. I won’t argue that sometimes Nintendo pulls out stops, but what they are doing is nothing new.
It allows the full emulation of controllers including the XBox, PlayStation, and USB mouse input devices, as well as non-game controls as well. Some people who already own the games just want to play the games we already have on our big screen in Full HD, or 4k for new experiences!
They either buy the most expensive computer they can, or have someone build a custom one, then they just wait for someone to develop an emulator for whatever system they want. I believe that in a way they are boning themselves due to how they are handling everything.
I bash Nintendo, so I instantly must love Destiny and play every CoD that stocks the shelves.

It doesn’t constantly give you summaries of random basic items like your beloved Nintendo loves doing. That it’s a plagiarized game that a bunch of Nintendo faggots think is good that revolutionized a non-existent genre? I know your vocabulary is limited, but sometimes when you have to choose between repeating a non-insult and saying nothing at all, the latter is a better idea. The series is now scheduled for a July 2015 premiere on Fuji TV's late-night Noitamina block. And also once a console is released, you wouldnt have to worry about getting upgrades for it now and then as any game which is released for it will work on it for atleast 6 years , PCs have their own advantages and so do Consoles, they are 2 different competitors in the world of Gaming. Xbox360 Shadow of Mordor is still buggy as hell even with the patches they released to try and fix some of the issues upon issues that are wrong with it. The modern consumer will only give away so much money before they realize that there’s really no point of buying the next console if they can make them- produce it for a PC hybrid or a PC system as well.
In other words, even if you have the best CPU and on the market and over 100 gigs of RAM, you’ll still lag. It supports a variety of 3D engines, including Unreal, Unity, Havok Vision, and the Cry Engine.
Maybe you should go tell Nintendo to get some new ideas and actually start being progressive, then I’ll give them my money. There are, like, three games I’m willing to buy for the 3DS, which is a terrible piece of hardware btw, and none of them are made by your rehash making politically correct downhill company.
I think it’s hilarious you think this game is somehow the mothership title of Nintendo or something. It is compatible with a variety of platforms, including various OSs (Windows, Mac, and Linux), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Every time I see link, I think about your ass calling me green and telling me you’re done, only to have me find a another rage filled notification in my email.
My main problem with how it’s set up is the consumer is currently buying into games that they only can be spread by the market.

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