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Summary: This is a lightweight alternative to the standard Facebook for android application which is very slow on some devices. Ideally, firms should develop marketing plans and strategies during the last quarter of the fiscal year. Real-Time Marketing Is Normal: Your firm is falling behind if you’re not talking on social media. Client Acquisition Strategies Need to Change: As your existing clients age, the number of referrals will decline. Master a Variety of Communication Channels: Your firm needs to move from traditional “batch-and-blast” methods to a communication plan that will enhance client relationships. Boost Client Segmentation Strategies: Advisors should drive beyond common segmentation approaches to reach deeper levels of client intimacy. The foundation of our Performance Coaching and Consulting Programs are based on Ironstone’s Fundamental 4™, which is essential to design, develop, and sustain a successful business. Ironstone is a learning and development consultancy with business acumen that translates across many industries.
Sure, there are other reasons but I’ve been speaking to many financial advisors (most of whom are friends from my days overseeing their firms while working at TDA) and bluntly put, many seem to procrastinate the Marketing idea.
I attended an educational session yesterday and learned that 65% of “buyers” will self educate through online research before engaging with a firm or company.
Give yourself permission to embrace your “already” creative self and move into a life of your own invention.

I am often called to consult with business owners about questions dealing with the structure or organization of their business entity. Use this app if for looking up something quickly, even with a very slow internet connection while you are on the move. Your ability to remain consistently open to change and to adapt to those changes is vital to the success of your firm.
Clients and prospects are out there looking for your information, product news, and answers to their questions.
You can accomplish this by determining what communication methods clients and prospects prefer and expect versus methods that are easiest for your firm. Position your firm to provide proactive service versus reactive by focusing your segmentation efforts on behavioral patterns, assets held outside of your firm, age, and net worth. Keep watching – we will be sharing marketing templates and worksheets that will help you create your plan. Our focus is on practice management strategies in order to enhance and improve both business and personal life. In the meantime please feel free to connect with us on social media and explore our blog posts. With more means to market your firm, it’s easy to get lost in knowing where to start and even easier to fall off track by wanting to do it all.
With the shift of assets from Baby Boomers to Millennials starting to take place, it is important for you to implement strategies that grab the attention of your next generation clients.

Learn more about client communication in our blog; 5 Ways to Improve Communication with Clients.
Your efforts will secure your firm with a competitive advantage and the potential to gain additional referrals.
Marketers need to up their game plan and know the costs to acquire new clients and the lifetime value they provide to the firm. We support professionals who want major and comprehensive improvements that look at all aspects not just an isolated area for change. Provide specific information that addresses the unique financial issues and challenges facing your clients. We have outlined enhanced client segmentation strategies in our blog; Gung Ho on Client Segmentation to Improve Satisfaction, Relationships, and Retention.
Ironstone has identified 4 key performance areas known as the Fundamental 4™, which are required to design, develop, and sustain a successful business. If writing isn’t for you or time constraints prevent you from writing, seek out other compliance approved resources and make them available to potential clients through a mixture of marketing channels. People want to see they are meeting a thought leader who maybe has a current actively updated Blog, or are on some of the Social Media sites, or maybe have been quoted in some publication, or have a video describing their services, etc.

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