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The main element in marketing any hair salon or day spa is to always make sure your promotion reach out to as many people that you can as fast as possible. Marketing and advertising methods will have to transform with the times if you wish to always be valuable. Supply your new clients a promo code with a couple of products and services your hair salon offer.
Recently, there have been plenty of online articles about the rise of advertising blockers, and the efforts of publishers who depend on advertising to stem them. Now, lets take the discussion to more traditional construction marketing areas; the free consult or (more blatantly), the free estimate. Alas, I don’t have a magical solution, and I am guilty of plenty of inconsistencies in my application of the rules of the game. For example, this website (and our companies’ regional publications, such as Chicago Construction News and Florida Construction News, receive plenty of press releases from AEC businesses (often using for-fee agencies) seeking publicity for their announcements. The traditional concept of editorial integrity is that the news section should be totally free and advertising and advertising-supported material should be clearly marked or presented as boxed advertising or advertorial.

One thing is certain, if a non-advertising PR person becomes persistent, to the point of following up with emails and phone calls, I’ll refer that individual directly to our advertising sales department. In one of the most extreme examples of this process, a PR agency pitched a contractor’s charitable deeds, with an extensive and detailed article.
If, having read this, you are scratching your head about free or not-so-free, I’ll conclude with some observations that may help you define your own rules. Having these kinds of hair salon marketing and advertising ideas will turn to become of tremendous profit to your hair salon in the efforts to improve your hair salon business. These ideas have been around for years and there are plenty of observers who suggest you shouldn’t do this sort of stuff if you want to make any money.
But the pure application of this practice would lead to some really unfair gaming — PR agencies would plant all the stuff they want (paid for their services) while the paying advertisers¬†would suffer,¬†as the editorial content almost inevitably has higher readership and effectiveness than anything displayed as advertising.
Give a reasonable percentage of your time to community associations and charities, and you can allocate additional time and resources for the associations and charities where your current and potential clients associate. Providing extensive drawings and workplans as part of a free estimate won’t do you much good if the potential client then shops it around or does the work him or herself.

While growing your spa your goal has to be about getting in more customers, and also establishing a positive connection with your current recurring consumers. While online media is different from traditional print, where you can post an unlimited amount of content, we still have constraints, such as the maximum five articles in our weekly eletters. Networking and freely sharing your observations with others who provide absolutely nothing in return, over a prolonged period of time, simply drains you and leaves you with empty pockets, and an empty spirit. If you do, you are sharing your ideas for free, of course, and I’ll respond with free respect and consideration.
We’ve got great salon promotion tools like coupon card, spa postcard, salon flyer and a host of additional spa or salon business promotion resources you can employ in order to improve your customer base and instantly maximize profits.

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