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GIF Maker is a free online video to GIF converter tool provided by a very popular website, called Giphy.
If you are signed in to your Giphy account, options to make your GIF private and public will also be visible. You can also access ADVANCED tab using which you will be able to download your GIF and copy its URL.
Here you'll learn about hottest apps & software, visit top destinations on the Net, and laugh at our funny discoveries. Online tools make it easy to create awesome and funny animated GIF images which you can use almost anywhere on the web. Here we put the best websites (web tools) to create free animated GIF images from images or video clips and it’s nice to use fascinating animated GIF images in your social profiles as an avatar or put on Pinterest, Twitter, Google plus, Flickr and other social platforms which support GIF images and make the web more interesting.
GIFPAL is an advanced online GIF animation tool which offers various customization options and you can also draw and add text to your GIF images.
It allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and add cool & nice photo effects and you can control each frame in the GIF to make it look the way you want. LooFix is an animator that let you easily create GIF animations, control frame speed,image size and adding some cool effects like zoom, painting, movement, shadow, movie etc. It has a simple user interface, you can upload multiple images at once, control options let you control GIF image size, speed and it also allows you to add music from YouTube by entering the music URL, thought it only support YouTube music. These GIF creators helps to create some fascinating GIFs from your photos or video clips and don’t forget to share your favourites in comments.
Here is new gif maker which supports text, videos, gifs, webcam videos, svg shapes, background color, gradient, photos and option to create gif or video.
If you have enough network bandwidth, you can cut a video on the cloud without needing to download and install any software. VLC media player is a popular all-in-one multimedia player which is free, open source and supports almost all video and audio formats, it natively supports Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Linux. is an online application for creating high quality animated GIFs without watermark from up to 20 pictures without registration. This powerful online application will create a GIF from video in various popular formats: 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, etc.

With Make-Animation, you can generate a GIF from photos on your Facebook account or local hard drive, it enables to change the frame order, duration time, animation speed, background color, image size and fit mode, you can even add rounded corners to the GIF image. It lets you upload a series of still images in jpg, png or gif format and create a GIF from them, you can change their orders, delete a certain frame, specify the width, height, speed and loop number and finally generate the animated GIF quickly.
The free online conversion utility allows to convert any video to various video and audio formats including MP3, WAV, OGG, AVI, MOV, 3GP, MP4, etc. Furthermore, BenderConverter allows to make a high-quality animated GIF from the video you uploaded, or turn it into continuous still images in jpg format, which can be used to create a GIF with any GIF maker.
If you prefer to generate a GIF animation from video without transfer it to the cloud, and your operating system is Windows or Linux, then you could try this approach. First split a video into separate images with MPlayer, then assemble them into a single animated GIF with GIMP.
Gickr is an online animated GIF creator that could generate GIF from up to ten pictures, however, the maximum width of the final GIF is limited to 450 pixels. ImgFlip enables to upload a movie clip from your hard disk or any remote server, once it’s uploaded, you can change the size, FPS( frames per second ), speed and the duration of the video. Lunapic Online Photo Editor is an online image editing software, it lets you edit ( crop, resize, rotate… ) your image online and add various effects to it.
Toolson GIF Maker allows to upload multiple images at one time, once you have uploaded some pictures, you can drag and drop them to change their orders, delete unnecessary frames, or append more new frames.
Bloggif allows to upload a movie from your computer and convert it to GIF animation online, the output image quality is fairly good, but the maximum width of the final GIF is capped to 400px, and the maximum number of frames allowed is 50, additionally, a watermark will be added to the bottom right corner of the image. Now scroll down the webpage to access the options available for generating the animated GIF.
Graphics Interchange Format or GIF images express feelings so easily that even instant messenger smiles are made as GIFs. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. And, one of the great thing about using online animators is that you can access them anywhere, any time, even without installing any software program on your PC, smartphone or tablet. GIFPAL provide most of the photo editing tools to make GIF images looks impressive with added cool effects like a Photoshop pro do.

You can directly enter the URL of video file from the web like YouTube videos or upload yourself and, you can directly create GIF images at imgflip without signup.
It provides animated text, GIF slideshows, 3D cube, glitter, pop art picture and other similar tools to make your photos look awesome.
You not only can create GIF images but you can also add some funny and cool animated effects to images. It’s a good tool if you want to put your photos in a single GIF animated file which you can put as an online avatar, share on Facebook or any other place you like. You can change the canvas size, increase or decrease the animation speed, resort the frame order and preview the output animation instantly before conversion on its user friendly interface. To remove watermark from the final GIF image, you must sign up with Facebook or Twitter at first. The maximum size allowed is 600 x 400 px, the valid Fps range is .01 to 30, it should be sufficient in most cases. Unlike other GIF maker websites, which convert the full video to GIF, this tool lets you select the start time and duration for the GIF.
When your GIF is ready, you can publish it to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other social networking accounts. Today, we’ll learn how to make a GIF out of photos and a YouTube video without any software installations. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). You also need to take care of the size of the input video, which must not be greater than 100 MB and length should be under 15 minutes. All images should have the same dimensions (height and width), otherwise black bars will be added to smaller images or they will be stretched to fit the bigger ones. However, public image are complicated to delete.To sum it up, MakeaGif is a great substitute for Gifninja.

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