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With the help of these free PSD editors, you can easily edit PSD files and several other major image formats. FireAlpaca is a free image editing software that allows you to open and edit PSD files and other file formats like Bitmap, JPEG, etc. Virtual Studio is a free image editing software that let’s you edit images with the help of various available tools. Magix Photo Designer is another free image editing software which helps you to modify images in the best possible way. So, these 4 are some of the good free PSD editors available out there that let you edit PSD images for free.
Houston ChronicleQ: Do you know of a way I can scan paper documents to my computer that will let me edit them in something like Microsoft Word? Deccan ChronicleBarra has also stated that an original copy of the same photo has been uploaded to the MIUI forums, which fans can download and have a look themselves. BetterJPEG is a JPEG photo editor specifically designed to avoid recompression loss when editing photos. This application allows to view and edit jpeg comments, a standard jpeg file feature, storing extensive description text within images themselves. Most image editors decode a JPEG image, rotate the bitmap and then encode your JPEG image back. Easy for beginners, powerful for advanced users, an intuitive interface lets you do things fast on the 1st try.
Easy Photo Editor gives you easy access to photo editing features right on your phone.Easy Photo Editor saves your edited photos in FULL HIRES RESOLUTION!
Frame Photo Creator looks like popular photo sticker booth not only enable you to edit ,print, and manipulate digital photos to improve photo quality but also can take photos on your home PC .So we also call it photo sticker,sticky photo,frame photo editor,big-head photo maker,photo booth software. Webskape Photo is photo kiosk software for your customers to edit and print their photos in store.
Pinta is a free open source painting software available for free download & essential for free hand drawing.
This free painting software is available for Windows computers, Apple OS X and Linux computers.
Anyone who watches a lot of movies on the computer found the subtitles to be out of sync or downright wrong at least once. This application was specifically designed to help you edit and create subtitles or simply synchronize existing ones with your movies without wasting too much time.
Once the setup is complete, you can get acquainted with the clean interface Subtitle Edit has to offer.

While the subtitle you’re working on is displayed in the middle, the functions of the application can be found either using the buttons located at the top or through the classic menu that includes all of them. For those who want to add a personal touch to the application, there’s a settings menu that can be configured by both beginners and experienced users alike. Another big plus for Subtitle Edit is the extensive support it offers for more than 80 subtitle types.
Besides basic synchronization and editing functions, the program also comes with an auto-translate feature that is based on Google Translate, so it supports a lot of languages. Bottom line is that with Subtitle Edit you get professional grade features which, coupled with a great ease of use, make this software one of the best in its category. For the get on link for download you need click on Like facebook button here and content open. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
PSD (Photoshop document) is basically native format of Photoshop, and most of the image editors don’t support this format. This free PSD editor supports image formats like PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG2000, JPEG, and of course PSD format as well. This photo modification tool supports all major image formats like JPEG, WMF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PDF (with layers), etc. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9 covers all your design needs, from photo editor to DTP package, vector drawing to web graphics (including Flash animations). It resizes the original photo's width or height, and has a convenient proportional calculator to keep aspect ratio on a fly. BetterJPEG takes advantage of the fact that JPEG images consist of a number of small independent blocks and does not recompress blocks that don't have to be changed, retaining original quality and sampling settings.
When editing photos you can crop, rotate and resize and, if required, add effects like sepia tones, red eye reduction as well as the ability to change the hue, saturation and brightness levels plus more.
Batch jobs let you add effects, borders, resize, rename, or convert image formats for thousands of pictures instantly. It supports JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PCX, PSD, TIFF and WBMP files and can convert between them. All functions that you need to manage your photos and to impress your family, friends or customers with your photos are included in one piece of software!
Join thousands of subscribers & get the best Free Photo Video software for your personal use. To correct these issues a specialized software is a must and Subtitle Edit may be just the right choice.

Although it might seem a bit overwhelming at first glance, everything is well organized and easily accessible right from the main window. We’ve tried a couple of them and everything worked like a breeze and pretty fast, which is another proof that Subtitle Edit is right on the money. For editing PSD files either you should take the help of Adobe Photoshop or a software equivalent to Adobe Photoshop which supports the PSD format. You can add affects and preview the image in order to see how it looks after adding the affects. The application offers a set of productivity tools, like real-time image preview, spell-check, and automation variables. Unlike other tools, this one does not recode your image but performs a special lossless block transformation. Since it is based of Paint, anyone who used Paint Editor before will find the tools & features very similar. The blend mode within this software let’s you add layered effects, you can even open multiple images simultaneously. With the help of this free PSD editor, you can even remove unwanted objects from the images.
You can create thumbnails and change JPG compression quality to reduce the size required for storage. Snap feature makes this software a bit more interesting, as you are allowed to choose from several overlays like Parallel, vanishing point, Radial, and Crisscross. The good part is that it even lets you even add a particular effect to a folder of images effortlessly. Apart from editing images, you are can even perform a freehand drawing on this image PSD editing software. Import: putting photos into albums or getting them from a digital camera into PhotoMeister 2. FireAlpaca offers very less as compared to Photoshop, but anyhow it’s a simple software which let’s you perform basic PSD editing.

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