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Creating and editing HD videos with 3D effects was, not so long ago, something that only the big studios and entire teams of professionals could successfully do.
As most people would expect, the application supports an impressive number of video, audio and image media formats. And if importing from almost any conceivable format and media, editing and customizing aren't enough, you can use this software to capture video, rip audio CDs, get and share media online. Even if going gets tough, this application has a great helper ready to get you out of troubles.
With outstanding quality and support for multimedia files, packing loads of features and handy walkthroughs, Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum will be your guide into the attractive world of movie creation.
In order to be able to use the unregistered version of SONY Vegas Pro, users have to register online and supply some personal information. The main window of SONY Vegas Pro might seem a little overwhelming at first sight, as it displays a wide screen which is divided into smaller sections.
The right side of the main window is the place where videos can be previewed, allowing users to play then analyze each frame of the clip with the push of a button. The timeline is another feature that takes up a large part of the screen, and it can be used to choose the audio background of a project, add transition effects, insert new video clips and arrange all the objects to obtain a smooth 3D presentation. The beginners might also be interested in the video effects they can add to their clips, while the experts are bound to appreciate the adjustments they can bring to both audio and video tracks to fit their necessities precisely. Once the video has been created, it can be shared online or uploaded to YouTube after the proper credentials have been specified.

Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash when using the Median or Min and Max video effects with an NVIDIA GPU. Fixed an issue that prevented Vegas Pro 13 from importing XAVC-L files recorded by the PXW-X70 camera. Fixed a bug that prevented XAVC long-GOP files rendered by Vegas Pro from playing on the PXW-X180 camera.
Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD is a software program that allows people to make their homemade videos look better. The interface of the application might look a bit unfriendly to novice users due to the numerous panels, when in fact it is quite easy to work with.
Besides editing video files, the Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD program also allows you to create slideshows and animations with a lot of ease.
The program also gives you the possibility to easily record yourself, import your own music (from your PC or directly from CDs) or choose from several soundtracks provided by the program. To sum up, Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD is a powerful piece of software that can be helpful if you are interested in creating movies, animations or presentations. Fixed an issue that could prevent the Custom Settings dialog from displaying for QuickTime rendering templates.
Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when rendering to AVI format when Include video was not selected in the Custom Settings dialog.
The evaluation version will enable you to fully experience the awesome feature pack and impressive processing capabilities.

Besides basic operations like splitting and joining files, Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum comes with a plethora of video effects, transitions and even media generators for title screens or credits. Uploading to YouTube is a mouse click away, as are the disc burning and exporting to a camera or other portable device.
Professional to the bone, this software really brings great value for the price and earns one of the top places on the recommendation list.
The best way to get accustomed to all its functions is to take them one by one, and understand the role of each of them.
This means that you have complete control over the number of frames per second you are going to use, the way certain pictures overlap (or not) and the types of transitions that may or may not exist between images. In addition to that, you can use drag and drop commands to add text animations, title rolls, and scrolling credits.
No matter what type of audio file you choose, the app allows you to edit it in a number of ways.
Even though it is not meant for novices, it can be used by less experienced users, after they spend a few minutes browsing the well-organized documentation. All in all, SONY Vegas Pro is a pretty good tool for creating 3D home videos in high definition yet those who want to use it after the trial period ends need to purchase a license.

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