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IG-Global is a Full Service Agency that includes web design, web marketing, SEO strategies, viral advertising and printing.
We offer advertising campaigns, the creation of websites, service and all that a company needs today to create and promote its image. We design and make printing brochures, flyers, print catalogs, banner ads and other accessories needed for your company’s advertising.
Our team of computer scientists are at the forefront of developing custom software to support our customers. Advertising is the soul of commerce and web marketing is an essential, winning solution for the modern age.
We design your custom website and pay attention to detail to ensure the best and most effective possible layout.
We complete registration for web sites, email accounts, addresses PEC and social media to be more visible on the web. IG-Global Web Solutions We at IG-Global are a dynamic and creative team, open to challenges, we are schematic. But these days, your marketing should also include everything from your customer service to your social media presence and even your local search engine optimization. Let Calibrate Marketing help you develop a simple and affordable marketing plan to help grow your business.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In an economy coping with high unemployment, low consumer confidence and a rollercoaster stock market, these words have become the mantra of many anxious marketers.
No question about it – caution is the natural self-preservation response in tough economic times. In our latest marketing newsletter, we address issues related to productivity and organization, building relationships with your clients and the benefits of web banner advertising.
When it comes to succeeding in our professional and personal lives, confidence is one of the most important qualities we can have. In our latest marketing newsletter, we tackle issues related to goal setting, calls-to-action within your marketing and social check-in services. The word “margin” has many definitions, including one that can dramatically improve our lives.
A person who lives with little or no margin is constantly operating with a tank that’s nearly empty in one or more category. A brand is the promise a firm must constantly fulfill in order to reinforce that organization’s positive image.
The great buzz among marketers – and non-marketers – is social media, especially Facebook and Twitter.
8% of American adults who use the internet are Twitter users sharing their lives 140 characters at a time. Young Adults – Internet users ages 18-29 are significantly more likely to use Twitter than are older adults.
African-Americans and Latinos – Minority internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter as are white internet users.
Women – Women and the college-educated are also slightly more likely than average to use the service. Developing a brand identity is one of the most important tasks your organization will ever undertake.
IZO (ee-so) is a shorted version of the Spanish word hizo obtained from the verb hacer, which means to make, do, perform or act.
From the everyday consumer to different ethnic markets we can help you reach your target audience through creating, communicating and delivering your product or message. At IZO we develop strategic public relations plans that build valuable relationships between you and your target audiences.

With search engine optimization and social media becoming more popular every year, IZO can help you with maximizing the number of visitors to your website, mobile and tablet development, and social media plan creation.
We understand that there are different types of consumers out there, some respond to what they read others respond to touch, for those that respond to what they see, IZO develops media and videos.
Building face to face connections, through networking events, corporate meetings, trade shows or a gala, help create a lasting image and memorable experience for you with your consumers. The team at IZO is developing TeachOregon’s brand, which will include community outreach, email marketing, flyer creation, and logo design. The team at IZO created and implemented a 12 month strategic marketing plan, which included a bilingual website, activating and running social media accounts, traditional Public Relations, community outreach, and Spanish language TV ads.
The team at IZO is constructing a 12 month social media plan, which will also include email marketing through Constant Contact. The team at IZO led Spanish language focus groups and developed a detailed report of results; in addition, the team transcribed SmokeFree Car Materials.
The team at IZO led Spanish language focus groups and developed a detailed report of results.
The team at IZO developed and implemented a plan for the 2013 event that included creation of a website, development of social media accounts, and media buying and planning. The team at IZO helped the statewide nonprofit plan the organizations 40th Anniversary, which included website development, social media, across the state events, and traditional public relations. The team at IZO provided pro-bono work which included public relations, strategic marketing and promotion campaign plan and fundraising services.
Rather than the traditional costly methods of advertising, such as print and media ads, companies are making use of carefully structured Online marketing campaigns. We are Fearlessly Different, Fantastically Fun and don’t hold back when it comes to pushing the boundaries of the Digital World. But playing the waiting game is increasingly a strategy that results in forfeiting untapped opportunities. As many companies continue to sit on the sidelines with a wait-and-see approach, you can jump into the void and gain visibility in a smaller field of active competitors. Along with the short-term bump, your willingness to market during a down economy can build your brand awareness in a way that inspires customers to form new buying habits and sustains your gain in market share even when the economy recovers. Just about everyone wants to grow – professionally, health-related, in relationships, and in other ways. Of course physical pain can be part of growth – just ask a teething baby, or anyone who works out at a gym or trains for a marathon.
We also profile one of our team members, to give you the opportunity to learn more about AdServices. Margin allows us to function effectively without continually maxing out important personal resources such as time, energy, money, patience, capacity, etc. A person with sufficient margin has portions of those resources left over even after being highly productive with them.
Below is a breakdown of demographic research that tells us the popularity of these two social networks and the profile of their users as of 2010. A strong brand creates individuality for your firm, making every aspect of communications and marketing more effective. IZO does quality work that inspires community change, represents passion and develops a road map of success.
We are bilingual and bi-cultural and we incorporate cultural values into the work we produce, which allows consumers to identify with the product personally. We zero in on your market segment, set realistic goals, objectives, tactics and help you measure the results. We know the ins and outs of online marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest, email marketing, LinkedIn, etc.
The team at IZO has the tools and strategies to help you build a strong, lasting relationship with the community you are a part of.

We can help you create the perfect environment that will promote your message or product to your attendees. Team IG-Global consists of IT professionals, graphic designers, web designers, marketing specialists and copywriters. With our helicopter drone we can make the most of your advertising to make your event unique, giving your company a fresh new image. Being different means for us to be unique, the difference makes us who we are and the opportunity to grow and improve thanks to the 'uniqueness' of others. The sole focus of Online marketing is to utilise digital strategy to increase sales potential at the lowest and safest cost, while gaining maximum exposure, profit and growth.
We believe in treating each client as an individual and blowing the minds and expectations of every single person we come into contact with. A sparser marketing landscape can give you a more uninterrupted path to your target audience, which can translate into a quick spike in sales. There’s also the emotional pain we feel when we’re just not understanding something, or the psychological pain of moving out of our comfort zones. Perhaps it is the surgeon whose reassuring manner puts you at ease, the professor in complete control of his or her subject matter, or the co-worker you can always count on for an insightful answer. As with all of our newsletters, we try to provide you with advice and insights that can strengthen your business and help you generate bottom-line results. A micro site should provide a link to your firm’s main web site and reflect your organization’s overall brand identity by incorporating your logo, corporate colors, and other graphic elements. But even with all the marketing tools at an organization’s disposal, including print and broadcast advertising, e-blasts, social media, etc., the greatest asset a firm must count on for brand success is its people.
IZO differentiates each project and creates a unique plan to establish a connection with your target community.
Through figuring out what consumers need and want, we help build a message that leads to a long lasting relationship with our clients. IZO understands how important it is to build a strong relationship and focuses on communicating a simple straightforward message that builds a strong platform with your audience.
IZO also understand how important it is to measure those results and know just what platforms do that best. We help our clients come alive to consumers through visual development in graphics, photos and videos.
Through focus groups, community engagement, and having a wide range of contacts, we help our clients learn about the people close to them and reach their audience in a positive manner.
We take our clients message and image and turn it in to an identity that can be easily communicated to their potential consumers. The team at IZO will help you with design, aesthetics, choosing the right venue, catering, print materials, video, audio, and interactive, live talent.
The drone is widely used for photos and videos of weddings, to advertise real estate, hotels, and many other types of events. We offer our clients the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering new and innovative concepts and solutions. The long-range outcome will be total burnout, just as running a machine at full throttle for an extended period will cause a malfunction. We expect low prices from Walmart, fun and fantasy from Disney World and help in times of disaster from the Red Cross. IZO bridges the gap between the image and identity and produces a product that symbolizes the client and separates them from their competitors.
At Gutsy Marketing you are working with a multi talented, dynamic group of out of the box thinkers who take dreams and designs to the next level.

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