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Familienbande, aka Family Ties or Family Bonds (depending on translation) is a free German-based genealogy application for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems that dates back to at least 2005, and can be run off of a USB flash drive or optical media. Online Services Support:Supports FOKO - Forscher Kontakte (Researcher Contacts) which is a database of names.
At over 11 years old now, RootsMagic has stood the test of time, and has proved itself to be one of the major genealogy programs that is available for those using Windows computers.

However over the past few years we have seen a definite shift in users changing from Windows computers to Mac. Comments from RootsMagic users who were using the program with Windows emulation software were saying that it was slow and crashed, however using MacBridge make it work like a breeze.
And apart from the addition of Family Tree Maker for Mac, the Mac genealogy software scene really hasn’t changed for several years, with Reunion, Mac Family Tree and iFamily being the other dominant programs.

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