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The global advertising market is expected to grow by a modest 3 percent this year as the economic mood remains fragile in many major ad markets.
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The growing popularity of smartphones and mobile internet will trigger the boosting of mobile advertising in the next years.
If the Berg Insight forecast will be met, the global mobile advertising market will record an annual increase of 37% and will represent the 15,2% from the global advertising expense in 2017. More and more brands integrate mobile components into their traditional advertising campaigns, beginning with the applications to mobile websites. The generalization of the HTML5 format will help the boosting of the global mobile advertising in the next years, since it will allow the utilization of a standard language in different mobile phones. Google also got the third part of all the spent money on global digital advertising, according to eMarketer, that gave out their first global digital and mobile advertising numbers. The numbers of eMarketer showed that Google got 600 million dollars in mobile advertising revenue (AdMob), a number that’s expected to increase in 2013, arriving at 850 million dollars. This data shows that when we are talking about mobile advertising, the market is increasingly monopolized by a few big companies, leaving little space for other offers, so they could control and establish the market prices and conditions.
Advertising is a multi billion dollar industry with global advertising spends consistently growing every year.
Digital is expected to grow even more with an influential share in the global advertising spend. JOIN OUR MAILING LISTJoin our growing list of visitors who are first to know about our free inspirational, marketing and small business advice.We hate spam. We’ve been hearing a number of slogans on health from our mothers since we were kids.
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China, Russia, Germany, Brazil and Canada will grow as well, but at a lower rate than previously expected. We forecast global digital revenues to reach 30% market share globally in 2015 (+15.1% to $163 billion). The new 2015 forecast is in line with our previous forecast of +4.9% published in June 2014.

Mobile Advertising Watch is a leading technology media property dedicated to covering the rapidly evolving world of mobile advertising, reviewing new solutions, giving reliable and actionable tips and breaking important technology news. The IPG unit reported that “Just focusing on the 10 biggest markets, we are increasing the forecast for four markets but decreasing it for the other six,” adding that “On the up side: the US, Canada, UK and Brazil will all grow slightly faster than previously expected. It’s been estimated that nearly 60% of the $31 billion in additional advertising spend this year will come from just two places, North America and Emerging Asia while, not surprisingly, China and the United States will provide almost 50% of the world’s market growth in individual markets. Magna forecasts that the United States will still grow at a very fast rate as opposed to 2013 and that ad revenues to media owners will also grow significantly at 6%, well above the 2.4% from last year, to $268 billion. China, which overtook Japan for the second spot behind the United States last year, will see less growth than anticipated but still have spending of approximately $45 billion.
Television is set to grow quite well this year globally, to 7.2% as opposed to just under 3% in 2013, due mostly to major but nonrecurring sporting events like the FIFA World and others. As for digital media, with several markets maturing it’s growth rate is down slightly this year but it still continues to grow by double digits, increasing to almost 16%, or $140 billion, which will give it a 27% global market share. Social media, at $4.5 billion, make up the bulk of that additional money, followed by search at $10 billion and video at $2 billion.
Finally there is digital media growth, where mobile media is set to grow 61% this year, to nearly $27 billion.
The advertising landscape is evolving at an extraordinary pace as media proliferation and technology advances create new ways of connecting with consumers. While there isna€™t one simple rule for maximizing advertising effectiveness in such a saturated market, understanding how consumers feel about the ads served on the various media platforms they use every day is a good place to start. According to Magna Global, total media ad revenue is predicted to reach $486 billion this year, with television remaining the most important advertising medium.TV ad revenues will account for 40 percent of the global total this year as digital advertising continues its rise through the ranks. The global ad market is predicted to grow 6.1 percent next year as the economic situation in developed countries is expected to improve and emerging markets will continue to see strong advertising growth.
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The main pitfall will be the fragmentation of the market, since the rivals will be fighting in order to get a spot in the market”, says Rickard Andersson.
ZenithOptimedia released some key figures last month with a snapshot of the changes that we can expect in the layout of the global advertising spend from 2013 to 2015.
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Globally, media owner advertising revenues are forecast to grow by +4.8% in 2015 to $536 billion.
On the upside, Australia, India, Japan, Spain and the UK will grow faster than previously forecast. The non-recurring sports events of 2014 contributed to the global growth of television (+5.2%).

Digital media grew strongly again this year (+17.2% to $142 billion) driven by mobile (+72%) and social (+64%).
Most other media categories suffered from the competition of television and digital in 2014. The reasons they give for this sharp gain includes several factors such as several global sports events, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the 2014 midterm elections, as well as “an economic environment that is gradually improving”. In Argentina and other Latin American countries where inflation is still quite high but “soccer madness” is also high as well, a 15.4% growth will be extremely supportive.
This also means that two market share points will be added, as well as an additional $20 billion.
Not surprisingly, display formats that are not connected to either social or video display, which is to say banner ads, are not just stagnant around the globe but also declining in most markets. When it comes to digital media advertising mobile already represents nearly 20% and, by 2019, it’s projected to grow to 38%. We watch videos on phones, stream music on laptops and read newspapers on tabletsa€”sometimes all at once.
More than eight-in-10 global respondents (83%) say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family. In fact, branded websites are the second-most trusted format, with 70% of global respondents saying they completely or somewhat trust these sites. Digital advertising is the only category expected to see double-digit growth this year and is now bigger than print advertising on a global scale. Because of increasing global internet penetration rates, evolving consumer habits and innovative offerings to target consumers. Indeed, the FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil will help boost their growth to nearly 16%. Needing to reach, resonate with, and get a reaction from the right audience in a world of choice can make it difficult to decide where to allot onea€™s advertising dollars. The global economy is expected to improve in the next 3 years specially with the anticipation of Europe pulling out of a recession by the end of this year. Global digital spend is going to take over global spending on print media (newspapers and magazines) by the year 2015.
In fact, two-thirds (66%) say they trust consumer opinions posted onlinea€”the third-most-trusted format.
Television is expected to maintain it’s 40% share from the global advertising spend in 2015.

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