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I would never compare myself to John Wooden, but I do like teaching others about online marketing. Patience: True, there are exceptions every now and then, but for the vast majority of companies big or small, search marketing is a process that takes time to implement correctly. Tools: Having access to appropriate SEO tools can give you an advantage over the competition.
I thought that putting the SEO label on this might not be the best idea, but decided to do it because I’ve been saying for some time now that we need to expand our definition of what SEO is. Thanks Matt – I was in the middle of drafting an email to a prospective client on how we could help her with her website when your post popped-up in my feed reader.
As a young man, I was lucky enough to spend several summers in a row at John Wooden’s basketball camp. That being said, John Wooden’s philosophy as a man, not just as a basketball coach, was always about serving others, over delivering and persisting.
I actually got a few pointers and a pat on the back from the great man himself, and as a 12 year old kid and aspiring pro-basketball player, I can assure you it meant A LOT to me. Excellent resource, its just goes to show how much effort really goes into a well played out SEO strategy! I have recently just started working on SEO properly and researching and this post indeed has helped me alot and actually winged me to subscribe to your blog! Thanks for all the nice comments in the last month or so, sorry for not acknowledging earlier.
Just gone through your another article, and found another marvel on your site:D, i think i have to read all your articles, whenever i get time. Pretty awesome Matt, Never thought I would be saying that about a article on marketing with the word Pyramid in it. Oh, forgot to say that your SEO approaches also cover some SEM aspects…so it is a wide-sense SEO? I like this, but I think there’s a clear difference between a brand site and a media site that needs to be mentioned. Brand sites would include anything that is not dependent on ad sales or other impression-generated revenue. So, again, like the first days of the web, with our newsgroups and boards and webrings, content is king. Some of these tactics can improve your search engine ranking, but these are questionable methods and you will get much better results if done via White Hat methods.
Black Hat SEO refers to illegitimate optimisation tactics designed for stronger and more immediate search ranking improvements. White Hat SEO refers to legitimate and eproperi ways to search engine optomise your website.
White hat SEO, particularly in boring industries for non-established sites is a tremendous challenge. Great Resumes Fast is a professional resume  writing and interview coaching firm that assists job seekers at  every level secure interviews and job offers.
WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Why is Google+ so good for SEO?Posted on May 30, 2013 by Katrina BennettsI have said many times that Google+ is so good for SEO.
The bottom line is, I don’t care what anyone says, Google has the search engine, they’re going to favour their own stuff. I’m passionate about helping other women achieve their business goals by building their brand online. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search seems to be defined by crises – first came the dreaded Google updates petting zoo, then we survived mobilegeddon, and we’re currently living under the reign of King Content. SEO is optimising a website for search engines so that Google, or any other search engine, can rank your site’s relevance to a search term, and present it to the searcher on a Search Engine Results Page, or SERP. SEO is also a field of constant development – a few short years ago, stuffing your site full of keywords could get your pages ranked for almost anything.
We’ve all seen the effects of Google algorithm updates and how they have changed the face of modern SEO, so we’ve seen the how and the what: but what about the why? Not too long ago, SEO was a series of tweaks and considerations that made it easier for your web surfer to find and navigate your website.
The Black Hats have been put away now that Search Execs are on an organic diet, webmasters are desperately trying to remove those paid links and PPC – well, PPC’s not going anywhere for those who have the budget. With each update Google moves the goalposts, and it would appear that wherever Google goes, other search engines follow. Every year Google makes over 500 search algorithm updates – how can you keep up with them? SEO, or Search as it’s now more commonly called, has changed its focus over the last few years. That’s SEO’s big secret – that standalone SEO is dead, that all of the tricks, tweaks and black hat techniques in the world won’t make search engines or people love your site if there’s nothing there that provides value. Search is a much more rounded, integrated field than SEO ever was – it combines elements of digital marketing, customer experience, sales, SEO and copywriting, cherry picking the desirable elements from each but leaving the black hats behind.
Take the Meta Description as an example – an essential part of any web page, the window dressing which encourages a potential customer to click through to your full site.

So why does the Meta Description, a text-based marketing asset meant for users, come under the SEO bracket when it’s more of a Customer Experience element?
That’s because Search doesn’t optimise for search engines, Search optimises for the user – which, coincidentally, is also what search engines are currently working toward.
The signs have been there for a while; each Google algorithm update has pointed us in the direction of improved user experience, with dead link and thin content penalties signposting the future of SEO. So we’ve been through the history of SEO, where it’s come from and where it might be going, but how can we make sure our content isn’t going to be penalised in the future?
Content shouldn’t be a vanity project – Don’t be that guy who no-one wants to talk to at a party, because you’re always talking about yourself. Let’s say that you’re a company selling bread online (not the best business model, but this is just an example). Well, if you deliver across the UK, you make sure to target all of the possible keywords in the way that they talk about their teacakes, barms and rolls. NOTE: This doesn’t apply for blog or opinion-based content, as this is content from you, not your brand! SEO or Search might be more weighted in favour of the user these days, but that doesn’t mean abandoning the basics of SEO.
In essence, drop the “If I build it, they will come” attitude and adopt more of a “If I build it, I also need to make sure people can find it” attitude. So in summary, we now know where SEO has been (stuffing keywords into black hats), where it is going (semantic search and better user experience), and how to optimise your site for the future (always have the user in mind). Whether you’re big or small, one uninterested department or person can sabotage everything. Of course, more important than the tools is knowing how to interpret the data they provide.
Be careful with the Flash movies, the complicated DHTML and javascript, the robots.txt file, etc. I am amazed that the easiest way to get in contact with you from a post like this is to leave a comment….
He took great interest in those around him, cared about what happened to people and looked for the good in others when it would have been far easier to find fault. They were such formative and powerful lessons that I think I inculcated them into my very being without even being consciously aware of it. I have Spunn you, Dugg you and I’m going to mention this article in my business blog. I am wondering if you might be able to break other components of online marketing into similar pyramids to publish, and this model really serves to help build the correct pillars for a successful campaign, and I would imagine we could apply it to SEM as well? I might need to use this in a post because it really lays out basic SEO for someone who is new to the field. It doesn’t happen over night, for this reason people are more slow to coming around to understanding all the benefits.
I am feeling bad that the article was written on Jan 08 and I have got my hands on it in sept 08, wish I would have read it earlier.
I have just started to work on the internet and am shcoked at what I do not know, or understand. But these sites, with their constant content cycle, cannot possibly benefit from a focus on optimization as much as they can benefit from capitalizing on every possible way to get each visitor to return for some reason. Often these are questionable SEO tactics and once the web community may realise what you are doing, this could affect your online reputation.
This is not the ethical way to SEO your site, but it is not considered search engine spam, yet. This often involves manipulative behaviour and the search engines will penalise or ban websites that undertake this behaviour. With a very small number of exceptions, spam doesn’t build exciting, scalable, long-term companies.
It requires immense creativity, huge quantities of elbow grease and a lot of patience, too. I help you tell your story and build a brand loyal community of fans who will get to know and like you so much that they want nothing more than to help you succeed!
Nowadays, search engines get very suspicious if you’re mentioning a word more than you naturally should. Content didn’t have to be well-crafted; it just had to hold the keywords and drive a customer to your call to action.
Webmasters and Search Execs still optimise their websites, but the best ones work with their content writers (or even create content themselves) to publish engaging, interesting, valuable content that not only gets people to their websites – but gives them a reason to stay.
White-Hatted messiahs like Rand Fishkin are still trying to lead SEO disciples to the promised land (#1 in the SERPs) but there’s a way to go yet before we understand exactly what we’re aiming for – but there are clues. While the old-school SEO crowd began to view Google’s menagerie like the world’s scariest petting zoo and “mobilegeddon” was the word no-one dared to say aloud, those a little further from ground zero were able to get a view of the wider picture – and suddenly everything seemed to fall into place.
It’s become more intuitive as search engines try to meet the needs of its users, managing the users expectations in order to provide the best experience – which is effectively Customer Experience done well.
SEO is still there in spirit, with on-page and off-page optimisation techniques still seated at the foundations of Search, but without the gaming intent. The word “semantic” has been thrown about a lot recently, which basically means that your content should look and read in a natural way, not just a stiff carrier of your keywords.

Learn the difference between informing and telling, so the user has a reason to consume your content and stay on your site. You might think hiding your navigation buttons or burying important information might create an element of mystery, but users will be less entertained and more irritated. This point refers to your keywords and your vocabulary and it’s a bit longer than the other points on this list, so bear with me. If you only deliver inside your local area in Hampshire, then you don’t need to cover all of the bases.
This means that all of your on-site optimisation (anything you can do on your own site i.e. They talk about the process of creating great content that attracts links like bees to honey.
And as fast as the search marketing industry changes, ongoing access to intelligent information is critical. The size and scope of your company may dictate which you emphasize more, but neither should be ignored. Given the growing influence of user reviews, knowing how to manage your reputation is a must. It’s the people factor, the human element that often separates the winners and losers in search marketing. To build trust, we need to get into the mind of our visitors and create moments of magic for them, all along the pyramid. All of this is realy interesting I?ll read trough it once more when i have a clear head I think.
If you’ve built up a lot of links in topical communities and gained trust among users and customers, you’ve built a business model that can succeed independently of Search Engines. I almost regret having used the pyramid because of the negative connotations, but it just fits so perfectly…. You may be able to get away with Grey Hat tactics and avoid search engine penalties but members of the web community may realise what you are doing and this could effect your online reputation. Many just lack the creativity and willingness to do the hard work, others are seduced by the quick win or ignorant of the options available to them. Having a rich snippet appear in search results (meaning with your picture) provides you with visibility and credibility. Unlike when you post on you blog and it can take weeks for google to crawl your blog especially for the smaller blogs with less traffic. So called “Black Hat” techniques like keyword stuffing, purchased links or the black art of PPC helped you jump the queue, but the result was the same: SEO helped users to find your website, whether it was what they were looking for or not. Search engines don’t want to direct users to poor quality websites or low-value content, and in their attempts to protect users from a poor experience they can also prevent users from seeing sites that have valuable content that’s poorly marked up. This also means making your site responsive so mobile users can use it as easily as a desktop user.
When you have trust, from users and search engines, you’re on the way to search marketing success. Get people talking positively about you, whether it be one-to-one conversation among friends or in the larger setting of an online community, and you’ll climb the pyramid that much faster. If you get too caught up in rankings you can end up going about the entire process wrong, and missing some other great accomplishments that you can achieve along the way. Please note the chef and her people did this, I think it is not very good but what has been done has been done. Since 2007, according to SEO consultant Justin Briggs who wrote “Breaking Down the Mormon SEO Strategy,” the LDS website has been targeting religious search terms such as “church,” “scripture,” and “Jesus Christ” but also has focused on terms such as “friend” and “young women” and “chastity” — all with great success. This means you have a whole bonus website sharing your content, creating links to your number 1 website, your blog. Will a badly written or non-existent Meta Description have a negative effect on your web traffic through SERPs? And continue to tinker with them, using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to maintain their effectiveness.
Bigger companies that target an audience more than a location will find social media offers a lot of opportunities. This website (your google+ profile) is also completely social and very easy for people to promote your content with 1 click, the +1.
Google+ will just go from strength tho strength, the sooner you get on there and get a good network happening  by adding people to your circles and having them add you and by posting quality content, the sooner you will start reaping the benefits!
You want customers to be able to find you as easily as possible, and you can do this on social media sites that make local networking easier. Google+ is the most important social site for you because google can’t access the other social networks as comprehensively.

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