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Google has finally disclosed the percentage of revenue it keeps from publishers that participate in its AdSense program, which places text ads alongside content on third-party websites. The breakdown: 32% of revenue from publishers in the AdSense for content program, and 49% from those who run AdSense alongside Google search on their own sites. While Google says its sharing these numbers in the “spirit of greater transparency,” it is also using the opportunity to address competing products. That being said, this is primarily a battle of perception as both companies have very strong growth prospects in the mobile era. Sergio, yes the internet bubble was irrational in 2000 and the reason it crashed is because businesses were either WAY over valued, had no business model or both. Google has a fantastic business model, a growing user base, and is fantastically profitable. Nothing is unlimited, but Google is the Microsoft of the 1980’s and will dominate for the foreseeable future.
My organization is trying to sell online using google, and they are tough with SEO’s. Most avg users of Google Adwords are very limited in spending beyond a point, since it can’t be both logical and feasible beyond that point.
Great issues with the google monopoly, What might you suggest in regards to alternative advertising locations? If you have sugestions for posts or questions about our blog architecture please contact us.

The eMarketer title to their article talking about the major players in the digital space reads “Mobile Growth Pushes Facebook to Become No. Now to read that headline one might think that there might be some competition to Google, much like those pesky claims that Bingahoo is making strides agains the Goog in search.
While there is a prediction of the gap being closed a little but by 2015 it’s still not even a contest. Do you think these predictions are in line with what you see as the reality of the digital ad space in the next few years? News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Google added $1.3 billion in ad revenues, sequentially, and appears to have slowed the decline in the ad prices it is able to charge, according to its Q4 2012 earnings.
Google's cost-per click a€” the amount it is able to charge advertisers a€” declined 6% year on year.
Ad prices on Google had declined recently because of a massive increase in mobile ad inventory outstripping demand.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. More interesting is the fact that that this was part of the justification Google gave to the SEC to avoid disclosing their mobile ad revenues.
Mobile advertising is a growth business, while desktop advertising is mature and could begin seeing strong declines.

Those prices have now declined for five straight quarters, but this decline was less than previous ones. Google is still selling more ads, but the price of each one remains in decline (because of cheap mobile ads). Given the scale of their mobile presence and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s disclosures on the subject, why would Google withhold this information?
While Google certainly has avenues to maintain and grow their lead in mobile monetization, they also face a few risks. How many more ads can they make that generate $2 or more each time someone clicks on them?
On the other hand, it is in Facebook’s interest to show investors that their ad revenues from mobile have already outpaced those from desktops. The article on Read Write Web makes an incorrect claim that the demand for Google’s goods and services is unlimited.

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