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This semester I had the opportunity to work with 15 very talented  marketing students as they tackled the 2011 Google Online Marketing Challenge in my MKTG 490 course. A special congratulations is extended to the 14 students from my class who will be graduating from James Madison University tomorrow.  Best wishes to Amy, Ashley, Brittany, Emily, Gary, Larissa, Lauren, Lindsay, Linn, Meaghan, Molly, Nate, Patty, and Sarah. With the customization and and flexibility that Google Analytics provides there are infinite possibilities for calculated metrics. The purpose of this post is to act as a road map for businesses to grow online, become more profitable and be more successful.

When I speak with clients and I explain Remarketing I find that most people have seen remarketing at work. For those of you who love to wade through the plethora of standard reports offered by Google Analytics and spend hours mulling over reams of data trying to find that elusive key metric please feel free to skip this article. The vast majority of calculated metrics that will be created will be for ratios, which simply divide two given metrics.
To keep you informed about your site's status Webmaster Tools will now automatically send you a notification email if there are critical or important issues that we detect with your site.

If you have a permanent IP address then it's a great idea to have this address excluded from the reporting statistics so you can get a better feel of who is visiting your website. The steps don't have to be completed or commenced in this order, but in many cases we recommend they are.

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