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One of the main incentives for employees seeking employment is the type of benefits they will receive once working for a specific company. Government subsidies work with the basic health care package but the stipulations of being eligible for those packages makes it near impossible to not pay full price for health insurance. In-house insurance offered by employers often shares the cost for specific benefits or insurance packages.
Co-payments are decreased for employees who enroll in the company benefit packages in most situations by 20%-30%.  Lifetime packages are offered with options to cover spouses and children. More than likely if you are offered benefits from your employer, its better to take those benefits than try and get government subsides. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Independent Consultant, 2010-Present Curtis Consulting Company, Houston, TX Provided critical financial analysis and forecasting to client firms in a range of industries. Cash Flow Analysis:  Evaluated a companya€™s senior debt position on behalf of its senior lender.
Integration Planning: Analyzed company assuming ownership of two subsidiaries to  identify operation's best practices. Business Planning:  Created foundation of business plan for Internet startup in  conjunction with owners, including five-year plan for  financing requirements.
Business Planning:  Structured plan for professional services firm assessing  potential for amicably splitting business into two  companies. Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, 2004-2010 Media Masters, Rosenberg, TX Provided critical financial strategy on  purchase, sale, and financing of large income-producing  purchases in San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Dallas, Laredo, and Rio  Grande Valley markets.
Equity Sourcing: Built  models, negotiated structure, and made executive  recommendations to acquire $100 million from venture  capitalist groups. Debt Sourcing: Formed the  basis for raising initial round of $30 million in senior  debt, quickly followed by another $110 million in nine  months of negotiations with lenders. Exit Strategy Design and  Execution: Designed and implemented workable exit  strategy including debt repayment for this  cash-flow-positive company.
Built hundreds of models and  scenarios in Excel with excellent, if conservative,  predictive value. Oversaw all regulatory filings, legal  matters and litigation, long-range planning, and investor communications.
Vice President-Controller, 1998-2004 ITB Communications, Pearland, TX Oversaw financial operations with CFO responsibilities in this  three-station radio cluster valued at $20 million. Accounting: Rebuilt accounting system, including monthly reporting procedures  required under new credit agreement. Personnel Management: Hired additional accounting staff to increase collections,  reduce debt, and eliminate significant penalties.
Lease Renegotiation:  Renegotiated leases for critical technical equipment,  structuring reduced rates and reduced rates of increase.

As tax manager for Howard  Stern, LP, Houston, TX, provided tax planning and reporting for  companies in industries including oil, gas, manufacturing,  retail, professional services, and entertainment. As staff accountant with [Big  Four Accounting Firm], Philadelphia, PA, prepared tax returns  for individuals, partnerships, trusts, S corporations, and C corporations. Great Resumes Fast is a professional resume  writing and interview coaching firm that assists job seekers at  every level secure interviews and job offers. Local business owner Sally Sprenger could lose some of her clients after a college instructor apparently threatened her for displaying campaign signs for a Republican senator at her company’s headquarters. In the letter, the signatory, Allison Nicol, says she has stopped advising prospective students to receive training through Quality Healthcare Options Inc. Nicol, who works at the Mequon campus of Milwaukee Area Technical College, doesn’t agree with company owner Sally Sprenger’s backing of state Sen.
Nicol says in the letter she no longer would recommend students to receive training through Quality Healthcare Options because she alleges Vukmir, a registered nurse, disregarded the Nursing Code of Ethics when she voted against a bill requiring health plans to provide the same coverage for chemotherapy pills. It says she also had concerns with Vukmir’s “disturbing relationship” with the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization many consider as Public Enemy No.
As legal expert Rick Esenberg sees it, the apparent tactics of intimidation could be considered a violation of Sprenger’s rights under the First Amendment. Sprenger, who promoted Vukmir by allowing campaign signs at Quality Healthcare Options, has tried to file a complaint with the college since she got the letter.
Last week, Sprenger asked for a meeting with the MATC board of directors to review the threats. Adam Tobias is a reporter for, a national network of investigative reporters covering waste, fraud and abuse in government. Ever feel like the only difference between the New York Times and Washington Post is the name? The company’s health care benefit program can be beneficial for both the employee and the employer.
Medicaid is only offered to people who are below the poverty level or who make a certain amount or less annually. This cuts the cost of health care for employees making the offer more enticing than relying on government health care. A graduate of the Wharton School of Business and Stanford University's Executive Program, Don has helped thousands of people secure their next job.
Analyzes acquisitions, divestitures, and  mergers for profitability and long-term viability.
Performed assessments  of tax position, regulatory requirements, operations,  financing, and other issues. Resulted in creation of a PowerPoint  deck owners used to secure $5 million in first-round funding.
Assessed impact on contracts with current and  future customers as well as cash flow and expenses.  Executives decided to keep company intact based on projections.

Evaluated liquidity, effects on financial  status of company, tax, and regulatory implications of each  transaction.
Upon market downturn in 2008,  advertising programs universally decreased significantly,  critically wounding the company's viability but maintaining  cash flow. Developed  extensive damage calculations including lost profit  calculations, diminution of value calculations, and losses  relating to tax shelter investments.
They create  dynamic, best-in-class resumes and cover letters that  consistently deliver results. Then get The Morning Bell, an early morning edition of the day’s most important political news, conservative commentary and original reporting from a team committed to following the truth no matter where it leads. Not only is it an incentive for prospective employees, but also it’s a tax write-off for companies.  Unlike government subsides, employers who work with companies like Benefit Technologies are able to work with some of the top insurance providers to obtain the right benefits for their employees.
Programs like Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), offers insurance for pregnant women and children who are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. Companies often build benefit packages knowing that it will help them reach and retain new employees. Most of the eligibility requirements for government subsides involve unemployment or inability to work at all. Presented convincing executive  report to equity investors concerning viability of this investment. Provided due diligence for approximately 30 major  transactions ranging up to $40 million in value. Try the Morning Bell and get the day’s most important news and commentary from a team committed to the truth in formats that respect your time…and your intelligence. Government subsides are beneficial for employees who are not offered other means of health care or those who may not be able to work due to medical disability. Develops  plans for raising equity from venture capitalist sources and  private individuals. Oversaw all  regulatory filings, legal matters and litigation, long-range  planning, and investor communications. Resulted in  equity owners receiving a percentage of their ownership and  300 employees' ability to continue to work (headcount  managed through attrition).
Whereas, taking company health care guarantees that the employee is getting what’s advertised as well as a discounted quote because companies ensue some of the cost.

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