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Our services include web site hosting, web casting, internet radio, sermon streaming, cell phone casting, Flash Interactive Media Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated servers for your high-end needs for your church, ministry, minssionary groups, non-profit organizations, business and family web site needs. With a click of your mouse you may install over 140 applications with no programming experience required!
With many web hosts taking steps to make moving difficult, learn how to make the best of the situation by planning ahead.
When it comes to choosing a web host most business owners or individuals haven't got a clue. Stream your station, show,broadcasts and more with ourlow cost, high speed, simpleto use streaming plans.
Earn revenue from your desktop and mobile listeners with video pre-roll, ad-replacement spots and rich media banner ads. Sign up for a new terrestrial or internet radio streaming plan and we will give you free mobile apps for your listeners. Our Cirrus® Console with stacking for multi-station groups eliminates hardware costs and automatically shakes hands with any broadcast automation system or playlist program. Download our free Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster app in Google Play to broadcast live from any remote location. Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, FL, Securenet Systems serves radio streaming and website hosting customers in over 200 countries and every US state, offering a range of internet-centric services to the radio industry and website owner. Constructor webServicio ideal para construir y publicar sitios web de manera simple y rapida sin tener conocimientos de programacion. Hosting SSDHosting con discos SSD que son 5 veces mas rapidos en procesar datos que los HD, pruebalo y veras como tu web vuela .
Reseller hostingSi eres revendedor aqui disponemos de los mejores planes para revendedores a precio muy bajos con una calidad de soporte y tecnica. Hosting Scripts SSDHosting adaptado a los principales scripts CMS que necesitan configuracion especificas para olvidarnos de los errores , con discos duros SSD para un mayor rendimiento. Somos una empresa con gran experiencia, damos soluciones a las necesidades de cada empresa con un gran apoyo de soporte tecnico humano. Poco a poco la empresa ha ido evolucionado y cambiado su modelo de negocio hacia  creacion de servicios de pagos tanto de hosting, vps y streming de video y audio, siguiendo manteniendo y actualizando los servicios gratuitos.

En los ultimos 3 anos la empresa se ha centrado en el desarrollo de este tipo de plataformas ofreciendo una gran seleccion de servicios tanto de pago como gratuitos que permiten a cualquier persona sin excesivos conocimientos en informatica crear desde su pagina web a una radio o tv interactiva en muy poco tiempo. If a radio station is streaming, it is bound to receive complaints by the users regarding the quality of the stream.
As I already said, most of the radio servers are streamed via a port number which is above 8000. Therefore, you can easily trick the firewall and make it believe that the audio stream is coming from a regular website.
The customer base is automatically increased by the radio station owners when they use port 80 for streaming purpose. If you have streamed radio stations online and faced blocking problem in the past, this article should be of help to you. Having a keen eye for emerging standards and technologies, Costea is ardent about the enabling nature of web development in both emerging and established markets. If you are looking for affordable and reliable UNIX hosting, you have come to the right place. You can quickly and easily stream your station all over the world whilst keeping track of who is listening and where they’re from. With our SHOUTcast V2 Server you can now Play your MP3 With out thinking about buying a license key . For Windows users you have full administrator Remote Desktop rights, and Linux machines full root SSH access, allowing you to control the machine and install and configure all aspects of the server. We know that there are many to choose from and we hope that if you have questions that you will call us toll-free. Our affordbale hosting prices are designed to help you, your business, or your non-profit organization find its place on the internet in the the 21st century. Securenet Systems operates several datacenters on both the east and west coasts of the United States as well as international datacenters in Roubaix, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Even the station owners get worried at times as they experience high drops at certain times of a day. The answer is simple; they have firewalls restricting data coming from a few specific port numbers.

Therefore, if you are able to view a website properly, you are obviously using Port 80 for that purpose.
So, if you set the radio streaming port number to be 80 from your control panel, it will be acting as a proxy.
Thus, the firewall which would have blocked you otherwise lets you pass through it and you are easily able to hear to the stream. At certain times, there can be extra charges associated for streaming the radio station via port 80, but, as a radio station owner, it is a good drawback for you when you are able to reach out to a huge number of audiences. If you have tried to use port 80 and were able to resolve the problem successfully, please share the story through the comments feature.
Urstream Media will activate Your V2 MP3 Free of cost , to allow you to Run your Station with Auto dj stress free . Urstream Media has designed a range of dedicated servers perfect for startups and SMEs who need power and adaptability.
An Affiliate Reseller Program is available worldwide for companies and individuals interested in partnering with Securenet Systems to refer business.
The most important question here is whether the stations are reaching out to a wide audience or not. For example, you may not be able to hear your favorite radio channels when you are at your university, school, college or workplace.
Wether you are building a personal website or a professional website for your business, you will find what you need at Urstream Media. Get a bespoke machine that's adapted to your needs and enables you to propel your projects. In general, when you start streaming, the default port number assigned to you is above 8000.

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