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When building a website, customers accidentally overlook some of the more important aspects of providing information to a prospective customer visiting your website.
In the flurry of work required to get your website done, focusing on content, photos, your marketing message, sometimes the basics fall through the cracks. Many times a prospect has already decided to purchase something and they are looking to call you and make the transaction. Many website owners only provide an email link as a way for the prospect for you contact them. Even if you are on top of your emails, the perception to the customer is that you are not as professional as you could be by having a phone number listed on your website. Although you can upload your photos directly to Site Builder Pro, some customers prefer to organize their photos on Flickr. We’ve created a how-to movie on how you can add your Flickr slideshow to your website using Site Builder Pro. 4 Hour Work Week gives you a new perspective on how to solve an old problem: How do you grow a business, but not be all about work.
The author goes through tons of great examples on how you can have a successful business, but still have balance in your life.
The author puts some emphasis on his personal desire to travel the world and still run a successful business.
I highly recommend this book, I’m confident it will give you some great insight and perspective on how to better run your business. Considering Facebook’s 300 million active users, and the thousands joining every day—along with its Alexa ranking of 3 (that is, Facebook is the third most-trafficked website)—businesses really must tap into the power of this online behemoth. Facebook offers many features for strategic networking and generating visibility for your company.
Using Facebook’s Social Ads, you can then drive targeted traffic from the entire Facebook site directly to your fan page. The following 10 elements of dynamic Facebook fan pages will set you head and shoulders above the rest and keep your fans coming back for more. When first creating your fan page, you need to choose a title; it could be your brand name, personal name, or business name, as well as a few descriptive words.
This is not a well-known fact, but Facebook’s ideal size for a fan page image is 200 pixels wide by 600 pixels high (it looks rather like a bookmark shape).
Whenever you post on your own fan page, the thumbnail image that appears will show a section of your main picture, so you may need to experiment with your graphic to get the image just the way you want it.
Using the Notes app, pull in your blog feed so that each time you make a blog post, your fan page automatically updates and your fans can read and comment on the post. There may be strategic reasons for showing posts only by you on the fan page, or only by your fans, but I highly recommend setting it to show both. Providing quality content is just one aspect of building a good Facebook fan page (or any social networking presence, for that matter).
MarketingProfs is a great resource for how-to marketing articles and advice for small businesses.
As we market ourselves as brand over the Internet, we must be conscious of how we present ourselves and how people perceive us.
If you want to be known for a specific topic, then people have to be able to connect your name to it. From your avatar to your picture, your blog, your social network profiles, and even your writing, you need a consistent brand as it appears everywhere on the Web. Way too many people fail at consistency because they rush into promoting their e-brand without first planning their strategies. If you are young and trying to be successful, but you use different pictures, people will tune out or forget who you are and so fail to make the necessary associations. And when writing, remember that your tagline, name, picture, and bio should be as consistent as possible, if not identical, as you establish your own blog, guest-post for other blogs, write for online resources, and display your profile on various social networks. If you’re promoting your brand through multiple social networks, you need to retain and reuse the same interests, work experience, education, and status fields. Maintenance — If you register for every social network, how are you ever going to maintain your presence on each one?
Personal information — By registering for all social networks, you are giving your information to many Web sites. When people become busy, they tend to lose sight of what they are actually doing and how they are being perceived by the public.
In fact, Bing has received great reviews and could potentially challenge Google’s dominance.
In this tip, we discuss how you can take advantage of Bing’s popularity and make sure your website is listed on Bing. We have created a how-to movie that shows you how to configure your domain-based email on your iPhone.
Looking to add a simple payment option to your website, but don’t need a full shopping cart? Speaking at a San Francisco conference last month on web site usability, Gerry laid out his prescription for the twelve golden rules of writing powerful content that will pull readers or customers into your site. Twitter is a great new free micro-blogging service that allows you to broadcast your thoughts to followers in quick, 140 character chunks. 140 characters may seem kind of small, but that is the great thing about this service, it forces you to be succinct in your thoughts. At OneWebHosting, we are still thinking about ways we can effectively use Twitter to serve our customers.
For now, we feel it is a great compliment to our blog and an effective customer service tool.
Chances are you have a toll-free number, a business email address, so too can you use Twitter as a customer service tool.
So, Twitter may or may not make sense for your business, but I thought I would share our thoughts on it.
We are often asked by customers about how to get professional quality stock photos to be used on their websites.

Simply search for keywords that pertain to your business or business concept and you will find tons of great images, illustrations, icons or video that match your keywords. Standing out from your competition, especially when it comes to your website, is very important. Word of mouth marketing is often overlooked by business owners as a way to grow their business, especially in tough economic times. In this brief article, I’d like to talk about why word of mouth marketing is so important and how you can use your website to make it a part of your business operations. Prospective customers always ask their friends and family for referrals to products or services they are looking for.
Another reason why word of mouth marketing is important is that, unlike advertising, it is effective.
The first step in getting referrals is to make sure you are doing a great job with your current customers. Also, if you can satisfy your most outspoken and critical customers, chances are you are doing a great job and they will tell others. You may even consider having an affiliate program which can reward your customers for spreading your message. By using new social networking services like Twitter, you can encourage more word of mouth. By using word of mouth techniques within your business and in an automated fashion, you can ensure your happy customers spread the word and help grow your business.
Often times customers will email prospective clients their Powerpoint presentations as an attachment via email. If you use PowerPoint, this is a great way to share your presentations online and give your customers even more convenient access to your business materials. Using Google Calendar, you can add events and invitations effortlessly, share with business associates, friends and family  (or keep calendar items private), and search across the web for events you might enjoy. Google Calendar can easily be integrated with your website whether you use Site Builder Pro or have a custom designed website. One of the great things about integrating with Site Builder Pro is that you can manage your calendars on Google and when you make changes, they appear on your site automatically without the need to re-publish. Google Calendar also allows you to receive email or mobile text-message reminders for all your calendar events. So, if you’re looking to add calendar features to your website, we suggest you check out Google Calendar.
Customers typically add audio for various uses like background music, podcasts, conference call audio, etc. In this tip, we show you how to add an audio file (MP3) and how easy it is using our Site Builder Pro. Image facebook-twitter-myspace-wikipedia-deviantart-youtube-google-wallpaper-1680x1050.jpg - Simplest Image HostingUsing Firefox? Merhaba Sevgili Melek'ler, bu yaz?m?zda gunumuzun en populer paylas?m sitesi oaln Facebook'a kapak fotograf nas?l eklenir hep birlikte ogreniyoruz.
Kapak fotograf?n? ekleyeceginiz alanda asag?daki sekilde de gordugunuz gibi Kapak Ekle k?sm?ndan Fotograf Ekle'yi secin. Sevgili melekler, facebook hesab?n?z varsa sizlere profil sayfan?z? renklendirecek birbirinden guzel kapak fotograflar? resimlerini sizlerle paylas?yoruz bu sayfam?zda. Sevgili melekler, facebook kullan?c?s? iseniz, sayfan?z? en neseli hale getirmek icin sizlerle komik kapak fotograflar? paylas?yoruz galerimizde. Sosyal paylas?m ag? facebook zaman tuneli profiliniz de kapak resmi olarak dini resimler ar?yorsan?z sizlere begeneceginizi umdugum birbirinden guzel dini kapak fotograflar?n? paylas?yorum.
Facebook zaman tuneli uygulamas?na gectikten sonra en ust yerde sizin icin anlam ifade eden resimleri ekleme ozelligi sunarak yeni bir c?g?r act?. Baz? kisiler ozel hayat?ndan resimleri paylasmay? tercih etsede baz?lar? da haz?r yaz?l? kapak resimleri paylasabiliyor. Bizler de en cok begenilen yaz?l? kapak resimleri aras?ndan sizler icin sectigimiz baz? ornekleri begeninize sunuyoruz. Arkadaslar sizden zaman tuneli icin yaz?l? kapak resimleri istiyorum ama mumkunse yeni ve cidden guzel olan Yaz?l? Kapak Fotograflar? olursa cok sevinirim. Sevgili meleklerimiz ve say?n misafirlerimiz, eger kalbiniz Besiktas sevgisiyle at?yor, siyah beyaz?n asaletini yureginizda tas?yorsan?z simdi sizlerle galerimizden paylasacagu?m?z Facebook kapak fotolar?na bay?lacaks?n?z. It’s understandable and  in this blog post, I hope to help you with some of the basic pet peeves you can easily avoid on your website. Making it easier and easier for your prospects to contact you and conduct business is a basic, but critical step in the success of your website. Provide your full contact information on your home page, at a minimum your 800 # or business phone number. Many people are comfortable with email, but most still prefer to conduct business over the phone. By inserting keyword-rich text throughout your fan page and updating regularly, you can create tremendous search engine optimization. Typically, the shorter the title, the better, because each time you add content to your fan page your long title will append to each post. For example, instead of being a long, unmemorable link, you can shorten the link by using your brand name, company name, etc. Doing so also helps to consistently add content to your fan page and keep it fresh and engaging. Today, personal branding has become the standard for career development and a necessary part of how we communicate with others online.
If you are already a name brand, such as Donald Trump, you can get away with picture inconsistency. I’m quite worried that people are making a serious personal-branding mistake by registering for all of these networks. What if you switch jobs or decide you don’t like a certain hobby any more as you age? Think about it: If a message board has no messages or a blog has no comments—if there is no one to interact with on a social network—why join?

By taking the step to not only build a personal brand but also seek new ways to get your name out there, you will be more successful. Realize that Bing’s popularity will continue to increase and should be on your radar in terms of online search engines to target. Companies like Comcast, Whole Foods, Delta Airlines and many more are using Twitter in various ways including promotion, customer service and branding.
The key idea is it is real-time, followers can get the promotions on their phone (should they choose) and this can spur sales. We are looking at using Twitter to deliver real-time server updates, tips and suggestions, much like we do with our blog.
You can search for keywords that pertain to your business or your brand to see what people are saying.
First of all, people are social animals and like to discuss with friends and family about their experiences.
In your email communications to existing customers, have a tag line that says something like “Know someone what could use our service? Twitter is a great tool you can use to deliver real-time updates and encourage people following you to share the benefits your products and services with friends. Even if you don’t use our Site Builder, you can still use our MP3 code generator located in this how-to movie. Bu taray?c?yla sitemizden tam verim alamayabilirsiniz.Daha h?zl?, daha guvenli ve verimli kullan?m icin Google Chrome taray?c?s?n? kurup kullanabilirsiniz. Bu sayfam?zda Facebook kapak resmini yenilemek isteyen tum uyelerimiz ve bizi ziyaret eden misafirlerimiz icin, cok guzel Facebook kapak resimlerini aktar?yoruz. Birbirinden komik bu kapak fotograflar? ile facebook sayfan?z imreniecek derecede eglenceli hale gelecek.
In past blog posts, I’ve suggested ways to speed up your sales cycle, this post covers the basics and the easiest pet peeves to avoid on your website.
Let the prospect decide how they want to contact you, whether it’s phone, mail or email. Don’t give them an excuse to go elsewhere, put your phone number on ever page on your website.
I personally love to travel, but it’s not my goal in life, however, I still derived a lot of great tips from this book.
Just add the Static FBML app, paste in your FBML code (very similar to HTML), then edit your fan page settings to select the specific tab you wish non-fans to land on. That transparent nature of our brands allows for open dialog among peers, including admitting mistakes and communicating a clear opinion on where we stand on various topics.
As the number of social networks that you register for increases, so does the time you need to spend updating each one. There is no point in being part of something that can’t serve as a support system and resource for your personal brand. Make sure all your internal links, links that link to other pages within your website, are working properly. If you outsource any writing on your site to freelancers, have a clear understanding of copyright and fair use laws. Think about ways your business can benefit from this real-time communication to followers of your account.
With iStockPhoto you can add great quality, professional stock imagery to your website for a very affordable price. If they find a service or a product they really like, they enthusiastically spread the word. Let them know about us!” This can go on your outgoing email signature, auto-response forms, etc.
Her ne kadar benim bir face hesab?m yoksa da cogunluga sayg? duyuyorum ve face kullan?c?lar? icin arast?rmalar yap?yorum.
You can also create new and updated internal links to help Bing re-index your site and better rank you for your industry’s key words. Be sure that your site writers and copywriters adhere consistently to that style and tone. For example, will writers producing articles for your site maintain ownership of the piece, or would you prefer to buy their words for your own exclusive use? It allows a business to pass the first test, that is, being qualified as a company you should potentially work with.
To me, LinkedIn is the most credible social network on the planet right now because it contains profiles of Fortune 500 executives and leading entrepreneurs.
Scanners impatiently look for the good stuff they need, so be sure that any summary truly offers the essence of a longer piece…and entices the reader to read on. After that, produce your choicest set of editorial surgical tools and precisely cut and remove excessive words and verbose prose. As coarse and unlovely as you view them, practical bullet points and straight-to-the-matter text are what you want.
An accurate summary is also critical for top search engine results and for other web sites that might want to link to yours. Break up that lengthy document in any way you can: Pull out quotes in a larger font size, use sub-headings within the text, break out interesting sidebars, or use hypertext links to break up blocks of text. Think short headers (4 to 8 words), short article summaries (30-50 words), short sentences (15-20 words), and short paragraphs (40-70 words). Il tuo indirizzo email: ISCRIVIMI ADESSO Hosting Talk e il punto di riferimento italiano per i professionisti del web, webhosting provider e ISP.Niente SPAM, promesso!

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