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The MyU2B stats site, although new and somewhat buggy, is entirely different (yet shares the horrible name).
Anon thanks for helping confirm my hunch that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it swim. I knew as soon as renetto put that out there that there would be folks like you who wouldn’t be able to understand even if it were explained to the them. I branded Casey Nunez “Insane Nutcase of YouTube” a long time ago and, well, everyone agrees! My own site also includes earning estimates but gives a range using an estimated high and low cpm rate.
Oh god, I bought this app and I want my money back and the chance to punch Renetto in the face. Who’s Nalts?Kevin "Nalts" Nalty the only career marketer who also is one of YouTube's most viewed entertainers. There are about 2-3 dozen people I don’t want to ever miss, and for that I prefer this app to using YouTube on a computer.

Renetto is not trying to report how much your videos earned he is instead reporting the potential earnings capabilities your videos had. It handles subscriptions better than the built-in YouTube app, but it’s design for the video and channel pages are awful. Then when I went to organize the channels I want to see it was horribly laggy and unresponsive.
MyU2B tells me exactly how many videos my favorite person or channel has posted since I last checked them. He has no way to find out how many folks have clicked on to the ads in your videos or to tell how many times your monetized videos actually were shown with any of the three forms of advertising or the the payrate of those ads were. I finally managed to fight through that to whittle down the list of channels I want to follow. He makes about $55 a day from YouTube, and I once stalked him and shaved my head to assume his persona.
I accidentally deleted quite a few that I actually wanted due to the unresponsiveness, so I log in to YouTube on my computer to see what I’m subscribed to that I accidentally deleted on my iPod.

Vidstatsx is an equally crappy named but remarkably useful website, though the latter is a bit too focused on subscriptions (which is not nearly driver of daily views it once was).
Turns out removing the icon in the app unsubscribes you from that channel without any sort of warning!
And tip from Zipster08, who I never miss (despite the mocked screen shot): allow MyU2B to load completely before searching for someone.
MyU2B doesn’t yet allow you to bookmark or link to a specific search string, but it does index more than 11,000 individual channels.

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