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Bellingen Shire Council has an enviable commitment to environmental sustainability and the natural environment. This role is an essential part of leading Council's environmental sustainability, river restoration & biodiversity and waste management strategy and functional unit.
Working with the Deputy General Managers and other Managers within Council to develop related plans and strategies including elements of Council's Delivery Program and Operational Plan within the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework.
Bellingen is located on the Mid North Coast of NSW and is renowned for its fantastic climate, beautiful beaches and rivers, world heritage rainforest area, national parks, scenic Waterfall Way and festival culture.
Candidates are required to attach a cover letter to their application, addressing the selection criteria.
More details on the responsibilities and the selection criteria for this role are set out in the Position Description, which can be downloaded by clicking on "Download PD". As an employer, are you confused over where and how to post part time job advertisements online?
If you’re ready to post your jobs, simply click the “Submit a Job” button above and fill in all the required information. Your ads will be visible on our home page and in our search results the instant your payment is processed. Whether your business is growing or just getting started, you’re going to need to grab attention – and keep it! A neatly designed infographic is a total game-changer, because it can serve basically any purpose you can think of: a newsletter, a handout leaflet, a poster in your window, a creative format for your reports.
Just like for almost any business out there – whether it’s based online or offline – a good website is a must. From leaflets and custom email signatures, through e-newspapers, to unique reports and easy traffic trackers, a good infographic can work wonders for any kind of business you need to promote.
This entry was posted in Awesome Infographic, Creating Infographics, Marketing, Business and tagged infographics, marketing, social media, onilne business on November 13, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic. The business world is a very tricky place to navigate, especially if your own group is a small one. Before you start your calculation, take a moment to think about what sort of return information you’re looking for, exactly. After some amount of time, you’re bound have various kinds of people scattered around your radar: buyers, followers, people who are interested but still don’t actively seek out your services, and other similar groups.
With most of the population migrating to the Internet at least part-time, advertisement got a brand new gateway.
Nothing will encourage people better than seeing someone else that they can relate to already got good results. Most of the time, if you’re a small business owner, you will have to put in a lot of time, effort and resources into self promoting. Even though it’s the digital era, people will still take the word of someone they know as a preferred reference. The number of social platforms is increasing every day, and your opportunities along with it. Whatever marketing strategy you decide on and whoever your target audience is, a good infographic is an ally on all fronts. This entry was posted in Awesome Infographic, Creating Infographics, Marketing, Business and tagged infographics, marketing, social media, smal business on November 7, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic. Once the data was collected, they were to create a frequency table, histogram, frequency polygon, stem-and-leaf chart, and find mean, median, mode, and standard deviation.
This entry was posted in Awesome Infographic, Creating Infographics, Classroom, Education, Students, Technology and tagged infographics, students, education, technology on November 4, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic. Infographics are a great and creative way to get your message across, anything from school lessons, through homework and essays, to data for your college research.
Accenting relations between segments by changing the shade of the basic color was a nice idea here. Blue and yellow go together great and stand out as bright, cheerful and friendly against the neutral background. This is another great example of using colors to highlight the important things, and using icons makes it tidy and more effective. You can find all these and many other templates at our designer and use them to create your own unique design. This entry was posted in Awesome Infographic, Creating Infographics, Classroom, Education and tagged teachers, students, education, classroom on November 4, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic. In this post we are going to share some of the work students and teachers created using Easelly. And the last one, an elementary school student making infographics about candy using Easelly. This entry was posted in Creating Infographics, Classroom, Education, Students, Technology and tagged teachers, infographics, students, education, technology on November 2, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic.
Everyone loves a nice bit of cake or pie every now and then, and there are plenty of people who have their breakfast or lunch on the go, but not everyone is a hotdog person or a hamburger enthusiast. Of course, with so many snack hubs of every possibly type scattered around just about everywhere, making a small baking place stand out between all the fast food stands can be hard. From dogs and cats, through reptiles and birds, to the tiniest rodents and fish friends, every critter needs a good food supplier, a nice place to sleep and awesome toys for when its humans are busy or away. School can be a playground or a prison, and a big chunk on those scales is the question of how tough the classes are. Not only is it a great way of marketing your services and standing out between a blizzard of related ads, you can also use it as a tool for class: make any dull statistical data way more attractive and illustrate any science experiment or tricky equation in a way that’s short and easy to remember. With everything these days migrating to the Web, it’s important for a designer of any kind, and especially for the newcomers, to have a vibrant visual presence that’s more likely to go viral.
Not only is an infographic a great way to promote your business, it’s also a brilliant addition to your portfolio, because it shows that you can create visual content that’s unique, clear, concise, creative and quickly adopted. No matter what sort of a business you decided to start or want to upgrade, an attention-catching visual aid can make all the difference.
This entry was posted in Creating Infographics, Technology, Business and tagged infographics, technology, small business, marketing on November 2, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic.
Cell signaling is one of the most arid parts of the curriculum this semester, and my students have tons of papers to read of too many different subjects. This week we talked about the RhoA protein, its activation and how this little protein can change the shape of a cell in two diferent ways, first by stopping depolymerization and then by enhancing polymerization. This infographic can be easily modified to represent other cell signaling pathways using the same shapes, moving them around, changing the name of the proteins and rearranging the arrows. This entry was posted in Awesome Infographic, Creating Infographics, Classroom, Education, Students and tagged educators, infographics, students, papers on October 30, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic. Nowadays the need for speed just keeps increasing, and it can get pretty tricky to keep your output interesting and creative enough when you have a tick-tacking clock (and possibly an impatient PR person, too) breathing behind your neck.
Chances are that if you’re an NPO or NGO looking to recruit some extra hands, there are still a lot of youngsters (and adults!) who will just roll their eyes and yawn when volunteer work is mentioned. Whether you’re dedicated to building a new sports community center, helping out a local preschool with some extra tutoring or want to spread some HIV awareness, getting your local youth involved is probably going to be listed in your plan of action.
If your museum has a vast treasure of history on display but only a limited time to present it (especially to a hyperactive bunch on a school trip) then infographics are your new best friend.
True, almost everything is accessible on the web these days, but libraries, galleries and cinemas haven’t died out just yet.
There probably isn’t a kid in the world that doesn’t get the creeps from the doctor’s office.
Getting people of all ages and interests up and away from their devices and out into the great outdoors seems to be getting more challenging by the season. Infographics are perfect for this kind of task since you can use them to reach pretty much anyone. This entry was posted in Awesome Infographic, Science Infographics, Creating Infographics, Historic Analysis, Nonprofits and tagged infographics, history, nonprofits, museums on October 26, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic.
This entry was posted in Awesome Infographic, Science Infographics, Creating Infographics, Classroom, Education, Students and tagged infographics, students, science, biology on October 26, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic. Patient planning is important, but taking things step by step can prove to be quite tricky if you can barely navigate through a pile of paperback clutter. Chances are you’ve got a board hung up in a corner or a brainstorm notebook tucked away somewhere.
Infographics are incredibly handy because you can use them internally, print them out, post them on blogs, email them around or share them on various social media platforms. An infographic can serve as anything you need: a poster, a newsletter, an advertisement publication and anything you can think of in between.
They’re also neat because you can easily adapt them to various interest groups and audiences of all ages, occupations and backgrounds with just a few clicks of your mouse.
First impressions are very important, and nothing ever beats a unique, interactive and, above all, simple introduction. This entry was posted in Awesome Infographic, infographic Templates, Creating Infographics, Nonprofits and tagged infographics, nonprofits, sharing, audience on October 26, 2015 by Aleksandra Popovic. All text licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence unless otherwise stated. Vault Guides are THE source for insider insight on career information and employer reviews. Read More:Vault Career Guide to the Internet and Social Media Top 50 Internships For 2015Want to Work for Google or Microsoft?
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Council's Community Strategic Plan 2030 recently identified the Living Environment as a key theme, objective and service delivery to the community.
The Shire is a lifestyle region with a mix of traditional and non-traditional farming, creative arts, tourism and related industries, and a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities.
Generally major job advertising websites does not focus on part time job adverts and places these job advertisements in their sub section corner and does not attract targeted candidates who are looking for part time jobs. This is the great thing about the Internet: instead of trying to guess which radio time will make you most widely heard, you can just pop up on people’s screens any time of the day.
Not to mention, since they’re simple, colorful and easy to follow, they’ve got huge chances of quickly going viral. A short description, your contact and a sales basket should be information that’s just a click away from your customers, but why not get creative and include some interesting and useful side content, too?
Those are the perfect environment for your info to reach the most people possible in the shortest time. Not only will it stand out between a flood of similar ads and catch way more attention than any old black-and-white content, it’ll also get all your messages across in a creative, engaging and memorable way – and help keep them short and quick, a perfect fit for the busy net surfer of today.
You need to reach and keep as many people as possible, but with the marketing landscape being as shifty as it is, seeing a return on your investments can prove to be quite a challenge. Having them all in one place can go a long way, and there are actually two neat tricks to it: not only can you have a scheme of your audience presented clearly on a handy infographic for your own use, but you can actually make one (or many!) which would have something interesting for all of them. With nearly everything, from various forums and chats to online newspapers, being powered by ads you can reach a larger audience than ever before. Make a point of the positive experiences and feedback from your customers to attract new ones.
Of course, with your neighborhood giants it can be a pretty tricky thing, so don’t be scared of connecting with your target audience on a plain old human level.
Word of mouth may be turning into word of mouse, but it’s still a good idea to make sure that the feedback circling round where you can’t see it is as positive as possible. Of course, you don’t need to be on every new forum that pops up, but it’s a good idea to have an online presence that extends to several different sites and communities.
With a business of your own, the best sorts of investments are those with highest chances of bringing the result you want, right? There’s almost zero chance that you’ll see someone with a VHS these days, and even having vast digital libraries of – whatever – on your home PC is a declining trend: various clouds are hanging over a computer user’s landscape. You can use them as custom email signatures, leaflets, booklets, posters, a new and creative format for your reports, a neat way to keep track of your data, and much more.
This has prompted my students to want to use this tool to present in other classes as well. And just like students and teachers have lots of different things to say, here at Easelly we have a bunch of different templates to fit any occasion.
The warm color gives off a friendly feeling and having it as a gradient makes sure it isn’t just a dull field of pixels.
It gives an overall smooth feeling and keeps the viewers focused on the information, while the links are easy to follow. Red and orange are a nice contrast to the neutral background and the purple keeps them in balance. The snaky road gives it a consistent flow, the information is concise and the colors of the segments are a perfect contrast to the relaxing green background. Using black for emphasizing things to remember makes them look more serious and helps them stick to the memory.
The ones on this infographic are simple and the colors make for clear differences without clashing with the background. The main question stands out right away and there’s a short explanation along with an icon that’s a good association and can help people remember it. Mixing a circle display with column lists strikes a balance between a dynamic feeling and a serious tone. The calm color scheme makes it easier to focus on the presented information; the icons are a nice way to seize attention and the opposition between the two page segments is accented just enough by the contrasting icon colors. Visual learning and using modern technology in classes gives way better results than just hunching over a plain old textbook. The best way to remember the difference between Past Perfect and Present Perfect is to visualise them.
What makes us proud the most is seeing children using Easelly, being part of their education. Presentations that contain both text and images are found to be more engaging, informative, and captivating. There’s always someone out there who’s bigger, or better connected, or just has a flashier marketing strategy. Not just that, but every pet owner around appreciates some free advice – especially if they’ve never adopted an animal before! There’s always someone who needs that bit of extra help and that’s why out-of-school tutoring is an increasingly popular job these days. Any promotional blog post, website homepage or previous works collection can get a whole different tone to it with one or two well placed and creative infographic pieces. Even if your designs aren’t meant for a digital medium – if you design clothes, interior, cakes or anything else, it’s still a powerful weapon in the war for new clients.
If you’re opening a pharmacy, running a sports club, giving your magazine a makeover or modernizing your independent record label, taking it online is the best way to reach people and a crafty infographic will have a lot more eyes turning your way.
I decided to be the cool teacher and instead of giving them 4 different papers to read (on top of everything else I already gave them to study) I summarized all that information in one nice infographic so they can study easily.
I really liked how it turned out, it’s very easy to draw a nice cell membrane using only some circular shapes and some lines, you don’t even need to draw the whole thing, just make the basic structure and then using the clonning tool you will have it ready in less than  5 minutes!
You can make as many as you need for your class, or you can make one and show your students how to do it, it will be a different way to study and I’m sure it will help them to remember. So how can you get the largest audience interested in what you have to offer and in the shortest time possible?
Typically, work, school, sports, kids, going out and personal hobbies will make it higher up on their list of priorities. The trick is to match their impatient energy and make your presentations dynamic and alluring, so put together a clear and fun infographic that lists all the awesome benefits of joining the volunteers’ force.
You can hand them out to teachers and parents to help them bring a quick decision on where to take their flock, or hang them up by the door for the general citizenry to get a good grasp of what this month’s program has to offer.
All those huge, serious books, giant chairs and scary metal tools straight out of a horror movie in a funny smelling room – and to top it off, there’s always the white figure in a mask looming over you.
When promoting exercise in your local community, either in a sports center or just having an event in the local park, it’s important to find something for everyone to enjoy: your neighbor’s third grade son, the grumpy gray haired lady three doors down, and everyone in between.
Of course the youngsters will notice anything new and vibrant on their social media profiles and most parents have no problem checking the email anymore, but let’s face it: there’s no way you’ll get the grandparents on a date with “that horrible new machine”. Just visit our designer and follow the arrows to make a template that’s catchy, unique and perfect for you. For most of them this is the first time they are inside a real research laboratory and they are overly excited and shy at the same time. However, with all the steps and sub steps, back up plans, one-time tasks and heaps of side notes, things can get pretty drawn out and messy.
Whether you want to present your plan of action to someone else or you just need to see what you’re thinking, having a neat visual aid that doesn’t hustle, rustle, tear up and tip over with a WHAM! They’re a wonderful way to illustrate whatever story you want to share and you can put them up anywhere – on a screen, a wall, a frame, or shine them through a projector. And whatever your topic and your target group, you’ll never come across as a boring lecturer.
We help you leave your audience dazzled and curious to hear more about who you are, what you do, and how they can become a part of your mission. These documents—along with your educational achievements, professional skills and experience, and interviewing skills—will determine whether you land an interview or not. While we promote an open forum, please follow these guidelines to ensure an enjoyable and welcoming environment for all our readers.
Comments containing racism, homophobia, sexism, or any other form of hate-speech have no place on our site. You may not use a false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise mislead as to the origin of your comments. We do not welcome comments containing copy used for commercial purposes or for soliciting funds. Your job ad will also be broadcasted to job seekers via multiple channels like Facebook, Email, RSS, Twitter & more.
Because buying and learning things online is so easy and convenient, a solid web presence is a huge mark on the business landscape.
Set up a monthly “Staff Stories” publication with some attractive icons and fun color schemes, offer some how-to about your products in a catchy graph, or make a vibrant announcement for an event, and make them into downloadable pdf-s or pin them to your home page. Comments, shares, tags and up-votes tend to pour in on posts that involve photos and videos, so post an infographic with a unique presentation of what you’d normally type out in a post or status.
Bringing your people into contact with each other will help you build a unified and engaged audience network. Facebook and Twitter are not only extremely popular social networks but they also keep their ads offer simple and targeted (for example, the “Pages you might like” recommendations) and a vibrant, concise and creative infographic is bound to go viral. Infographics are a perfect medium for this since you can neatly display your great results in numbers, quotes, illustrations or whatever other combination of elements which is most suitable for your particular offer. People will comment, tag, share and re-share on and off the web, so you might want to keep track of who said what.

Like with any groups, there are bound to be differences between them, and having an infographic that neatly outlines some key tips for each of them can go a long way. And since it’s marketing we’re dealing with, they’re going to have to be attention grabbers. The students had to create a one-question quantitative survey and survey 20 of their peers (the survey could be done through social media or paper and pencil). It lays out its key points simply and also makes the text stand out nicely, with the black on the lighter side and a contrasting blue on the other. The diagram here is simple and easy to remember, and the white text is a clever choice, since it’s more visible against all the other colors and helps keep the bright atmosphere. Dividing the page into rectangular sections gives an impression of good organization and splits up the info into smaller, digestible chunks. The answer is given in a short and clear form complete with an attention-grabbing visualization. The color scheme is easy on the eye, and notice how black text works better than white here compared to the similar above example.
We hope both teachers and students continue to have fun and learn new things by using infographics and everything we have to offer.
We hope to see more and more classrooms implementing Easelly and helping students learn more about learning.
Starting and maintaining your own small business is a tricky thing, especially when you remember that there are probably a few hundred people with the exact same idea in mind as you.
Let people know what a wide and yummy choice you offer and display your delicious menu in an appetizing way.
Your small pet shop business can provide all these, and your creative commercial can make it obvious to everyone.
Whether you knock on your students’ doors or wave to each other via Skype, a good infographic is a teacher’s ally on all fronts. I used a different shape in a different color for each protein, that would make it easier to understand and also to remember. The thing is, “working for free” isn’t really a suggestion that sounds so good… so let’s clear it up and show people what you’re all about! Work experience, making new friends, learning languages they haven’t heard and skills they’ve never seen before aren’t bad ways to spend a summer and you can tell them all about it in just 15 – 30 minutes: all in a simple way that’s close to them and easy to remember. Also, a neat visual aid like this will make a great contribution to your establishment’s online presence. With a new type of audience, though, new ways of promotion are swinging widely out, and it’s a must to be short, sweet and on the dot.
Before we go there for the first time, I talk to them about the dos and don’ts of working in the lab but I understand that they may forget some of the rules the first couple of times. We here to help you sort through all that and make your next direction clear and easy to follow. Usually we just rush to jot down whatever ideas flood our brain – and most of the time, it winds up in horrible handwriting. It’s a great thing when you can communicate with your team quickly and keep everyone up to date on everything without spending a fortune on the printer. Infographics are vibrant, dynamic, engaging and make any information incredibly easy to remember. Extend out a new kind of invitation and get more hands on deck than ever before with the help of Easelly designer and this innovative, fun and fast paced communication format. If we believe you've impersonated someone else, we reserve the right to remove the comment.
If a reader reports a concern, moderators will try to review that concern as soon as possible. Please remember that these comments are searchable and a comment history has a long life on the web.
However, scrolling through big blocks of text is totally tedious, so it’s a good idea to make the info you want to share as visual as possible. Having your news visual instead of textual will make it way more appealing and easier to remember. And of course, whatever kind of offer you’ve got on, make sure to have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, since they have a simple and targeted ads offer. The Easelly team has got some great templates ready for you to edit and arrange in whatever unique way best fits your purpose.
Make it clear that you’re “their people” and share your inspirations in a lively, visually appealing and easy to share way. This can also be handily connected with #4: an infographic a month comparing positive and negative reviews can help you see where you stand with the public, or help them see just what a brilliant team they’ve got right in their neighborhood. An audience will have different wants for different spaces, and being quick to adapt is definitely a game-changer. Photo essays, catchy graphs, colorful charts, cheerful icons and daring fonts are all a good place to start, especially if you have to be transparent and make your reports etc open and available to the public. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for tiny differences in how things work in that particular online or offline space compared to others, so you can adapt quickly, creatively and more successfully. The Easelly team has a whole load of vivid and various templates which you can customize however you like for a winning marketing combination no-one has made before! Luckily, there’s an easy way to show off your own unique highlights and break through between everyone else: Easelly infographics.
Make everything available and attractive with a colorful and fun infographic, either as a poster in your door or a free leaflet to go with every purchase. Head on over to our online easel, follow the friendly arrows and find the template combination that suits you best. Also, you can bet they’ll be relieved when they don’t have to take any more notes after a long day! Having something fun and relaxing to fix their attention to while waiting will go a long way with your tiny patients, and chances are most of your posters are outdated. Our older students don’t have many visible signs with the rules of the lab because most of them are pretty obvious for people that have been doing research for a long time, but even they forget the basics sometimes. From convincing a bunch of high school students to smoke less and exercise more, through presenting your achievements and future goals to your partners, to spreading HIV awareness or tackling global economy, a good infographic can completely change your course. Although cover letter and resume basics may be the same from industry to industry, your goal is to create the perfect cover letter and resume to land you a job in the Internet and social media industry. If you personally attack other readers or writers, your comment(s) and responses to those comments may be removed from the discussion.
In addition, in some cases, if a post is still too vulgar, a moderator may later remove or edit it.
Play around with the various background images, themes, colors and fonts and see what feels good. Having a clear goal in mind makes it a lot easier to estimate just how successful you were. For example, you could release a monthly infographic-type newsletter with titles like “Hot achievements this August” or “Merry Christmas!
Email it around, set it up on your website and share it on your favorite social platforms, and have your small business expand in whole new directions! You can just share your infographic on their favorite social platform and spare everyone the paper mess.
Make a graph of how many action titles, mysteries and romances people can enjoy this week, show off the front covers of the most popular novels on your shelves and illustrate in bold colors what it is that makes the artist on display today so brilliant.
Hang up a cool new infographic instead to show them exactly what kind of place they came to, get them to ease up, and maybe even teach them a thing or two about the procedure or just their general health. I decided to make a nice infographic with the basic rules for my younger students and it will also work as a reminder for the older ones.
It’s the perfect way to get all your messages across clearly, concisely and creatively, with us, you can make one all of your own in no time. Many tech industry job applicants submit their resumes electronically, which suggests that the cover letter is no longer important. We do not remove every comment that has been reported and we cannot respond individually to every report. A tidy infographic with a clear illustration of what you hoped to achieve can help keep your thoughts on track and make sure you don’t miss out on any relevant information. For example, post a “What do you like most about us?” question with an infographic that concisely presents your main points and features and have a poll in the comments. Let’s remind everyone that “cultural activities” aren’t just for boring old folks – they’re for everyone and not boring at all.
You can also put them up on your website and in the waiting room for people of all ages and make any information you wish to share warmer and clearer. It was easy, fun and the result looks very nice hanging on the wall, I’m already thinking about making a couple more of them for each section of the lab, remembering the students about the proper use of certain equipment, I’m sure it will improve the way we work and will help us to make less mistakes and save time and money.
Have fun with it and make a winning combo that’ll give your home business a booming upgrade! Others use their email text as a cover letter, applying all the rules of the genre to the email format.

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