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In my own experience, Doug, the owner of Westway, was very helpful, and the reply was quick.
So I am new to this site, but not at all to collecting airliner models, and driving commercial aircraft. In the last photo, the one with the huge UAL 744, it looks as if the Alaska Airlines model is an A320.
If you have an pacmin md11 already in Olympic colors but it needs to be restored contact pacmin they restore models too. View my Lufthansa model-collection at To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater.

What I would still love to get is a larger scale Landor colour model from BA, preferrably DC10 or Tristar. It is not owned by me nor do I have copyright, but what makes a good shot even more popular than letting everyone see it ?!
A nice collection you have there - but one question has to be asked: No Lufthansa models in Hamburg??? If those wings were detachable I would have told you to send them to me and I would have fabricated 2 identical outboard engines.
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Almost as good looking as the Il62 Back in '93, I worked for a year with Aeroflot in both their central London offices and at Heathrow. In the cellar at the reservations and sales centre, there were many models, mainly Il62, Tu154, and one Il86 which now lives with me!

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