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Step 3: If you have finished downloading, just right click upon the video, you will see the list of options. Step 4: On the interface of Convert, the software will automatically analyze the files and display their details. Enjoy YouTube videos while keeping your eyes on the world around you with MP3s made from the comfort of your own computer.
Subscribe our regular newsletters for major updates, special service and new product releases. There was a time not so long ago when downloading YouTube videos to a personal computer required a mere click of the mouse.
Of course, one can get around this by paying $10 per month for YouTube Red, which provides an ad-free viewing experience and the ability to save videos or songs for offline playback on mobile devices. YouTube Converter is a $20 Mac application from Softorino, the folks behind the insanely useful and clever Waltr software. The difference here is that YTC can also download videos directly from YouTubea€™s servers, converting them on the fly to one of four quality settings of your choosing: 4K, 1080p, 720p, or 360p. With YTC running, all thata€™s required is to copy a YouTube URL, which is automatically pasted into the application. Now that YouTube has become the modern equivalent of a jukebox, music lovers will be happy to hear that YTC also includes an audio-only setting, allowing videos to be downloaded sans picture and similarly synced directly to the built-in Music app.
Transferred videos automatically display the same thumbnail artwork as their YouTube equivalent in the iOS Videos app. But first youa€™ll want to consider the implications of using YTC: YouTubea€™s current Terms of Service prohibit the downloading of most videos, particularly those which generate coveted advertising revenue. For this reason, my testing was limited to content I actually own or have licensed to others, including an entire feature-length movie with advertising was enabled. Softorino YouTube Converter transfers videos directly into the built-in iOS Videos app under the Home Videos category.
Although you can copy multiple URLs into YTC while videos are processing, I found this method frequently tripped up current downloads; multiple URLs can instead be queued ahead of time, then transferred all at once, which worked more reliably. Softorino YouTube Converter is an elegant solution for downloading videos for offline playback, but the questionable legality of using it in the first place will make it a non-starter for any Mac users with a conscience.

Best solution: Youtube Robot (free download, get full version) can not only download video clips posted on Youtube automatically or manually, but also convert Youtube to all media formats mentioned above and put the converted files on mobile devices. Best solution: Xilisoft Youtube Video Converter (free trial, download full version) is what you need. If you'd like to download video clips from Youtube on your Mac computer, just get Youtube Downloader for Mac. Convert iTunes to MP3 - Guide about remove drm from iTunes to MP3 on Mac OS X and Windows PC. No matter the reviews after using our products or other knowledge you want to share with us, all contents are welcomed! But sometimes it always comes up that we want to convert these videos to another format, such as MP3 for better enjoy. If you have downloaded some YouTube videos and wish to turn them into MP3 files you can listen to on the go, this article is for you!
Copy and paste the YouTube Video URL you prepare into the search bar (you can also input the video title in below search bar to look for the video you prefer). Click the option besides the big green a€?Converta€? button to set your output video format.
Find out and select the MP3 format youa€™d like to convert to, or just search it quickly on the right search bar. Try this trick today and youa€™ll discover ita€™s not quite so simple, thanks to Googlea€™s renewed efforts to block downloads in favor of the advertising revenue generated by streaming. But there are other ways to circumvent this challenge without the need for a subscription, assuming you dona€™t mind skating on the side of the legal pond where the ice is considerably thinner.
Like that software, YTC makes it easy to sync videos directly to an iOS device without the need to first import them into iTunes. Choose a quality setting and destination (which can be the Downloads folder of your Mac or any connected iOS device), click the red Convert button, and YTC does the rest. Therea€™s even a Preferences setting to favor MP3 over the Apple-centric default M4A format.
YTC worked like a charm on nearly every URL I threw at it, the only exceptions were Google Play, private, or age-restricted videos, which the software failed to recognize.

On occasion, transfers to my iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro would fail to work, but reconnecting or restarting the device always got things working again.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. It is an one-step solution that allows you to download video from YouTube, convert Youtube videos to DVD folders and related files, then burn to DVD or VCD.
It also supports extracting music from Youtube movie clips and converting to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, etc. The audio is connected directly to the video, making it impossible to simply listen to the audio or copy it onto a device. Just enter the arrow to go, all the related videos will be recorded in the sidebar located on the very left; they are in different sizes and formats, just select one to start downloading. The resulting file is then transferred to the Home Videos section of Applea€™s built-in Videos app, complete with thumbnail artwork. The developers encourage sharing the software with three friends, which then unlocks the ability to download videos from Vimeo as well, but first youa€™ll be required to a€?activatea€? by sharing your own email address with Softorino.
Pick Youtube videos you'd like to download or schedule the downloading tasks, and set the output format, that is it! You will need the proper tools to get the task done, tools which can separate the audio and video within the file. Additionally, MP3 files take up much less space than videos, allowing you to carry more on your phone or MP3 player, allowing for hours of rich entertainment. AmoyShare Total Media Solution, the DVD and video management suite is one example of a third party software that can help you accomplish the task.

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