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I am an engineer and my strength is developing products, so we develop products without too much attention to commercialisation.
This is Moore's work, not mine, but is has been helpful to my company and my clients since I read it. The gist of the thing, if the market development issue is about selling and not about a poor execution reputation that causes customers to wait, is that one has to go through four distinctive cycles with the sales force and outbound marketing group. The value is that once one lays eyes on this 3x3 matrix, and sees what Moore offers as his ideal paths and sequence, is that it expands one's thinking about how to mitigate the market development problem.
Second, and this is a backhanded silver lining, most financial justification calculations of ROI, NPV, IRR and the like use CPI or some other inflation-related measure for a discount rate. On April 21st the Alexandria SBDC Business Development Roundtable tackled the evergreen topic of determining your target market.
Alexandria SBDC Business Analyst Jack Parker stated that it was important for you to work out whether they were a startup or a growing business. Retail Architect Bridget Gaddis asked how to help someone define their target market when they haven’t successfully done it so far. After we discussed defining target market, we pivoted the conversation to this idea of refining your target market over time. Others found that they started out with a larger target market and with good intentions to help that audience, but found that they weren’t ideal for them because of lack of funding to support their business.
Target marketing is important not only for initial defining the marketing efforts of your business, but also, as several Roundtable participants noted, you need to continually take “snapshots” of your business. Next month we will be back at the Alexandria SBDC Roundtable with a discussion on “Time to Tune Up Your Branding.” As the mid-year approaches, this is the best time to re-assess your branding (visual, written and experiential) that’s happening in and around your business’ marketing efforts. We end-up with nice products but very hard to sell since we did not clearly study the market and the potential customers.

You may have a lot of love for your particular project and you may give your heart and soul to make it become reality, but unless is sells like hot bread, it's bound to be considered a failure. Startups sometimes have a more difficult time to identify their target market(s), and growing businesses have data about who they’ve done business with and can further refine their target market based on that. Several people mentioned seeking guidance from marketing experts, including SBDC and SCORE counseling, and experimenting with different target markets until you find your ideal client profile. Many times the target market you’ve identified and started marketing to infrequently are exactly the target market who ends up buying from you. So, they needed to change course and work with a smaller market with larger budgets to be able to pay for their business. These snapshots help you take pause and review the state of your target market, mistakes and potential opportunities to grow into new target markets.
We chatted about collecting data from our visitors, paying attention to keywords (the specific, unique words people search Google to find your business, not just your business name), and searching social networks for data about our ideal target markets.
So, on May 19th, bring a beverage or your lunch, grab a seat and join us for the next Roundtable to talk about branding in your Small Business. For some products, the technical and feasibility risks are still too great to have any hope of estimating an accurate schedule.
I learn the hard way that developing a product is only one aspect, commercialisation is more important for success !!!
It was important to many of the Small Business owners at the Roundtable to pay attention to the customer service experience and sales to decide whether certain target markets are right for their business.
This gives the businesses opportunities to help lower-paying clients when they have time available, but being able to still pay the bills. Over time, you learn to turn away certain kinds of business instead of other target audiences that fit your company well.

Let's focus on the market development area where capabilities generally need shoring-up across industries. Well, if your company has a long time-to-market cycle, it may not be necessary to start years in advance. But, if your company's time-to-market is less than a couple dozen months, it generally takes months to reach the necessary level of customer and marketplace understanding. Waiting to educate customers until after the product is launched can create an initial period of flat sales. Such products are held back until further technology development and risk reduction activities are performed.
Or they are deliberately pushed into development and everyone is aware that issues may arise.
This proficiency does not extend to market development and there are several possible reasons. It is perhaps because additional cross-functional organizations not involved in most launches must become engaged. It could also be due to the difficulties marketing and sales organizations face in quantifying and forecasting the market months or years in advance. Perhaps it is due to a company product development process that is too engineering and manufacturing oriented. Externally-facing marketing and sales organizations also became even more adept at making incremental products succeed during this period.

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