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MAGIX, the worldwide leader in video editing software, announced today MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 10, the complete home video editing software that brings the blockbuster power of Hollywood to consumers for only $49. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 10 is the fast way to impress your audience: simply choose from 15 great themes. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 10 makes sensational cuts, builds cool special effects, animations, and 3D transitions, and even creates DVD chapters for a professional end-product that turns your home movies into blockbuster masterpieces. The software now imports high-definition video and online movies from HDV, HDTV, DVB, WMVHD formats and saves in MPEG 1 and 2, MOV, WMV 9 as well as high-quality MPEG-4 and DivX compression (with installed codec). MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 10 lets consumers spice up their movies with 70 new enhanced video special effects templates and 25 combined special effects, including Fish Eye and Heartbeat. The software also creates beautiful slide-show DVDs of vacations and parties and has one-click image optimization to fix poor lighting conditions in photos (like dark sunsets or over-exposed sunlight shots), in addition to 10 image optimization effects.
Adding movie titles is easy with 50 text generators for automatic rolling credits and subtitles. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 10 for Windows will be available in early March through major retailers for $49.99 SRP.
MAGIX is a principal pioneer of innovative rich media products for professional and consumer markets, and a worldwide market leader in photo, video and audio applications combined with multimedia content and online services.

I just did a vew searches for this for sale at online retailers and all I can find is MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2004. Due to the AVS SW change in June 2014, most but not all links herein will work if you're not logged in. They're the perfect 1st step into the 21st Century of home recording from antenna or unscrambled cable. Bad Picture - Could be HDMI button not pressed or DVDR unplugged or no power (not in Standby).
Dead Unit - Check batt., try power button on unit, do Soft Reset, check for tuning interference.
As if by magic – your party, holiday, and vacation recordings are optimized & arranged with the right themed effects and corresponding soundtrack with the new Automatic MovieShow Maker. 55 music templates for automatic music introductions and background music can be enhanced with MAGIX’s new one-click Surround Sound button.
My Dad is starting to get into this type of stuff (we got him a DVD burner for xmas) and is frustrated with the software that he dug up. He says that the tools are super easy to use and renders edits in real-time (a big plus – and unheard of at this price).

Faster & better via smart MPEG2 rendering, native MPEG2 editing, DV-to-MPEG2 transcoding etc. The 9th-gen model, 1TB Mag MDR557, was released in May 2014 and has some important differences as described here.
Each generation has been a yearly improvement of the same basic design first introduced in Jan 2007 (Philips 3575) as the first and only HDD recorder designed for the U.S. Follow our team for updates featuring event coverage, new product unveilings, watch industry news & more! Just press REC and you're recording or set timers with show names (pre-titling) and watch later. Go on a month's vacation and find all your shows in a title list, with show name, live index pic, date and day of week, ready to play.

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