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A mockingjay is a bird that was created through mating of jabberjays and female mockingbirds.
Like their jabberjay fathers, mockingjays are excellent mimics, and have the ability to memorize and repeat both bird and human songs. The Avox, Pollux enjoyed whistling to the mockingjays, as it was the only auditory communication he had achieved in a very long time. Mockingjays are described as being as tough as rocks, being able to thrive in almost any environment.
In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, President Snow banned any references to the Mockingjay symbol due to the rebellion. Field Marshall Lord Kitchener’s face and pointing finger proclaiming ‘Your country needs you’, often copied and mimicked, is one of the most recognisable posters of all time. Born 24 June 1850 in County Kerry, Ireland, Horatio Kitchener first saw active service with the French army during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 and, a decade later, with the British Army during the occupation of Egypt.
The criticism however, did not damage Kitchener’s career, becoming first c-in-c of India, promoted to field marshal, and, in 1911, Consul-General of Egypt, responsible, in effect, for governing the whole country. At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Lord Kitchener was appointed Secretary of State for War, the first soldier to hold the post, serving under Herbert Asquith’s Liberal government.
Popular with the public but less so with the government, who found him taciturn and difficult to work with, the failure of the Gallipoli campaign saw Kitchener’s prestige fall. In June 1916, Lord Kitchener was sent on a diplomatic mission to Russia to try and better coordinate the Western and Eastern Fronts.
Read more about the Great War in World War One: History In An Hour published by Harper Press and available in various digital formats and as downloadable audio. This entry was posted in Blog, World War One and tagged World War One by History In An Hour.
When Katniss Everdeen wore a pin with this bird on it in the 74th Hunger Games, the Capitol was angry as it represented a slight against them due to the mistake that caused their existence. The jabberjays - all male - were initially created to eavesdrop on the rebels in the Dark Days, memorizing entire conversations and repeating them back at the Capitol. The mockingjays will then begin to spread the notes, passing the message along to all the workers. They are also found in various other districts, such as District 13, as well as outside District 12's borders. It originally belonged to Madge's aunt, Maysilee Donner, who died in the 50th Hunger Games.

He showed this to Katniss not only to hint that he was on her side, but also to hint the arena in the 75th Hunger Games. He was part of the force that tried, unsuccessfully, to relieve General Charles Gordon, besieged in Khartoum in 1885.
Succeeding Lord Roberts as c-in-c in November 1900 with the idea of mopping up outstanding pockets of resistance, Kitchener resorted to a scorched-earth policy in order to defeat the guerrilla tactics of the Boers. Bleakly, he predicted a long war, a lone voice among the government and military elite who anticipated a short, sharp conflict. On 5 June, the ship he was travelling on, the armoured cruiser, HMS Hampshire, hit a German mine off the Orkney Islands and sunk. But today, almost a century on from his death, his poster remains one of the iconic images of the twentieth century. Once they were discovered, the rebels fed endless lies to the birds, and sent them back loaded with false information. The simple melody is ingeniously designed to harmonize with itself as the different voices singing it overlap.
Rue is said in the book to tell Katniss that they are a way of communicating through the orchards in District 11. Wearing a mockingjay pin is a sign of rebellion to the Capitol — whether or not the wearer means any harm.
The pin, chosen for Katniss' one token of home, the woods outside of District 12, she found two women from District 8, Bonnie and Twill who were rebels on a journey to District 13 because they saw a mockingjay in the commercials. During his speech, Snow's granddaughter, who is in the same room as Snow, can be seen unbraiding her hair, as it was inspired by Katniss, the "mockingjay" of the rebellion. Controversially, he also set up a system of concentration camps and interned Boer women and children and black Africans.
Britain, Kitchener argued, would need an army far larger than the existing 1914 professional army, the British Expeditionary Force (BEF).
He had offered to resign, but the government, knowing how popular he was with the public, daren’t let him go.
These 12 cm diameter bronze plaques (click picture to enlarge, although this one is not Kitchener’s) were presented to the next of kin of those that had died during the Great War in the name of Britain and her empire.
After the lies were discovered, the Capitol closed the laboratories and the jabberjays were released into the wild, in the hope that they would die off. Not only did it fail in killing off their own creation, but it turned into something even better than before.

Thirteen years later, as commander-in-chief of the Egyptian army, Kitchener led the campaign of reprisal into the Sudan, defeating the Mahdists at the Battle of Omdurman and reoccupying Khartoum in 1898. Overcrowded, lacking hygiene and malnourished, over 25,000 were to die, for which Kitchener was heavily criticised.
The prime minister’s wife, Lady Margot Asquith, once famously said, ‘if Kitchener was not a great man, he was, at least, a great poster.’ (Although Lady Asquith later assigned the quote to her daughter). Kitchener’s body was never found, leading to several conspiracy theories that he had become too much of an embarrassment and liability, and had been assassinated. They did, eventually, but not before they passed on their genetic code to female mockingbirds. Kitchener’s successor as secretary for war and eventual prime minister, David Lloyd George, thought little of Kitchener and criticised his wartime role in his 1937 War Memoirs.
That David Lloyd George, at the time the Minister for Munitions, was supposed to have been accompanying Kitchener but cancelled at the last minute, merely added to the speculation. Beneath her is another lion gorging the German eagle, and the two dolphins are meant to represent Britain’s sea power. This was unforeseen, because no one expected them to be able to reproduce with other bird species.
The editor of the Manchester Guardian remarked that Kitchener ‘could not have done better than to have gone down, as he was a great impediment lately’. The offspring were called mockingjays, and, while they had lost the ability to memorize words, they could mimic any sounds from a child's high-pitched warble to a man's deep tones, and even songs with multiple verses, if you had the patience to sing to them.
About 1,300,00 were presented and my friend has a rather macabre collection of over 3,000, including this one of Kitchener’s. Katniss' father was one of those people, and Peeta claims that when he first heard Katniss sing, all of the birds, including mockingjays, fell silent, the sign that they liked the song or notes that were sung. I took it to an auction house in London and yes, it was genuine but, given Kitchener’s status, there are about five or six in existence. The mockingjay is so important to Katniss because her father had a special bond with them, and so did Rue. In the event, they got two million by the end of 1915, such was the extent of British patriotism and British naivety.

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