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OverviewDonny, a dancer from New York, finds himself in trouble when he travels to New Orleans and gets caught up in a criminal act. This product uses the APIs and services of other websites but is not endorsed or certified by any of those websites. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This website has a DVD cover for just about every movie ever released on DVD, just download the cover and print it out, but what about those home movies that you need a cover for ? Let’s start with the Template, please go ahead and download the following template so that you can follow along with the tutorial.
Notice the Layers in this Template file, you should see 3 Layers: Leave this Layer, Hide This Layer Guide, and Background.
Click and hold on the Text Tool Icon it looks like this –  , this should bring up a drop down similar to the illustration below. Ok, so now that we have the spine of our DVD Cover created we can move on to the front of the DVD Cover. Click back and hold on the Text Tool again and select Horizontal Type Tool and then go ahead and click on the right side of the template and type some text.
Yes, the way I usually do it is I open the picture in photoshop and then hit Command + A for Mac or Control + A for Windows this selects the entire image then I do Command + C for Mac or Control + C for Windows which copies the image to memory. I need to send another box to you for modding my Lite-On drive, i was needing your mailing address info and to let you know I would have one in route to you today if I get the mailing info in time. Food Cook DVD Cover and Label Template for personal or group to married, born, birthday, graduate, Engagement, conference, meeting and all kinds of party or social gathering.

For any help regarding this file, please feel free to contact me through my profile page and I’ll be glad to offer support.
After serving time, he is released on parole and begins earning money by dancing in the streets. Just choose a photo, add some text (like a playlist or a note or a dedication), and follow the simple printing and folding instructions. In this tutorial I will not cover artwork or how to style text and make it look all fancy, that part is completely up to you to play with and figure out. When you are finished typing the Title go ahead and type some more text just keep clicking on different areas of the Template.
It will ask you to Save the file, be sure to NOT save the template so that you can use it again for future covers. Then I would go to the DVD Cover that I’m making and create a new layer and then paste the image that was previously copied into memory by using Command + V for Mac or Control + V for Windows. Quick and to the point and I like how you did not take me to another site and try to sell my something! The music is pumping, the dance floor is moving and Donny (Derek Hough, TV's "Dancing With the Stars") stops when he sees the beautiful Aya (Korean pop star BoA) performing with her hip-hop Cobu crew at the hottest underground club in New York.
During the Second World War, the studio lost a lot of manpower and resources which left them with countless unfinished ideas too long for shorts, too short for features.
Told by his parole officer that he has to stop because he isn't allowed to be in that area, Donny decides to break his parole and return to New York, where his brother owns a club. This tutorial is not for these types of people, this tutorial is for the few of us who appreciate artwork and like to show of our DVD collection.

Oh yeah, we need to save the cover, in my opinion it is best to save it as a jpg and the best way to do that is as follows. Now all you need to do is open the JPEG file and print it and Voila, your very own DVD Cover.
If anyone has any questions about something that I may have left out, please comment and let me know. He learns that his brother's former partner has opened a rival club, and when Donny goes to visit it, he meets the partner's sister, who is also a dancer. This tutorial will walk you through what you need to know to successfully make a DVD Cover In Photoshop. When the couple finds themselves in the middle of a bitter rivalry, they must choose between family ties or their love for each other. Once you have opened the DVD_Cover_Template.psd file you should see something similar to the illustration below. You may have also noticed that a new layer has been automatically created with a truncated version of the text that we wrote in the Spine. And somewhere in wherever heaven is reserved for creatures of the deep, Willie is still singing, in a hundred voices, each more golden than before, and he'll go on singing in a voice so cheery forever. Each time you click on an area of the template with the text tool a new layer will be created, which is exactly what we want since this will make positioning, styling, etc… much easier.

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