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Sitting down to watch an entire season in one sitting might just be too much, spread it out, enjoy the periods between so everyone can digest what they’ve seen and learned. Just be aware of the danger and remind yourself of what possible spoilers are ahead, preparing yourself will help you preserve the surprise.
If the only thing you have to talk about with that friend or family member is something about the fandom, there’s something wrong with that relationship. This last one dovetails with the first, Incorrectly Matching Their Interests With One of Your Fandoms. Often, this leaves us standing on the cliffs edge, possibly even putting our relationships with family and friends in jeopardy. Not every accidental collision is as successful a meet-up as the peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.
Now if your friend likes cars, and owns a David Hasselhoff album, you’ve probably discovered a new Knight Rider fandom member.
For those who love cosplaying, Halloween is a great time of the year to be an ambassador of your fandom. Consider yourself the doctor of your fandom, you’ve got to be careful in the beginning not to overdose your patient.
Don’t forget that one huge part of fandom is that period between episodes, movies, or books where everyone talks about what they think will happen next.
If you want someone to enjoy grilling steaks, you shouldn’t make them start with the hard and dirty work of butchering the cow.

Not having things set up to help keep the game moving, taking too long to help them create a character from scratch instead of giving them a partially completed character, not having the material needed at hand and wasting time digging in your game closet for that one book you MUST have, can easily push the one person you want to enjoy the experience, into a coma like state from which they may never recover.
You can never be sure what other knowledge they might bring to the table, sure they may have never seen an episode of Doctor Who, but that doesn’t mean they have no clue about the theoretical perils of time travel. You’ve finally gotten someone you care about to play that video, board, or collectible card game with you. Loading your Magic the Gathering deck with all the special cards and tricks, while your friend or family member new to the game uses a starter deck that has no chance against yours, will not be fun for them.
Your friend or family member is talking about how bad a character is and you unintentionally tell them not to worry, and proceed to spill the beans on how that bad character gets their just deserts in the end, ruining what could be a defining moment in your friend of family member’s entry into your favorite fandom. Fandom should be about sharing, not just the things about that fandom you love, but about yourself and other interests. We are vulgar, debaucherous, and funny bastards that pilfer the internet (or interwebz, if you like) for the news you need so that you don't have to. How can you avoid the perils and pitfalls of introducing your friends and family to your fandom? You’ll probably have a feeling in your gut about whether or not the person you are thinking of introducing your fandom to will be receptive. What better way to introduce your friend or family member to cosplay than by helping them build a kick ass Halloween costume for that party or day at the office? Encourage questions, don’t stifle them by jumping the gun and telling them everything.

Then you proceed to beat the crap out of them at each and every opportunity, using all the skills you’ve learned from countless hours of play time. On the other hand, if you both use starter decks, you can teach not only the mechanics of the game and some of the strategies behind winning moves, but you can both have a good time.
Too often these days fandoms devolve into groups bent on destroying or mocking other fandoms, all because they can’t get over the fact that someone can like something different, or in addition, to what they like.
How many times does someone recommend something to you and your immediate response is to offer your own favorite thing right back at them? Follow that feeling, continuously pounding a square peg in a round hole will only bring you and your soon to be ex-friend misery.
Just remember that smile on Master Po’s face when Kwai Chang grasped the pebble from his hand. Don’t be the person that reminds them of that awful nun with a ruler during their elementary school days. That was the payoff for his countless hours of teaching, not lording his superior skills over his pupil. Sometimes it’s more important to know when to stop, because no fandom is worth the cost of losing a good friendship or family relationship.

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