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Insert a text box for the left and right side, leaving a gap in the middle for an additional text box that will be the spine label.
Insert an additional text box in the middle and after typing the DVD title, rotate it 270 degrees.
If you have a DVD player which is coded for any specific region and you want to play a DVD which is designed for another region, then you may have to decode your DVD player.
Purchase a DVD, which is specially designed to be played for another region, non-playable for your own region. Here, you will need to press the code keys on your remote, in order to unlock your DVD player. After entering the code, insert the imported DVD and check if it gets played on your DVD player.

A DVD case insert is about the same width as a landscape sheet of paper (about 11″) but a little bit less than that. The manufacturers of the DVDs and DVD players set specific codes while developing their products, in order to make them region specific.
You can also borrow such DVDs from your friends, who might have purchased it from outside the country. Make sure your DVD player’s door is open, as most of the players need their doors open, to unlock codes. If you do not have imported DVDs, then there is no need to unlock the code in your DVD player. If you have lost the box or you are finding it difficult to find the model number, then you should check the back or bottom of the DVD player.

As every DVD player model has different code, you will need to search for your specific model. So, if you have a DVD player which is coded for region 1 and you want to play a DVD which is coded for region 6, then you will have to find the unlocking code for your DVD player, in order to play that DVD.

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