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In this Baking 101 Video, I share a quick & easy trick to make your own cake flour substitute at home, using just all-purpose flour and cornstarch!
When flour is mixed with the liquid in the recipe, the proteins in the flour bond together causing gluten to form, producing toughness and elasticity in your baked good. Make as much as you need and use as directed in your recipe where cake flour is called for.
Cake Flour (6-8% protein content) has the lowest protein content, resulting in a more soft, tender, delicate crumb, so I like to use it for most of my cakes and cupcakes (To make your own cake flour substitute check out my video above). Pastry Flour (8-10% protein content) Pastry flour has a slightly higher protein content than cake flour, yet it has less gluten than all purpose flour. All-Purpose Flour (10-12% protein content) is a mixture of high and low gluten protein flours, used in the most diverse amount of recipes.

Self-Rising Flour is cake flour or all-purpose flour that has baking powder and salt mixed in with it. Whole Wheat Flour (14% protein content) is made of ground hard wheat that is high in gluten, containing all of the nutrients found in the wheat kernel, such as wheat germ, bran. The leavening agent (usually baking powder or baking soda and sometimes yeast) then fills that gluten with air pockets. This can make a recipe more simple to be able to skip the step of sifting together the dry ingredients, however I prefer to add my own leavening agents and salt to regular cake and all-purpose flours as necessary per specific recipes, as some might require more or less than what is already premixed. It has more fiber, protein and calcium than white flour, along with fewer calories and carbs.
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It can be found in bleached and unbleached versions (sometimes enriched), which are interchangeable. Its high gluten content gives it shape and structure, making it great for breads, pizza dough and muffins. Most recipes work best when you substitute up to half the whole wheat flour in the recipe for all-purpose flour or bread flour.
The particular leavening realtor (typically preparing powdered or perhaps preparing soft drinks and also at times fungus) next fills in which gluten together with oxygen storage compartments.

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