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I think a proficient DJ doesn't depend on the softwares features to be able to "experiment", but is able to do his thing with what ever tools are available. Add the fact that (and this is a recent chance, granted) Serato now has more supported controllers and is still expanding the range, where Traktor seems to be digging into supporting primarily their own hardware. While everyone will have his or her personal favorite, I don't think either is "THE best" in an overall regard.
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Version 1.2 now includes support for Numark Mixtrack Edge, Numark Mixtrack Quad, Reloop Beatmix 2, and Reloop Beatmix 4 controllers. Wasn't the Reloop Beatmix 4 supposed to be shipped with the full version, or did I get something wrong? This is an introduction offer and in the near future the Beatmix 4 will also ship with Intro.
You'll also get weekly news and offer emails and exclusive access to members-only DJ training. There are some features not available to Traktor (like video and effects plug-ings) and they both cater to a different workflow.

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If you can afford a 400 dollar controller, you probably can handle about a 100 dollar upgrade to full version software.

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