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Pot still were one of the earliest still types used to separate ethanol from fermented mash (wash or wort). Pot: The shape of the pot is generally a cylinder that is wider at the top than the bottom. Swan Neck: The neck allows the vaporized alcohol and some water\flavor to rise up and enter into the lyne arm. Lyne Arm: The lyne arm will affect the amount of non-ethanol components that make it into the distillate. Condenser: The condenser cools the ethanol vapors to a temperature that is less than their boiling point.
It is up to the distiller to experiment with different mash recipes, still shapes and configuration to produce the end product that has been envisioned. I just recently purchased my own still from here, it’s a wonder, great craftmanship and very beautiful!
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Moonshiners Mark and Digger found their still site broken down by someone who wanted to send a clear message: the Sheriff.
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The pot is filled with the fermented mash and heated with fire or an internal heating mechanism. The neck is often narrower at the top than the bottom allowing for non-ethanol components to condense on the walls and fall back down into the wash. For example, as the vapors rise up the neck and into the lyne arm the temperature becomes cooler and the less volatile compounds (water, flavor, etc.) will change from a gas state to a liquid state (condense). If you relate to the aforementioned individual and find yourself in one too many uncomfortable texting situations, we are here to help. You have the responsibility to construct the most perfectly worded text if you follow the simple texting rules for optimum success. But this time, Bill and Josh are running still separately to achieve different gallon goals. Don't bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn't make an effort to stay. If you are one of many of us in the world, and havent found or ever been in what you may consider true love, do not worry because you are not alone. As we grow older, some of us may notice that people that we thought would be in our lives forever arent there anymore, and as different newcomers enter into our lives the people that we once knew dont seem to be around. Most commercial distilleries heat the wort (aka wash) with 400 degree steam pumped through tubing that is coiled inside of the pot.
However, as you have probably noticed this is not how the still in the above image is configured. If the lyne arm is ascending at a 45 degree angle those compounds will flow back down into the wash.
You can achieve the same results by running the distillate through the still a second or third time. If he wants to say "hey" and "what are you up to tonight" in two different text messages, he does it.
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This is another area where the brewer has the ability to create a distinct style of their own.

With a water-cooled condenser the cold water will be pumped through a coil, as in the diagram below, or around the outside of the tube that carries the ethanol vapors.
Lady friends, if you find a guy who double texts, don't let him go, he's rare and outstanding. My own mother makes the mistake of answering me with "k" because she just doesn't understand the "k" connotation. If you are trying to make a neutral spirit with no flavor and yield the highest alcohol content possible then a pot still is not the correct tool. On the other hand if the lyne neck was angled down at a 45 degree angle the less volatile compounds will condense and drip down into the condenser, along with the ethanol vapors thus giving the distillate a more flavorful, ‘fuller’, taste. Your first run through your still, your very beautiful still, should produce a product around 60% ABV. For this conundrum, follow the general rule of thumb: You may repeat the letter in which you choose up to two times, anything more than that is just eager, annoying and, quite frankly, desperate for the D.
Either way, you must respond to this funny text you received with a "haha" or another form of this. The key is to cool the vapors so they drip into a collection container as opposed to escaping into the air. Trying to show the receiving end of your text that what he or she said was in fact not funny? If you are looking to produce an end product that is lower in alcohol, ~80% or less, and retain the flavors of the original fermented mash a pot still is perfect. Also, refrain from too many texts in a row regardless of whom you're talking to, especially if you're trying to avoid the "stage-five clinger" status.
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In addition to the way the wort is distilled, each mash recipe will have its own characteristics when distilled.
This is one of many parts of the process where a whiskey maker can distinguish their product from others. Bourbon whiskey for example is made from a minimum of 51% corn whereas American rye whiskey is made from at least 51% percent rye. Don't be too generous with your ha's, however; they shouldn't be as plentiful as the hairs on your unshaved legs throughout the winter months.

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