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We promote your music offering the funniest, most revolutionary and quickest platform to reach a ton of new fans! It’s not piracy but a very simple way to make the best new music being easily discovered by everyone. Since our users don’t want to get mad with millions of passwords to remember, we’ve jumped on this by requiring NO LOG IN. When speaking to artist’s online I get asked for music promotion strategies for Soundcloud.
Spend about 30 minutes a day giving feedback to other peoples music and information how they can promote their music on Soundcloud. People are already looking for these types of songs , so more than like your music will crop in the mix of these remixes and covers created by other users on Soundcloud. The main reason why blog owners don’t post your music is because you made it hard for them to find out about you and your music. If you have a pro account on Soundcloud you can get statistics that will show you where your music is getting the most traction.
Having the statistics will help you refocus your efforts in more effective social channels.
With out the statistics you could spend a large amount of time on a social channel that is getting you no where. Find and communicate with other like artists within your genre and heading down the same path. The average indie artists requires 4 million online plays to make $1,160 a month based on minimum wage standards. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer.

We have made it extremely easy for every visitor of our platform by displaying one single band at a time and random, directly on our user-friendly homepage.
We put no limit on single user’s download because we believe new bands need to be discovered and their music shared as much as possible in order to get their popularity increased. If you want to extend your music reach your you really need to start dropping your feedback on music from other artists.
Giving them an honest opinion on their music will increase their connection with you and they will help you in return. Then when fans of the original artist find your cover or remix they may share it with other people on their social channels thus increasing your reach. This will give you an insight in to what sites give you the most plays , who is listening to music and what countries your music is most popular in. However, starting out online where you can build up a fan base and get your own record produced can be easier for taking yourself down the path of your dreams. Offer free mp3 for subscribers to your mailing list and hold contests and giveaways for free merchandise to engage your fan audience.
Most musicians surveyed had other jobs and spent almost 40% of the time doing promotions over making new music. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.
The download will need just one single click on a very big button: no annoying redirects, no pop-up windows or boring advertising showing up. Some of the features that Twitter has like the feed , re-sharing , liking , private message and tags are all they same in Soundcloud.
After some time with continued interaction , it maybe ok to ask them to share or give feedback on your music .

After some time you can start using your own songs so that you don’t get label just another cover band. But Soundcloud only lets you add your music to a certain number of groups a day to prevent spam. If you add your music to the wrong type of audience you will more than likely find a negative response. Even the follow ratio is the same in Soundcloud where you can only follow a certain amount of people until others follow you back. But creating a couple of remixes when you start out will help with in Soundclouds search engine. When I am on Soundcloud I only add my chosen promo song of the week and add that to 3 different groups a day. A CD sheet listing your bios and songs and tag your music so it can come up in search results online.
Use social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, Tumblr, and Forums for connected with others.
I tend to make rap beats like that of other famous producers just to get in the mix on soundcloud. To make this a success and get your music on their blog make it as easy for them to post your music. Pay attention t the individuality of other artists in your genre so you can set yourself apart.

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