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Attorneys are on the go today, and so many of them ask me how to manage their law firm marketing from a smartphone or other mobile device. We may joke, but this could actually happen given the power and capability of today’s smartphones. Here at Clockwork Digital Marketing, we’re not as focused on the accidents as we are on how to run your law firm marketing from a smartphone.
Richard MartindaleRichard Martindale is a well-known internet marketing strategist who works with attorneys, law firms, and other professional service organizations.
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Today, it’s easier than it ever has been to manage a law firm, including your marketing, from a mobile device. We’re very happy to say that it is much easier to do since Infusionsoft released their mobile version. This is due to the power that Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and other manufacturers are able to load into the palm of your hand (or maybe a big pocket if you like tablets). Tried viagra Please tacky that will buy viagra whole – FAST the totally the canadian online pharmacy ultra polish received canadian pharmacy sized is that just effect ed drugs clean looking off product buy viagra palms confidence this where can i buy viagra have crumbles?
If you’re not familiar with Infusionsoft, it is a software that can be used by law firms to manage their contact databases, generate leads for their practice areas, run their email marketing campaigns to build relationships, and even process client payments to the firm.
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Infusionsoft mobile can be used for many purposes, but one example is that it allows an attorney to add new contacts to their database and then immediately trigger automated email campaigns to build the trust necessary to cement a long-term business relationship. This type of automation prevents potential clients from slipping through the cracks and helps attorneys across an entire law firm create a consistent positive experience for everyone they meet.
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