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We could spend an entire day talking about how our food is manufactured and produced and how toxic it is. However, I look at it more as dying longer because we’re relying on medicine to keep our bodies functioning. So we want to do what we can to get our bodies more alkalized and that comes through water and food and rest and so on… It needs to be convenient.
The original formulator of the very first product which is called IonixSupreme and I’m about to share with you what these products are and what they do. There is one supplement at night that is called Isaflush and it does what it says it gets your digestive system moving and I promise you it feels great when it happens. So we have found that with the over four thousand people that we personally know on our team who are primarily fitness professionals that this has been the answer number one where all of our hearths are to have incredible client results (SKIPPING). Isagenix pays where we are sharing product bonuses when we sell those packs. The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
I don’t think any trainer would argue that nutrition is responsible for at least 80% of your client’s results. These are all things that are natural and come in a most raw state that we can readily get and consume and eat in a balanced way that will provide our body with nourishment and health and recovery. For example, this e+ shot, this is their energy drink it’s just 2 ounces and it has green tea, and adaptogens in it. The youthful aging also includes brain renewal, I don’t know about you, but typically after the age of thirty five people notice that their memory is not as sharp and brain just don’t’ feel as clear in terms of receiving, retaining and giving back information. If you went to eat out or go to grocery store or to even prepare your own meals it’s gonna cost you that and more and you are not guaranteed the same quality nutrition.
You know as a fitness, wellness professional, as a coach, martial arts instructor, studio owner, the best place for you really to get started is with the business builder pack. I appreciate your time, thank you for listening and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you for joining me for nutrition training and business model for trainers and coaches.
Now, when I say trainer I’m referring to yogis, martial arts instructors, triathlon coaches… We’re not excluding anyone here. If you look at the size of our grocery stores, how much bigger are they going to have to get with toxic food? We’re doing that out of addiction, we’re doing that out of stress, we’re doing that out of habits… Our bodies just can handle when we eat large quantities of food in a sitting.
When you give them a plan that might be great on paper and they go home, and they just can’t make it work with their lifestyles.
And all the things that we need to naturally detoxify and have the body working optimally the way it’s designed to work. So, if we give people a plan, even if it seems like it’s the best one, there’s a good chance they’re not gonna do it if it doesn’t work for their lifestyle. If you look at a typical heart healthy diet that incorporates most of what is in a Mediterranean diet, people do see success on their plan, and that is good.
Of course, cholesterol came down, LDL came down, triglycerides went down 34%, oxidative stress decreased significantly. I would use this in the morning, for example if I got an early morning workout and I just don’t feel quite like a got the energy and I want a little more to pick me up, I use this before I go out for a long bike ride because I can start faster, I can recover throughout my ride. We have over 80 competitors in 2012 fitness America weekend and many of them came out champions. And this is also a sleep spray which is all natural, these both were created by Dr Michael Cogen.
So it’s a matter of redirecting your spending, I had a friend who started the Isagenix plan and at the end of the 30 days when he came to weigh and measure he lost 25 pounds and 27 inches.
What I love about this is not only the great value that you are getting for $1600 worth of product for $1099 but you are getting a good sampling of almost everything in the product line.
So I encourage you, if you don’t understand Mediterranean eating, to go and learn more information about others great books out on there. They are all using Isagenix as their only supplement source and they are seeing phenomenal.
He said to me “Kelli, I saved $440 last month on my visa card not eating out, not going to the drive through, not picking up donuts for the guys at the office, just being more conscious I saved $440.  Money should not be an issue for you or your clients.
So you get enough to personally use yourself, your family as well and share this with your clients. You can clean your shares of executive pay and they also have holiday pay where you accumulate points throughout the year based on the volume in your business.
I would need to eat 15 bowls of spinach to get the same vitamin k that my grate-grandparents did just a few decades ago.
And even pharmacists don’t know how selling 11 different medicines… how that’s interacting in our body and our organs and our systems. What I love is that usually by the fifth day the coaches and the athletes will call me and they’ll say: “I don’t know what’s in this, but I haven’t felt this good since collage”.
They also have their Isalean bars here, these are the perfect snack that uses the undenatured whey protein. And here is a few more details on that productB because it is such an amazing signature product. I also just want to mention that Isagenix also have skin care system which is amazing and what I love about this is there is nothing artificial here. I don’t know too many fitness professionals who the first week in December are eligible to have thousands of dollars transferred into their account and with Isagenix you do.
John Spencer Ellis, who needs no introduction and myself, we are so exciting to bring you this training. We can’t possible consume that much in a day to meet all the needs that we did just getting regular food to the grocery store. Now, we know some people that money is not an issue and that’s great, but they still like to know that they’re getting good value. This is for anyone over the age of 35 or honestly anyone before that age who wants to be preventative. For over 27 years, John and I have been providing trainers and coaches with programs, not only teaching them the science but also the business of how they can run this profitably, by providing their clients with incredible service and also a business model to help them be profitable, and we also like to have some fun along the way. Despite all of the bookshelves filled with supposed solutions, obesity continues to grow and we’re expected to outlive our children.

We also are dealing with personally, possibly and definitely with clients who are just noncompliant. Now, in some cases with the lead athletes that may not be true but most people are overfeeding. And for the masses of people we want something that we can have most everyone be able to afford.
People who use a system that we found called Isagenix, which is the world leader in nutritional cleansing had significantly better results than they did on a typical heart healthy plan.
Things that are challenging for some people to digest and it’s a great day to gently detox.
So as we get older and DNA breaks off and dies, this productB actually strengthens and supports you DNA.
They have a complete system that takes about five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the evening and within five days you can see the difference – lines are finer, skin is rejuvenated. I personally know at least twenty personal trainers who I personally know who are earning over six figures, including myself.
Despite us screaming from the roof tops the best possible nutrition information, our clients just don’t seem to be able to go home and assimilate it. And if you look at longevity studies, people who live the longest, the healthiest… they consume less calories.
For example, there was 15% more weight loss with Isagenix compared to the heart healthy plan. How much strength they have for their workouts, how much energy that they have, how they can feel that they’re losing fat, but at the same time they’re maintaining and gaining muscle. On this day you can still eat but you also gonna supplement with some of the things that they provide, for example, want-more energy drink. Now this protein, I said it before I say it again because you don’t find it everywhere is undentured. Now this is incredible, there was actually a Nobel prize won for this with their DNA research.
There is no membership fee for the business builder pack or in the presidents pack, you just simply come in, you would pay $5.59 and then you would set up something for next month so you can continue to be a product of the product and share it with all of your clients. If I can do it anyone else can and I can certainly coach you to get there a lot faster than I did knowing what I now know. And again, there are exceptions to this, but most people that we’re dealing with are overfeeding, and of course, the quality of the nutrition and calories is not good. This is absolutely the best thing that you can do for youthful aging, energy performance and weight loss. That means they don’t use (19:58), acid treatment, they don’t destroy the biological adaptive peptides.
Here’s a few examples of this: this is Kathy Cooper at the age of sixty one, she is now sixty two and looks even better and she is one of our co-founders. Of course there are tax benefits to getting into business like this, very low start-up costs. When people walk into grocery store, they look at the packaging and think: “Whoa… I’d be crazy not to eat that. We’re not wasting any empty calories that actually take good enzymes and all the good things away from our bodies.
Twice as much visceral fat was lost with Isagenix, and that’s that ugly fat that’s inside, intramuscular, around the organs, that is dangerous to your heart’s health.
Let me give you an example of what a day might look like for yourself and your clients, anyone you train, your family. In fact it has live active digestive enzymes so when you mix it with water you are actually activating the live digestive enzymes. So Isagenix vision, here it is- they wanna impact the world and free people from physical and financial pain and in the process we wanna create a world largest health and wellness company in the world. You got lots of samples here with shaker bottles filled with five different products to give your friends and family and clients.
If you consider spending about thousand dollars on one of these packs you instantly have a website, you instantly are able to offer these clients to your clients and start making money. That looks so healthy.” But the truth is we’re still dealing with a lot of unregulated images and language that make it look like it’s healthy, but the truth is it really is not. So, looking at those statistics and some of the information, you would think that we have an uphill battle. It’s a known fact that cancer and disease and inflammation all grove in acidic environment.
And finally, and I was a little slow to adopt to this one myself, I’ll admit it, but we do need supplementation. There is also a 35% greater reduction in biological oxidative stress and that’s so important, because when your body is stressed, that’s when disease comes in. So this is the system that I start a lot of people with, a 30 day cleansing and fat burning solution. This company in last 12 months has done over $500 million in sales and they are breaking records every single month. If you look at the rate of cancer that people have, you have to stop and say: “Wait a minute. On top of that good, healthy, clean eating and all those good guidelines, our body needs nutrition therapy. At the time of this recording I and my team have personally coached over 4000 people on this system with outstanding results.
So to give you an idea here is how the day might be like: in the morning you would take a liquid vitamin called Ionixsupreme and it comes in both liquid and in powder so the people can travel with it.
They are milked according to season, not year around, there is on hormones, no antibiotics. I mention Dr Michael Cogen who is seventy two years old clearly the body of the twenty-year old looking amazing on this products. I was just recently at an event at Ritz Carlton in California, thanks to Isagenix and there was a group of millionaires and top achievers there and every single person in the room regardless of their background, and anyone can do this, said that they have personally grown tremendously by connecting to Isagenix and sharing this and growing a business. We’re doing something so dramatically wrong with our bodies and our environments.” But it is a real fact that we need to deal with. We’re designed to live in health for 120 years, yet by the age of 40 most people have 3 doctors and are on 4 medications.

There are so many people, especially women who are deficient in minerals and adding things like vitamins and minerals, things with extra phytonutrients and antioxidants and essential oils and adaptogens are helping our bodies to recover from the stress that it is under.
And while we can’t make any medical claims, I will tell you clients are having a significant reduction in all kinds of health issues. Ionixsupreme 1 ounce has 100 vitamins, minerals, botanicals, adaptogens and essential oils. And finally on the right I want to give some credit to Valery who is the person who introduced me to Isagenix. They do what is right for their associates and they scientist know, they are given the directive “no compromise”.
And then finally there’s the 30 day pack and this is the good place to get your client started. People are confused, trainers are confused, nutritionists are confused…People don’t know what is the right solution and you can find anything from one end of the ditch to the other in terms of guidelines that people are offering today.
This is not like swallowing a multivitamin pill, when you drink this you’ll sense something great going into your body and you’ll feel alert and awake. Professional athletes, body builders, who are using this system are maintaining their lean muscle mass and they are also shedding fat and getting lean.
So get your clients enrolled and coach then through this 30 day system and they are going to want to continue.
People have bad habits and unfortunately they can be challenging to change because they’ve had them for a lifetime and they’ve only gotten worse as their bodies have become addicted to this habitual habits that are just destroying our bodies.
I don’t think anyone, regardless of your background, your experience, your culture would disagree with these simple things. I’ll share a couple of picture with you of people who have gone through this 30 day cleansing and fat burning system.
Now this is the daily pack that gives you the vitamins and minerals that you need for the day.
I mean, just looking incredible at fifty years young, she is competing and she has never felt better, thanks to Isagenix. In terms of getting educated and getting coaching, I and John and our team are here as well as all of the support staff at Isagenix to help you understand the product as well as how to share it profitably. It is not out at the time of this recording, but I wanna share two things from that study with you. To be honest I don’t know too many trainers and coaches who are getting these kinds of results in 30 days. So your Cs, your Ds, your omega – it is all in there, very convenient in a morning and the evening pack.
I had the privilege of personally hearing directly from the independent researcher who’s a 30 year researcher from Skidmore College in New York on metabolism. This is the Isalean shake, they also have Isalean pro shake which I use for athletes that has 36 grams of undenatured whey protein.
When you consider your clients and how long they’ve been training with you and how much their bodies have changed, I don’t know about you but I want it more.
And I apologize that the slide is a little bit blurry but basically we find that people who use Isagenix in complement with regular food like the Mediterranean style they save over a fifteen hundred dollars a year.
As I mentioned, we’re not just releasing fat but we’re releasing toxins from the fat cells. I could train anyone at the highest intensities for weeks and months and while they would get strong and flexible and had better endurance, the body composition changes and the recovery was just not fast enough. So basically what you are doing is you are taking good nutrition and you are simply redirecting your spending. And again there are several options but you would have a shake as a meal replacement- when you are hungry mid-morning have a snack, at lunch have a healthy balanced Mediterranean lunch, you are hungry mid-afternoon, have another snack and then at night you gonna have a second meal replacement shake.
Some of these people are older, this woman is in her sixties, some of them are younger and I literally have tens of thousands of this kind of photos that I could share with you. One of the things that really excites me about Isagenix is the number of world class athletes that these products are attracting. We’re helping the body to just get renourished so that all of your systems can work right and you can maintain balance.
There’s two supplements that come with the plan- one is called Natural Accelerator and you take this in the morning and it naturally boost your metabolism with things like vinegar,  pepper, green tea, cinnamon and it just gets your body going in a natural non-jittery way.
Now these people as Olympians and professional fitness competitors, they have products thrown at them all of the time. And there is a nice little picture in that lower left hand corner of the reduction in visceral fat after following the Isagenix plan.
You have NFL, NBA, NHL players who are given free products that are available to them in their locker rooms and yet they choose to use Isagenix. And they are seeing phenomenal results, in fact Lori Harder there on the right was the first person to ever receive three fitness awards in one year: miss fitness, miss fitness USA and miss fitness bikini, all in one year.
For 12 years Isagenix has been in business, they have an incredible scientific advisory board -25 full time world class leaders who work in a lab developing these proprietary systems that are designed to work together to provide solutions. No exercise, just using this Isagenix system with real food was 9% increase in lean muscle mass. Two of those doctors that maybe some of you might recognize: the bottom right hand corner is Dr. And it just excited her enough that she has decided to go for fitness competition and she is also now sharing this with people and building an amazing business. The second thing that was really astounding to him was that all of these years of research that he had done, he had not necessarily seen a reduction in toxins. He has worked primarily with athletes, including Olympic athletes all over the world, on their performance. He was very excited when he found out about Isagenix and connected with them and helped to develop some of these products. At 72 years old, stay tuned, because I’m gonna show you a picture of him on an upcoming slide.

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